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June 18th 2014

Link to Samples HERE.

Its almost summer. I'm working, while still looking for regular illo work.
It's 2014 We survived the apocalyspso.

Below an article about Fantastic Four the Lost Adventure for The Jack Kirby Collector #54.

Additional Materials not included TJKC #54 as a PDF.

In April (Fools!) of 2010 for BACK ISSUE #39 an article and art jam with Fred Hembeck!

Here is the Cover for Issue #152 of Femforce

I'm in issue #152 with a Rowena story.
Copies at AC Comics

Or a few through me
#149 is sold out at AC comics and I have a few left. (Autographed!)
Email me if interested.

Sept's of 2008, Curve Magazine has my short interview with Megan Rose Gedris of
I was kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from outer space"
Featuring a collaborative art piece by the both of us!

You can find me at these locations as well.


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Working in the comic field is the goal. Thanks for the support!



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