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Where does Trump Really Stand

Trump Favors subsidies, RFS, and the Ethanol Mandate.  A true conservative would not.

Cruz is against all these.  Cruz is a proven conservative.

Cruz is attacked for doing what Trump says he will do and yet Trump is adored for saying it.

Trump is a master manipulator.  He is a bully and is often childish in his behavior.  He is not presidential.

 His behavior leaves no doubt that he is a narcissist as is Obama.  A narcissist will do whatever makes them look good or what is best for them.  This is evidenced with Trump in that he admits that he supported liberals for the sake of his business.  In other words HE is first COUNTRY is second.  He is popular because he says what people want to hear and doesn’t appear to waiver; however, he is already backing off somewhat on immigration and enhanced interrogation.  Don’t be fooled by Trump.  He talks a good talk, but he has yet to walk the walk.  

If you like Trump you should lOVE Cruz because he has talked the talk and walked the walk.  He is disliked by the press and establishment for doing so.

If you like Trump please do some research before it is too late.

Polls show Trump can’t beat Hillary.  If he is the nominee the press will unload on him.

In 1999 Trump was pro choice.  In his 2000 book Trump said that he favored an assault weapon ban and a longer waiting period to purchase firearms.  In 1999 he said that he believed in universal healthcare.  He donated to Hillary as late as 2007.  He has changed political affiliations several times.  He was a Democrat as late as 2009. In 2010, Trump gave more than $100,000 to Democrats to defeat Republicans who wanted to roll back Obamacare. In 2014, as conservatives battled incumbent Republicans, Trump funded the Republican establishment to help them stop the conservatives. In Kentucky, for example, Trump funded Mitch McConnell against conservative Matt Bevin.

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