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Mike Navarre

Spiritual Beliefs:  We both are  “Born Again Christians”.  We believe as stated in the bible that salvation is through Jesus Christ.  We believe as Christians that it is important to live our faith in our daily lives.  We attend Camano Chapel and are involved in various ministries of the church.  

Political Beliefs:  We are very conservative.  We believe in limited government and fair taxes.  We believe in the constitution and second amendment rights.  We believe that the government should follow the constitution as written and that judges should not make law, but only interpret the constitution and laws.  We believe in the Ronald Reagan principle that war is sometimes necessary, but when engaged in war you fight to win.  We believe in helping people to help themselves.  We believe in the capitalist system and that government should have minimal impact on businesses.  Some controls are necessary, but they should be kept to a minimum.  We do not believe in human caused global warming.  We do not believe in single payer or a government controlled health care program. This has never worked in any country that has such a health care system.  Obamacare is a disaster and will only cause health care to be more expensive and will discourage the advancement of new procedures.  

Mike:  Born in Seattle in 1941.  After High School he spent two years as a plumber’s apprentice.  He attended three years of college at Gonzaga University and the University of Washington.  He was drafted in 1964 and spent two years in Germany as a Air Traffic Controller.  After his military service he sold life insurance and did some commercial fishing before joining the FAA in 1967.  He spent 12 years as a Flight Service Station Manager and 15 years as a computer specialist which involved working on a main frame computer that provided flight plan and weather data for three states.  Mike & Linda retired in 2004 and built their dream home on Camano Island.  Mike is the current Precinct Committee Officer for Precinct 309 on Camano Island and has been reelected for another term.  If I can help with any issues you can contact me.  Phone:  360 387 5886,  email: mtnavarre@wavecable.com


Linda:  Born in Wenatchee in 1947.  Linda lived in East Wenatchee until she married Mike in 1989 when she moved to Federal Way, WA.  She worked at Seattle First National bank (which became Bank of America) both at Wenatchee and Kent.  She retired as assistant vice president after working 28 years with Bank of America.  After retirement she spent most of her time decorating  our house on Camano Island and landscaping the grounds.  Linda felt a need to get involved in politics because she would like to see our grand kids have the same opportunities that our parents left us.  She does not like the direction our country is headed.  She joined the Camano Island Women's Republican club and is serving as treasurer.

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