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All Soothing Waters services are provided in a warm, salt water pool.


Welcome to Watsu Graphic Liz with Watsu client in the pool

Imagine yourself suspended in warm water... With eyes closed, you are guided through a series of gentle stretches, bends, and rotations combined with moments of cradling and stillness. The gentle resistance of the 95 degree water contributes to muscular relaxation and a freeing of the spine and joints in ways impossible on land. The nurturing movements lead to decreased physical pain, a release of emotional tension, and a soothing of the soul. WATSU® receivers leave the pool with a general sense of relaxation and well being and often, with a shift in consciousness.

Warm water combined with a caring, qualified practitioner creates a healing experience incomparable to anything available on land. Whether you desire to relax and unwind, address specific physiological needs, or enhance spiritual awareness a Watsu session can meet your specific needs in a way that no other bodywork can.

Liz with pregnant Watsu clientWatsu was created by Harold Dull in the early 1980's. He began experimenting with the technique of Zen Shiatsu while floating people in warm water at Harbin Hot Springs, CA. A profoundly nurturing and healing form of aquatic bodywork was thus, created and continues to contribute to well being around the world.

I have been a certified Watsu practitioner since 1998 and through the Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute since 2000. My studies include Watsu, Healing Dance, The Jahara Technique, Aquatic Integration and WaterDance. With the exception of WaterDance, any Watsu session may be a combination of the above mentioned techniques. WaterDance is an underwater version of Watsu. It is recommended that a receiver have at least three above water session prior to a WaterDance session.

Scheduling a Watsu Session




To Schedule a Watsu Session: You may either call Liz at (360) 766-8403 or e-mail: lizbart@wavecable.com.

From July 6th through July 28th, 2021 the weekly time slots reserved for Watsu sessions are Tues. and Wed. at 1:00 and 2:15.

Beginning August 2nd, 2021 until about mid-Sept. three Watsu sessions will be offered on Monday each week. Available times are 10:30, 11:45 and 1:00. Please specify if you would like a 1 hour or 1 hour and 15 minute session when scheduling your appointment, as this will alter start times after yours.

It may be possible to make arrangements for group sessions (especially enjoyed by woman’s groups) and couple sessions. Please ask about these possibilities.

Before You Arrive: Please do not eat anything 1 hour prior to your session. You may either wear your bathing suit or change at Soothing Waters. Please bring a towel and if you wear sandals or shoes out to the pool, please be sure that they are easy to get on and off and are not affected by water. You may care to bring some type of cover-up; a bathrobe works well.

Liz guiding client through the waterPlease complete and bring the Intake Form to our appointment and review the forms Before You Come to Soothing Waters and Parking Plan prior to our first meeting. These forms are available online by clicking on the Fees and Forms link at the top of this page.

Watsu Fee

The fee for a one hour Watsu session is $85.

The fee for a 1 hour and 15 minute session is $100.


WATSU SPECIAL: Purchase 4 Watsu sessions at regular price and receive your FIFTH for HALF PRICE. (5, 1 hour sessions = $382. 5, 1 hour and 15 minute sessions = $450.)

***Please note: To qualify for the WATSU SPECIAL, you must pay in full for the package and schedule in adavance. All sessions need to be completed by July 24th, 2019.***

Gift certificates are available and make appreciated gifts for all occasions. (Watsu sessions are especially enjoyed by pregnant woman!)

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Receiver Reflections

"Liz….we made 4 major vacation trips this year.  As we were coming home from Leavenworth and our final trip of the year we were looking back and deciding where our favorite meal was, our favorite place, and our favorite moment.  Your Watsu experience was our highlight of the year.  We are already making plans to go to Bellingham again next year and you can count on our return for another memorable meeting with you.  Thank you so much. See you soon." Terry & Kathy Buchanan  2017


"I told you yesterday about not having full range of motion on my left arm because of some internal rotation limitation.  Well, last night I did my internal rotation exercise and my ROM was doubled--virtually the same as my right arm!  So, your session yesterday really opened up something in my shoulder and neck in a gentle way that I've not managed to fix for months even after seeing a physical therapist!   Me and my shoulder loved diving and rolling like a Harbor Seal yesterday! Thanks so much!" MB 2017


"I’m looking forward to continuing our Watsu sessions. I’m feeling so tenderly held with layer upon layer safely unfolding. If there was a way to describe how I feel I would say that it feels something like being nourished. It’s sort of like being fed and little by little light and nourishment is finding the deepest parts of me and filling places that have never been touched. I’m looking forward to our next session." GS 2017


"Those special Watsu experiences are alive inside me. I can revisit them. I laughed out loud while falling asleep last night, remembering one particularly playful moment when I was playing, laughing, and breathing in all that wonderful space. It has been a joy to me to have had these last 3 sessions with you. Each one was both a delight and a profound sharing with my sister who is no longer with me. I am so grateful and awed and inspired and humbled by the experiences you've helped have."  MB 2017

"I know you spent an incredible amount of precious time in session with me.The sponge that I am I soaked it up body and soul. I am full.I do believe that we touched another world and that I do better in this world because of the work andI love that you share with me." CW 2016 - grieving a sudden loss


"Grateful to the Temple in the Pool..." DM

"Trying to express the effect of a Watsu session is nearly impossible! We all know the trick to reset our electronic equipment by turning them off in order to "resest" them. Watsu has the same effect on the body and mind! It is a reset for the mind/body/soul, and provides an inner peace that can be felt long after the session ends. My back-to-back session with my 27-year-old daughter was particularly magical, transitioning from one to the other with touching hands. I didn't think anything could repair a traumatic year that included the passing of our two cats, the death of two relatives, one unexpected, my husband's major car accident, and my surgery, but Watsu did, providing a mental sanctuary that can be accessed in times of need. It is rare in todays world to be given an opportunity to experience this kind of inner peace without the expense of days-long spa treatment. Liz is a gem!!" - Julie Berquist

"So grateful for Soothing Waters: My three year old grandson, J.J. has cerbral palsy and can not walk. Out of the water, he struggles to move through his world, having to crawl or be carried everywhere. In the warm water of the WATSU pool he expereinces miraculous freedom and joy. Liz Bart tailored his lessons to suit his specific needs and incorporated gentle stretching for his tight muscles with water safety and beginning swimming skills. The progress and confience he gained during the Soothing Waters season was such a blessing. Before the summer was over he had completley surrendered to the water, confident that Liz was there to encourage him and keep him safe. He learned, had fun, received therapy and enjoyed many moments of pure bliss. J.J. will defintiely be back next year." Andrea Poolman

"I have to say, I feel so renewed after our Watsu sessions. I recently experienced a major loss, during my most recent Watsu session, there were so many feelings addressed and some not so good feelings were left in the pool! As days pass, I continue to feel stronger in dealing with decisions and less like I need my daughters help. This was accomplished beacuse of Liz and my friend who gifted me and made me take the time to concentrate on myself." Helen

"My pets have been my gateway to alternative forms of taking care of my body. There's no potential for the placebo effect and when others notice a difference, I know it's just not me thinking there is an improvement. I take my 14 year old arthritic dog to a therapeutic swim facility. The results from that have been so outstanding that
I'm considering training to do that type of work. As part of the program, they suggest you try Watsu. When I discovered how close Liz's pool is to me, I made an appointment. I've been practicing yoga for over 14 years. I've also had some body work done for old injuries (massage, cranial-sacral work and rolfing). All of these have been effective and provide deep relaxation and a feeling of well-being. But the Watsu sessions.......all I can say is wow.....it was deep relaxation times 10! And a very profound feeling of well-being. I was amazed. So, I've added Watsu to my little tool kit of ways to take care of myself." Anonymous

"I've been a WATSU client since 2005 and enjoy my sessions more with each passing year. The timeI spend in the pool is very healing for me and an important part of my health and well-being goals." Anonymous

"Since I have had the great fortune in discovering Watsu, I have made it a mandatory yearly escape for my well being. Time spent in the water with Liz is priceless. My main focus/goal during a session is to totally escape all that is draining and demanding in my day to day life. After Watsu, my world is restored! Liz emits a very positive, healing nature that just can't be found in a bottle. It is rare and refreshing to connect with such a kind being." Bobbie

"After months of trying different modalities to relieve the pain & suffering of severe sciatica, I decided to try Watsu. I noticed by the second treatment that my sciatic pain was finally lessening. I continued 4 more weekly treatments & soon the sciatica pain was completely gone. I was surprised to find that in it's place was a spiritual opening in the core of my being. With every succcessive session the experience of peace & wholeness became deeper. I felt I was becoming one with Love & Nature. Watsu is a deeply wonderful & healing experience, both physically & spiritually." Rissa

"I decided to try Watsu for two reasons. One was to gain more flexibility in my body and the main reason was to conquer my fear of the water stemming from an event that happened 29 years ago. Not only did I gain more flexibility but one month after finishing my Watsu sessions, I swam with wild dolphins in the open ocean without a single thought of being afraid! Liz is a warm, loving compassionate woman who worked with me as a team to facilitate my healing with her wisdom, knowledge, intuition and her willingness to listen to my needs and insights. Liz and Watsu are awesome! Much love and gratitude for a magical combination!" Lisa

"I have received a couple sessions of WaterDance from Liz. And though sometimes I prefer the quiet, peaceful nurturing of a traditional Watsu session, when I’m in the right mood I really love the WaterDance. At those times underwater I feel like I’m flying, completely buoyant, entirely in my own bubble (I think I even forget that Liz is there guiding me through the water!) It is one of the most profoundly introspective yet freeing sensations I’ve ever experienced. If you love Watsu, and are comfortable underwater, I encourage everyone to try it at least once!" Amy C.

“My daughter experienced a Watsu session while pregnant and marveled at the benefits. For a few years she encouraged me to give it a try knowing it would reduce my chronic pain. I wonder why I waited so long! I have been a regular client as a result of the immediate improvements I experienced to my low back, hips, leg tightness, and lung capacity. It has been difficult for me to stretch on my own and the passive stretching has really helped. I have also experienced a reduction in stress. The relief of my symptoms makes a big difference in my ability to function daily and on my outlook on life." Anonymous

Liz and client in gentle water movement"After falling off my bicycle in the spring of 2008 I learned about Soothing Waters and Watsu therapy to help in the healing process of my broken ankle. For the next several months with numerous Watsu sessions, more than my ankle was healed. This holistic, whole mind-body therapy improved my 61 year old female body in ways I would have not have anticipated. Greater shoulder and hip flexibility and improved range of motion occurred. A deepening sense of well-being and calm smoothed out daily stress. Restored and restful sleep returned. But for me one of the most subtle changes is the elimination of food cravings and loss of weight that I would describe as middle age spread. My hour glass figure is more evident, this not only improves my appearance, but improves my health. Liz Bartís approach is so compassionate that one can not help but emulate and practice more daily compassionate acts." ~ Jan Wilson, retired teacher

"I've been participating in WATSU with Liz Bart for the past two years. My physical problems are the result of severe degenerative disc disease and spinal arthritis, along with significant pain when I'm on my feet on dry land. As time goes on, there have been increasing balance problems. All of this has made it difficult to fight off depression, and hard to keep my spirits up. A weekly workout with Liz in the warm water leaves me so relaxed and refreshed, I can go home and enjoy a very restorative sleep. I'm steadier on my 90 year old pins after a workout, too. The benefits last for days, and over time I've felt an increased sense of well being. I so look forward to floating in the warm water, surrounded by birds singing and breezes whispering in the evergreens overhead. Spring will be here soon." ~ Les B., 90 years old

"Watsu revitalized my spirit physically and mentally. The gentle spacelessness of the water relaxed my body in such a way that a feeling of peace and well-being flowed through me and lingered afterwards. It was incredible! The mind/body relationship is very obvious with Watsu. I left the session with feelings of love for my body, my soon to be born baby, and a total joy for the experience of life." ~Karen Powers, Organic farmer in last trimester of pregnancy

"I have had chronic back pain for over 10 years. Just one Watsu treatment left me pain free, with improved flexibility for over two months. I have found Watsu to be the perfect ally to chiropractic." ~Lynn Albright, businesswoman

"Each Watsu session has provided me with a valuable gift. I often leave the pool feeling immense clarity and with direction for how I want to lead my life. Watsu provokes an excellent release, which assists me in transitioning into the next phase of life." ~Anonymous

Liz and client doing gentle water movement"I read an article about the benefits of Watsu and scheduled an appointment expecting deep relaxation and release of muscle tension. Over the years I had experienced this during massage and acupuncture treatments. My first Watsu experience was this and so much more! I felt at ease with Liz and her lovely setting immediately and felt open to the benefits as soon as I felt the warm and soothing water. Once my breathing deepened, eyes closed and Liz and the water lifted me, I experienced the most powerful merging of my mind, body, and spirit than can fully be described. The feelings were intense, but when painful or frightening memories came to mind, they felt transformed by warmth and light and the most profound feelings of peace, forgiveness and love. I was also flooded with joyful memories of my entire life. This awareness made me feel completely present and whole and connected to all of life the entire session and long after. Subsequent sessions have been equally renewing and truly healing and transformational. At times of tension I can recall the peaceful feeling of Watsu and it helps me to find that place of calm and joy. Numerous people have commented to me that I seem unusually calm and peaceful yet still have my outgoing and enthusiastic energy. Truly, I wish everyone could experience Watsu with Liz Bart - my time with her has been immensely beneficial in so many ways." ~Connie Funk, mosaic artist, wife, mother, horse lover, student of life

"The experience of Watsu took me deeper than any meditation practice I have ever used. Gradually relaxing into the gentle undulations of the water was so nurturing, and Liz has an incredible healing energy that allows one to truly release and trust. For me, Watsu combined the best elements of a shamanic journey and the rebirthing experience. Water truly has the power to heal and restore, and I highly recommend Watsu as a practice to be followed." ~Lynn

Liz and client doing gentle water movement"My Watsu session provided great relief from the discomfort and heaviness that I felt in my eighth month of pregnancy. The warm water allowed me to fully relax and escape into a state of weightlessness. After our session, I noticed an improvement in my posture and I felt more limber. I was better able to breathe and was energized." ~Linda Nark, last trimester of pregnancy

"My experience with Watsu was incredible. The beautiful motion in the water gave me total peace and joy. My first impressions was, this must be what it is like in the ethereal." ~Debbie Baker, homemaker

"I felt like a baby! At 83 years of age, it was a treat to be cared for, rocked, and held again." ~Betty Chowka, Senior Citizen

"Exquisite! As Watsu gave attention to every muscle in my body, I felt as if I was sinking into a down comforter. I was totally in the moment and able to let go of all stress." ~Victoria Reeb, busy Mom

"Joyful childhood memories flooded my mind during our session. When the session was over, nothing hurt and everything was fine. I was relaxed and at peace." ~Mark Van Winkle, carpenter

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