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All Soothing Waters services are provided in a warm, salt water pool.


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Photo of Emma underwater.



Thank you for your interest in Soothing Waters Swim School. The information below should provide you with all you need to know prior to registering. If, however, you have addtional questions, please refer to FAQ's - for Private Swim.


Private Beginning Swim Instruction All Ages

The mission of Soothing Waters Swim School is to promote love of water and water safety. Learning is enhanced by a gentle, individualized approach with the focus on whole person development and on acquiring skills through enjoyment.

I have had much success working with fearful clients of all ages who have experienced water traumas, have had learning challenges elsewhere, or require adaptive swim techniques. The warm water, small pool, and use of WATSU® techniques promotes relaxation and trust.

Beginning Swim lessons are available for ages 3 to Senior Citizen. The classes are specially tailored to meet the individual needs and desires of participants. Water enjoyment, independence, and safety are at the forefront of instruction. In my two decades of experience as a swim instructor, I have found classes with one or two participants to be most effective and time-efficient for learning.

The 2020 season will offer 5 weeks of swim school beginning on April 21st//22nd and concluding on May 19th/20th. Classes are scheduled based upon availability on Tues. and Wed. from 9:15 a.m. - 11:45. Please send in your Registration Packet, noting the days and times that will work for you during Swim School hours. In prior seasons time slots have filled quickly. Requests are honored in the order in which they are received. Your Registratoin packet must include three items - Enrollment Form, Liability Release and full payment to secure a spot.

The Soothing Waters salt water pool is heated to a comfortable 90 degrees for swim instruction.

Additional Benefts for Children

With each succeeding year of teaching children, I have come to realize that the benefits of Soothing Waters Swim School extend way beyond learning to swim. Many character traits can be developed using swimming as the catalyst. Cooperation, perseverance, a positive attitude, and courtesy are just a few. As a whole person educator, I do encourage behaviors that promote these attributes and teach my classes so that children are provided with an opportunity to practice these skills while learning to swim. I especially enjoy partnering with parents in raising healthy and whole human beings.

Fees and Scheduling

Regularly scheduled classes are offered on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 9:15 - 11:45 beginning April 21st and continuing until May 20th. Please plan ahead as time slots do fill.

Tate thumbs up.For most efficient use of your time, I have found that classes with just 1 or 2 students works best. Session length can vary depending on your needs.

Student readiness for private instructon is indicated by the child being willing to learn from me without a parent in the pool. Over the years, I have noted that best results come from just the student and myself in the pool. However, if you are interested in a "Family Class" with a much younger sibling, it is important to have a parent join us in the water for safetly reasons.

View the Enrollment Forms by clicking on this link. The forms are also located in the Fees and Forms section of this Web pag. Please complete both the Enrollment Form and the Liability Release and send them to me with your total payment prior to your first series of classes. Classes are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Please be sure to read Before You Come to Soothing Waters and Parking Plan, also located in the Forms section of this Web.(Parking Plan was revised in 2015, so be sure to read it even if you ahve been here before.)

Please make your checks out to Soothing Waters LLC.


$48. each half hour/$240. total, for private one to one lessons when 5 consecutive weekly lessons are paid in advance
($72./$360. total. = 45 minute class option)

$56. each half hour lesson/$280. total for 2 students when 5 consecutive weekly lessons are paid in advance
($84./$420. = 45 minutes)

*** Please note: Past private swim students may take individually scheduled "brush up" classes for the rates listed above if there is space avialable.***

Cancellation Policy

Please understand that this time slot is reserved specifically for you for the five consecutive weeks from April 21st - May 20th. Due the shortened season no substitute classes are available and absence only for illness is excused. If this is the case, please let me know a minimum of 24 hours in advance by e-mail (lizbart@wavecable.com) to receive a full refund.

Rain Policy

All Soothing Waters classes are conducted rain or shine.

Two children laying stomach first on a floatable matte with big smiles on their faces.Participant Reflections

"Over the years, we have had the privilege of bringing our children to you for their first water experiences. We love the positive, loving environment in which they are introduced to the water. Not only have we been able to bond with our babies, but we have also been able to bond with you as well as other young families in similar stages of life. That community has been so much fun to be a part of! Your approach to introducing little ones to the joys of being in the water is so calm and joy-filled, and it is very apparent that you have great understanding on how to work with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Thank you so much for being a bright spot in our week...We love Soothing Waters!" Kamriele Welty 2017


“I wanted to let you know how wonderful it was to see Lila approach the water with such confidence and joy today! Your work together has been so impressive and I hope we can continue this progression after swim school is done! I appreciate you gently encouraging her to try things when she was a little apprehensive because sometimes it may be more of a test rather than a true apprehension. ;). Thank you for gently guiding her to a place of fun and learning this summer! I am hoping Craig will be able to come watch next week too! Many thanks for teaching both of our little ones to love and respect the water!” Kamriell Welty 2017


"My 4-year daughter, Keely, has always been very cautious in the water and with adults she doesn't know. As a younger child she was nearly terrified of the water. We tried three swim lessons at our local YMCA, and although the swim lessons were perfectly adequate for most children, being idle in a large, noisy, cold pool with six other children did not encourage my daughter to explore the water. She is a child who needs to feel safe and connected to an adult before trying something new with that person. Liz provided a safe, loving, nurturing environment for Keely, and in only 5 classes,she progressed from hanging on to me for dear life, refusing to put her head near water, to full immersion and pre-swimming. She let Liz cradle her, hold her while floating, and most importantly, let go of her. This experience was incredible for both Keely and myself. My husband and I had our mouths hanging open by the end of her session with Liz. Keely could not wait to go swimming with Liz each week. She felt totally safe and secure. I have highly recommended Liz to every parent I know, particularly those with cautious children who are seeking an alternative learing experience." ~Victoria

"Soothing Waters has given me the confidence to conquer one of the greatest fears that I have always had. As a child, I was grossly mishandled and ended up developing a real fear of being in the water. I have not pursued learning how to swim since then, and now as an adult, have recently revisited it upon the encouragement of a friend. Soothing waters provided the perfect venue. Liz and Stacy showed extreme kindness, patience and encouraged me all the way through the process. I ended my sessions with a growing confidence that I have not had before. Soothing waters is a cut above the rest when it comes to learning how to swim.Thanks, Liz and Stacie, for being such angels." ~ Mary Jane (ADULT SWIM)

"This summer Kaylyn spent a week in Leavenworth at a condo with a pool. You will not believe that she was doing handstands & summersalts & bum bumps - completely face in water. A BIG thank you to you for giving her the courage & confidence to accomplish this. Miracles do happen!! Thanks So Much" - Delayne & Kaylyn

"As a parent of a child with a fear of water, swim lessons have been a bit of a challenge. Over the last few years , Liz has worked patiently with our eldest son to build confidence & comfort while in the water. It has been amazing to watch his confidence grow and have him actually begin to enjoy the water. We learned from our first and therefore have been enjoying swim lessons with our second son from the time he was 5 months old. Both our boys have enjoyed their water babies classes and have continued to bloom into little swimmers with private lessons. Baby number 3 is here and we are eager to get him in Soothing Waters' pool." ~The Jackson Family

"This is my first time being introduced to water, at age 60! It has been a wonderful, comfortable experience with gentle guidance. Thank you so much for opening up a whole new world" ~Judy (ADULT SWIM)

Young girl swimming up to the camera under water...so close all you see is her eye" I want to thank you so much for helping my 6-year old son, Levi, learn to swim. You know, as well as I, that my son had some major anxiety problems about going in the water. I just never thought that he would get over these problems enough so that he would be able to listen to your instructions. With you patience and nurturing instruction, I could slowly see Levi's fear of the water diminish. Not only did he get in the water, he is actually swimming! If you remember, at the beginning of the summer you asked me what my goals were with Levi. I answered you by saying that I would be happy if Levi would lose his anxiety about the water. Not only has my son lost his fear of water, he loves it. I don't know if you realize how much this means to me. To actually see Levi enjoy his time in the water far exceeds any expectations I ever had. You definitely made my summer." ~John

"Morgan really loves coming and learning to swim. She trusts Liz. As a blind child, she allows her body to to stretch and move in ways she does not usually do outside of the water. On land, she spends most of her time walking around so tense and insecure of her surroundings. The swimming lessons are really the only time I have seen her truly relax. It has helped her to sleep better, too. Thank you for everything." ~ Tina

"After our first attempt at swim lessons, I feared that my daughter, Tate, would never believe in herself enough to actually learn. She used excuses (tummy ache, fever, didn't want to learn) to avoid going to class. We took a break and before too long, Tate was asking to return to the "Liz pool" and I was ecstatic.

Tate was determined this time and in about 2 months my daughter transfromed into a fish - swimming underwater, bobbing, and diving for objects at the bottom of the pool. She is excited each week to visit Liz. I am so proud of her and she is proud of herself. She has a constant smile while in the pool with Liz becasue she now understands how fun swimming can be and how if you try, you will succeed.

Liz has been so patient with Tate and has helped her to overcome her fear of water. My little fish is now swimming the length of the pool underwater with minimal help from Liz. Thank you Soothing Waters for helping my daughter overcome her water fear and for teaching her the beginning stages of swimming. ~ Leah

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