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All Soothing Waters services are provided in a warm, salt water pool.


Welcome to Aqua Babies Graphic
Cute Baby in the Water with Mom


Thank you for your interest in Soothing Waters Swim School. The information below should provide you with all you need to know prior to registering. If, however, you have additional questions please refer to FAQ's - for Parent Child Group Swim.

Parent-Child Group Classes: Aqua Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Parent-Child classes are offered for children ranging from about 3 months to about 3 years. In these group classes, your child will build an association between water and enjoyment and will experience opportunities for social, intellectual, emotional, and physical development.Photo of mother holding child as he pops out of the water.Children will be taught water adjustment and pre-swim skills that they will practice with the assistance of a parent or caregiver. This is a wonderful opportunity for sharing special time with your child!

As the owner/operator of Soothing Waters since 1998, I recognize that the benefits of Soothing Waters classes extend way beyond learning to swim. Many character traits can be developed using swimming as the catalyst. Cooperation, perseverance, a positive attitude, and courtesy are just a few. As a whole person educator, I encourage behaviors that promote these attributes and teach my classes so that children are provided with an opportunity to practice these skills while learning to swim. I especially enjoy partnering with parents in raising healthy and whole human beings.

Sessions made up of one class each week are offered beginning April 21st. The 2020 swim season will be 5 weeks and will conclude on May 20th. The Aqua Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers registration form is available on the Fees and Forms section of this web on or by contacting Liz at, 360.766.8403.

The Soothing Waters salt water pool is heated to a comfortable 90 degrees for swim instruction.

Class Size

A minimum of four students are required to offer a class at the fee listed below. Class size will not exceed six students.

Customizing Classes

Many of my clients enjoy creating their own group class by organizing a group of friends. If you are interested in the "Create A Class" option please specify this on your Enrollment Form.

Classes can be individualized so that varying ages of children in the same family can all be in one class. 30 or 45 minute classes are available for both "Create A Class" options. For this option to fall under the Group Class Fee Schedule there must be 4 - 6 students enrolled. If there are not six students and space is needed, other students who are not a part of your group may be placed in your class.

2020 Schedule for Group Classes

Regularly scheduled classes are offered on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 9:15 a.m. until 11:45.

Session I: April 21st/22nd – May 19th/20th (5 weekly classes)

Your full advance payment reserves a spot for you and your child. Classes do fill, so please plan ahead. View the Enrollment Form by clicking on this link. The Enrollment Form and Liability Release are located in the Fees and Forms section of this website, please print and mail the Enrollment Form and Liability Release Form with your full payment. Be sure to include your time preferences. Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received. You will be informed of your class time at least one week before your class begins.

Non-disposable Swim Diapers are required for the health and well-being of all Soothing Waters participants. Swim diapers must be snug fitting around the waist and legs. You may purchase one for $14. from Soothing Waters. Purchase info is on the Enrollment Form.

In the Fees and Forms section of this web you will also find the forms titled: Before You Come to Soothing Waters and Parking Plan. Please be sure to read both of these prior to your first time. (The Parking Plan was revised in 2016, so be sure to review it even if you have been here before.)

Pre-Registration Fees For 1 Parent and 1 Child

Session 1: $80. for five half hour classes ($120. for five 45 minute clases)

These rates are based upon a minimum class size of 4 students, maximum of 6 students for each session with payment received before the first day of class.

Checks made out to Soothing Waters LLC, please.

Mom with toddler after just being under water

Make-up Classes and Absences

Due to the short session length there will be no make-up class offered.

Rain Policy

All Soothing Waters classes are conducted rain or shine.


Dad catches toddler as he springs out of the water, while mom looks onWhat to Bring

In order to maintain water quality, all Aqua Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers, who are under the age of three or any age child who is not potty trained, are required to wear an approved swim diaper. To qualify as "approved", the diaper must be non-disposable and snug fitting around the legs and waist. I have some for sale for $14. (approved by the National Swim Association). When you enroll, please let me know if you would like to order one and specify the size/weight of your child (see enrollment form). I will have your pre-ordered swim daiper waiting for you on the green tbale in the courtard at the tiem of your first class.) Disposable swim diapers are ineffective and unacceptable. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Be sure to bring a towel for each of you.
  • Plastic bags are helpful for wet items.

Parent Reflections

"Over the years, we have had the privilege of bringing our children to you for their first water experiences. We love the positive, loving environment in which they are introduced to the water. Not only have we been able to bond with our babies, but we have also been able to bond with you as well as other young families in similar stages of life. That community has been so much fun to be a part of! Your approach to introducing little ones to the joys of being in the water is so calm and joy-filled, and it is very apparent that you have great understanding on how to work with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Thank you so much for being a bright spot in our week...We love Soothing Waters!" Kamriele Welty 2017

“We wanted to thank you for letting us be a part of your wonderful class. We so appreciate the gentle guidance and positive encouragement. You are a gifted teacher. We will cherish the memories made at Soothing Waters this summer.” KS 2017

“Thank you for your devotion to my kiddo. I know you've seen lots of kids so it might not be as exciting to see them accomplish but Archer sure has come a long way! And he's so excited when he gets the hang of something new. : ) We very much enjoy coming to see you and every time I say its swim day archer lights up and says oh wow!” EP 2017

"Soothing Waters was a wondeful experience. Our little girl really blossomed here and the pool time together each week helped with our mother-daughter bond. As a working mom, swim class was my favorite part of the week. The swim class had a good balance of skills, socilaizing, and fun. It helped our daughter developmentally and emotionally. We look forward to more summers of swimming. This was a great foundational class." Jessica Gigot 2016

"I really like the small class sizes. Due to the water quality, I like having no worries when my son takes a sip of the pool water. I like how Liz is senstive to each childs stage in swimming comfort and also pushes the boundaries. I like how Liz always thinks of new activities that encourage and challenge the kids to work on new skills while having fun. I like the relaxed environment after class and having a snack and picking berries before heading home." Emily Price

"So grateful for Soothing Waters: My three year old grandson, J.J. has cerbral palsy and can not walk. Out of the water, he struggles to move through his world, having to crawl or be carried everywhere. In the warm water of the WATSU pool he expereinces miraculous freedom and joy. Liz Bart tailored his lessons to suit his specific needs and incorporated gentle stretching for his tight muscles with water safety and beginning swimming skills. The progress and confience he gained during the Soothing Waters season was such a blessing. Before the summer was over he had completley surrendered to the water, confident that Liz was there to encourage him and keep him safe. He learned, had fun, received therapy and enjoyed many moments of pure bliss. J.J. will defintiely be back next year." Andrea Poolman

"Thank you so much for the unique opportunity to take lessons in your beautiful and warm pool. Julia and I enjoyed it very much. We are continuing lessons at another facility during your off season to keep her love of water continuing....not the same, not comparable. You provided a safe, comforting, and calm environment for both my daughter and I to learn basics of water safety and swimming. While in the tub she blows bubbles, swims, and sings your welcome song, gliding through the water and asks for the baby doll. I don't think she would be this excited without your help. I hope we can join you again in the spring before we relocate. Many thanks," Jennifer & Julia Brown

"My grandson, Casen, was six months old when he started at Soothing Waters Swim School. I was concerned he wouldn't be successful because he chills easily. What a relief to see he was warm and happy even on chilly days. You did a wonderful job of helping him be comfortable and love the water. After only one session he voluntarily put his face in the water and had no issue going from person to person underwater. He loves floating on his back and has already learned to roll from front to back when allowed. I especially appreciated how you worked with each child's needs and made adjustments to the class when you saw something wasn't working out. We will definately be back in the spring." Debbie Denton

"We want to thank you for the great summer of swim and pool time for our family. it was amazing to watch Kingston grow increasingly comfortable in the water, laearn new skills, and socialize with the other kids. We are certain that swim class helped him tremendously in his overall helathy development from month seven until now." Dorcas and Marc

"Aqua Babies provided Hamilton and me with a wonderful opportunity to cuddle, play, and interact with other babies. Water play provided such freedom of mobility for my infant. I can't explain what a feeling it was to see that little being's eyes wide open, arms and legs moving, just cruising underwater towards me." ~Kelly

"Mallory started Soothing Waters at 18 months old and absolutely loved it. I was very impressed with the Liz's instruction that made Mallory feel safe to explore new things in the water, like diving to the bottom. Mallory, now at 2, is always asking to swim in the pool everyday and I owe so much of Mallory's confidence in the water to Soothing Waters. Thank you." Jenna

Dad with son"Watching my nine week old son develop a love for swimming in the water was amazing! We live across the street from the bay and it is important to us that he learn to respect and be comfortable in the water. Liz's class focuses on having fun in the water, while teaching important skills for baby to be safe." ~Amber and Gavin

"As a parent of a child with a fear of water, swim lessons have been a bit of a challenge. Over the last few years , Liz has worked patiently with our eldest son to build confidence & comfort while in the water. It has been amazing to watch his confidence grow and have him actually begin to enjoy the water. We learned from our first and therefore have been enjoying swim lessons with our second son from the time he was 5 months old. Both our boys have enjoyed their water babies classes and have continued to bloom into little swimmers with private lessons. Baby number 3 is here and we are eager to get him in Soothing Waters' pool." ~The Jackson Family

"We loved coming to Aqua Babies. I appreciated how you interacted with my daughter...your smooth, calming voice and mannerisms made for a great experience. It's obvious that you are very knowledgeable and experienced in what you do. We look forward to seeing you in the Spring." ~Rebecca and Maya

Beginning Soothing Waters classes for Malleck at age three months has been so much fun for us both. My entire family has been amazed at his natural attraction to the water, we would never have known how relaxing and fun water would have been for him if it weren't for this class." ~Nichole

Photo of a group of mothers and babies around a floatable matteBefore the First Class

If you plan to enroll in the Aqua Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers class, this section will provide you with helpful tips to enhance your experience.

I look forward to our time together. We are in for a fun time as we play with our children, meet new friends, and introduce them to the wonders of water. In addition to lots of playful movement and socialization, we will be aiding the children in water adjustment and preparing them for the initial learning phase that sets the stage for future swimming.

The initial learning phase of swimming is marked by the child being comfortable submerging his face. Lots of water exposure will assist in this initial learning phase, but most important is the individual child's desire and readiness. A child should never be forced to perform a skill, this will only have the adverse effect of what we desire - enjoyment of water!

Toddler Colin gives a wave and a smile, while mommy looks onPreparing for the First Class

There are a number of things that you can do even before our first class to prepare your child for Aqua Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers.

  • Begin by talking to your child about his/her upcoming swim lessons. Pictures and books regarding water fun and swimming are beneficial.
  • Help your child get used to having water on his/her face. You can do this by dribbling water on his face with a washcloth or sponge. Singing, "It's raining, it's pouring" will add to the fun. Taking your child in the shower with you is also helpful.
  • Bubble blowing is great preparation for breath work.
  • Make bath time a time of fun.

Mommy watches close as baby floats on his back Parent's Role During the Class

  • Children copy parental attitudes. What you say, do, and your facial expressions will influence your child.
  • Praise your child. Reinforce all skills you want your child to repeat. Reward effort as well as accomplishments.
  • Be positive. Ignore or minimize reactions such as crying or tantrumming.
  • Have patience. Children progress at their own rate in swimming readiness, just as in all other areas of development.

Toddler with a big smile under waterHealth

  • Please let me know if you or your child has any medical problems or disabilities.
  • Food or drink, especially citrus products, should not be consumed at least one hour prior to class.
  • If your child becomes chilled or tired, take him out of the water and wrap him warmly. You may either observe the class or go inside.


I know that this will be a fun and rewarding experience for all of us. I look forward to seeing you in the water!!!

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