The "STUFF FOR SALE" page.

The following is a list items I have to sell. Some are for "vintage"equipment, some for newer. This list will probably change a lot as things are eitherfound or sold. I have a 20+ year accumulation of parts and accessories. I beganrepairing electronics just after tube equipment started to disappear, but I stillsaw the old stuff often enough to keep some parts on hand. I have also accumulateditems from other shops that have gone out of business.

E-mail me with questions or to make an offer. KC7GVU-1@wavecable.com

Unlessstated otherwise, these items are still in the box, never installed


2 22-5001 Capacitors
3 63-10679 CRT bias pots for upright chassis
2 63 1-10138pots
2 9-88-03R modules
1 9-89R Module
1 9-121-01R module
1 150-190RIF Module
1 9-351R Sweep module (has been used long enough to check the crt ina set; is in box)
1 95-3275 Horiz drive transformer (for upright chassis I think)


1 109944 Peaking Coil
1 141986 Ultrasonic emitter for old remote control
1 143686 Tuner Module
2 146821 Capacitors 560pf 1.5kv ceramic
1 149449 ControlModule (installed once, but it didn't fix the set. Bad coil in power supply didfix it)
1 154494 Flyback
1 157030 VCR Tension Band
1 160082 Transistorfor CTC131 Power Supply
1 176226 IC
1 177509 Pot (one of those tiny onesfor the rear apron on ctc121-era sets)
2 177595 Resistor 4.7k 5W
1 186663tuner for Rca VCR
1 19VJWP22 CRT for CTC101/CTC111. This is a grade AA allnew tube that I have had since 1985. I ordered
it for someone back then andafter I installed it they changed their mind. I got stuck
with the tube. There is a small blemish on the face; I tried to return it to RCA
beforeI installed it because it came that way. They refused to accept it. It was
removed from the set after about 2 hours of use, and has been in the box since.


They are listed by the ECG number, but some of them are fromRCAs SK series.

1 ECG615 IC
1 ECG714 IC
1 ECG791 IC
1 ECG801IC
2 ECG821 IC
1 ECG822 IC
1 ECG986 IC
1 ECG1062 IC
1 ECG1163IC
1 ECG1327 IC