jnarowe's 1000g+ Reef System

"Our mission is to foster a diverse stewardship community that protects coral reefs through collaborative action, research, education, and aquaculture initiatives."


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Skimmer body in place:

Test PVC Riser---too ugly even for me!

Forming new Riser: Made flange form and baked in the oven. Used barbell weight to press in the cone and sprayed with water to freeze in place. Cone in place with flat rubber gasket:


Skimmer deployed!                                                                                                First foam after 5 min:

First Skimmate:

This thing really rocks!                                                                                            Air stone assemblies in place:

New Collection Bucket: Weatherson style shut down. This ended in disaster when the skimmate met the pipe, the foam head collapsed and cut off the path of escape for the air. Ultimately this back pressure wore on the skimmer and it sprung a few leaks. Then one day it exploded, and yes, I was standing right next to it! I now have an electronic float switch that shuts down the air pump and sounds an alarm.


Carbon canister to polish the escaping air:

New gasket material:                                                                                            Collection cup shut down: Never close when the air pump is running!

Current skimmer configuration 11-26-06:                                                            And of course, the skimmate shot---mmm mmm, good!

4 Days of Nog in 6 gal. Bucket:                                                                            Foam on Octo modded by Sherman:

This is what I call a "Neck Turd". Taken from inside the display skimmer neck while it was producing 1g/day of nog.




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