jnarowe's 1000g+ Reef System

"Our mission is to foster a diverse stewardship community that protects coral reefs through collaborative action, research, education, and aquaculture initiatives."


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Overflow Pics:

Pump:                                                                                                                    Sink:

Original sumps:

Hose Assembly

RO/DI station. Top 96g is for RO/DI water. Bottom is for SW. Sumps are filled by gravity and the pump pulls from the sump and discharges into the utility sink. The pump is also on a timer that stirs the SW for 15 minutes 6 times per day. Both containers are heated and there is 200 ft. of 1/4" supply line coiled in the RO/DI tank to warm it up as it enters the filters.

Blower fan assemblies:

Exhaust Fan:  Top-off float valves for the QT tank. One delivers RO/DI and the other flows from the refugium to help acclimate new arrivals.

Original Air stone assemblies: I have since switched to Aquatic Eco Medium Pore Stones with triple+ the surface area.

Blowers pull from under the tank and through flexible duct blow over the tank between the water and the lamps.

Conductivity probe drip cup. This is intended to isolate it from the other probes. The feed is direct from the overflow.

Probe float:

Stainless table malfunction. The 96g RO/DI container crashed to the floor...what a mess!

Float valve inside RO/DI container designed to allow the water level to lower a couple feet before triggering the RO/DI system to kick on. RO/DI effluent tanks. These are on a timer and feed our vegetable garden with the "brine". That is high in nitrates and phosphates so it is like watering with fertilizer.

I got this screen from HD to help prevent cavitation in my return pump.


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