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  The Arcade Classics Gaming Machine  
  Arcade Classics became a reality this year (2006) due to much convincing of my wife that the family and I needed it. After several months of researching and playing around with different emulators and front-ends I finally started building Arcade Classics in January and it is now as you see it, complete, minus side graphics and light guns. The Arcade Classics cabinet runs the very excellent front-end GameEx , which controls all emulators such as MAME, Dahne, P64, JNES, GENS, Model 2, Zinc, Pin-MAME, ZNES, dos-box pc games etc. etc. as well as being an entertainment center for music, DVDs on hard disk, karaoke, web radio, slideshow player and the list goes on and on. The support for GameEx is incredible with new releases and new features coming out almost every week. If you are looking for a front-end that is easy to implement and has a great support community, look no further that GameEx. The cabinet itself is mostly based on plans from Arcade Paradise (archive link) with a few modifications along the way, such as the addition of a keyboard/Playstation 2 drawer, smoked glass, and other minor things that you would modify on the control panel to get your own personal set-up. A lot of the control panel hardware was bought from Tornado Terry's such as 100% Happ buttons with cherry micro switches and a 3" blue translucent trackball. The joysticks are Ultimarc 4/8 ways that I won on E-bay for $25. The spinner is a hack from a hard drive that I read about on Arcade Stupidity which works great and was very easy and fun to make. The Graphics for the marquee and control panel were purchased from Classic Arcade Grafix. (Since the time of this writing, Classic Arcade Grafix no longer sells arcade art. See links section for more graphics links). I would have to say the best site to go to for cabinet building information is BYOAC (build your own arcade controls). They have tons of links to websites featuring cabinets that others have built. This would be the first place I would start in my quest for information about building a MAME cabinet. The hardest thing I have left to do on Arcade Classics is to convince my wife to let me bring it into the house.  
  I convinced my wife how nice it looks in the house. I actually had to bring it in one day while she was gone. The cabinet now sits in the closet of our office. I framed some shelves and made storage cabinets (doors on left of picture) for all of her scrap booking stuff and she couldn't be happier.  
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