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Need help?

If you need someone to write or edit your documents clearly and concisely, contact Gary B. Larson at Gary's Good Cause Communications! I also can train your staff in clear, concise writing.

This site deactivated July 20, 2010. Too many possible sites to review and list; too little time to keep it up-to-date.

Garbl's Editorial Style Manual--This style guide can help answer your writing questions about abbreviations, capitalization, grammar, numbers, organization terminology, punctuation, spelling and word usage.

bullet Grammar Questions?-- Department of English Language and Literature, Central Michigan University

"The Grammar Maven is professionally crotchety, and not happy about most things, but we feed him doughnuts for this. Send in your question. ..."

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Created by Gary B. Larson of Port Townsend, Washington, Please understand that if I respond to your questions about writing, I may not respond quickly enough to meet your deadline.