Orientation Quiz

Incoming students must successfully pass this quiz in order to make the first advising appointment - Good Luck!
1. What is a Degree Audit Report?
a) Verification of your AA degree.
b) The IRS form used to deduct education expenses.
c) An unofficial graduation to-do-list.
d) A form received by students who have been expelled.

2. A full time student is enrolled in __ graded credit hours per semester.
a) 3 graded credit hours per semester.
b) 6 graded credit hours per semester.
c) 9 graded credit hours per semester.
d) 12 graded credit hours per semester.

3. Where is the Writing Center?
a) WSU Vancouver Cafeteria, five days per week.
b) Fort Vancouver Regional Library, Public Services Desk.
c) WSU Vancouver Library Building, Room VLIB 203.
d) Behind the left ear, ajacent to the medula.

4.Your academic grade in WSU Vancouver business courses will be based on group work and writing assignments instead of standardized tests.
a) True
b) False
c) Depends on Major
d) Depends on Minor

5. What is 'super person' syndrome?
a) An observation that popular students get higher grades
b) A requirement for the Accounting program
c) A malady affecting students who fail to plan and try to do too much.
d) Excessive use of politically correct language when addressing Superman