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  Club Utopia Playlist

  1. Visions, Spout Spout CD
  2. Geniality Gone Bad, Spout Spout CD
  3. Spout Song, Spout Spout CD
  4. Little Town, Spout Spout CD
  5. Anyone But Me, Spout Spout CD
  6. UTOPALOOZA Bumper 5
  7. Garbage Man, Neutron Cafe' Now Serving CD
  8. HOTA, Neutron Cafe' Now Serving CD
  9. C est la Vie, Neutron Cafe' Now Serving CD
  10. UTOPIA NETWORK BREAK, music bed, Limpbizkit mix one
  11. Broke, Neutron Cafe' Now Serving CD
  12. Sphinx, Neutron Cafe' Now Serving CD
  13. Tails You Lose, Neutron Cafe' Now Serving CD
  14. UTOPALOOZA Bumper 2
  15. You Must Be Joking, Northside Tribe Childproof CD
  16. Rise Above It, Northside Tribe Childproof CD
  17. Suicide Drive, Northside Tribe Childproof CD
  18. Sunday, Northside Tribe Childproof CD
  19. Forest, Northside Tribe Childproof CD
  20. UTOPALOOZA Bumper 3
  21. Tomorrow Never Comes, Exit Exit CD
  22. Cellophane, Exit Exit CD
  23. Conscience, Exit Exit CD
  24. Pop Song, Exit Exit CD
  25. Wish Away, Exit Exit CD
  26. UTOPALOOZA Bumper 4
  27. Piston DC, Shock Opera mer De mente
  28. Leave, Shock Opera mer De mente
  29. Sleeping Teeth, Shock Opera mer De mente
  30. House of Shadows, Shock Opera mer De mente
  31. UTOPIA NETWORK BREAK, music bed, Insane Clown Posse mix
  32. UTOPALOOZA Bumper 1
  33. Nightmare, Needulhed Interludes CD
  34. Afterthoughts, Needulhed Interludes CD
  35. Hemmorage, Needulhed Interludes CD
  36. I Luv Your Guts, Needulhed Interludes CD
  37. My Pet Tarantula, Needulhed Interludes CD
  38. UTOPALOOZA Bumper 6
  39. W W W, Sonipath Heavy Hooks CD
  40. Stalled, Sonipath Heavy Hooks CD
  41. Newswoman, Sonipath Heavy Hooks CD
  42. Club Seal, Sonipath Heavy Hooks CD
  43. UTOPIA, EOS, end of set MARK, music bed, artist mix
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Club Utopia is honored to bring you a wide variety of today's best new music, direct from the the artists. Please give these bright new voices a listen. You might like what you hear!

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