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By Walter John Coates, Litt. D.

North Montpelier, Vermont
June, 1941

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(Historical and Explanatory)

No HISTORY of Hounsfield, Jefferson Co., N.Y., has been written; and because early records of this town were mostly destroyed by successive disastrous fires at Sackets Harbor, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to reconstruct the life story of the township and its inhabitants. This is peculiarly unfortunate because, of all towns which became units in the newly formed County of Jefferson in 1805, and later, Hounsfield has had the most interesting and significant history. Its pioneer settlement, the stirring incidents of the War of 1812, both on land and water, all revolved around Sackets and vicinity. And subsequent activities, both in pioneering and settlement of land, and in the construction of private industries and public facilities such as "Camp's Ditch," the proposed boat canal from Hounsfield to Carthage; the building of war frigates at Sackets; the construction of Madison Barracks in town, with its successive garrisons and military glamour; the continuous life-stream of New England and Mohawk Valley settlers who poured into town from 1803 onward; all these things, properly told, would make the story of Hounsfield interesting, informative and very colorful.

Jefferson County was set off from Oneida County, as a separate unit, Mar. 28, 1805. {1} Hounsfield, the eighth town in the county, was formed out of Watertown Feb. 17, 1806, and was named after Ezra Hounsfield of Sheffield in England who was an early purchaser of land in town. Hounsfield was part of the "Black River Tract" (300,000 acres) granted in the year 1802 to certain English land speculators, among whom was one George Lee of London.

On May 21, 1794 Boylston (proprietor of unsettled lands in Oneida County) deeded eleven townships, in what is now Jefferson and Lewis counties, to George Lee, George Irving and Thos. Latham, who resold to John Rhyn of London. In 1795 Rhyn appointed William Constable as his attorney to sell and convey any part or all of the Boylston Tract. Constable accordingly reconveyed July 15, 1795 to William Low, William Henderson, Richard Harrison & Josiah Hoffman 300,000 acres, since known as the "Black River Tract," at $1.00 per acre. This tract included the present towns of Hounsfield, Watertown, Rutland, Champion, Henderson, Adams, Rodman, Worth and Lorraine (in Jefferson County) and Denmark, Pinckney, Harrisburg, Lowville (in Lewis County). Hounsfield lands were sold, 1801, to Peter Kemble and Ezra Hounsfield, who resold to the early settlers through Elisha Camp.

Hounsfield, chartered July 15, 1795 as part of the Boylston Tract (being the first township carved out of the Black River Tract, above referred to) was first settled by Amasa Fox about 1800. He made a pitch near what is now Muscalonge Cemetery. {2} In 1802 there were about 30 families in town. Augustus Sacket settled where now is Sackets Harbor in 1802. The first town meeting was held Mar. 4, 1806, electing Augustus Sacket moderator, William Waring town clerk, John Root constable. Dr. William Baker was the earliest physician, 1803. Samuel Luff the first minister- a Universalist from England, 1806. The first paper in Sackets was the Sackets Harbor Gazette published by George Camp 1817 to 1822. Other and later periodicals were The Freeman's Gazette, 1824-43; the Sackets Harbor Courier, 1828-37; Sackets Harbor journal, 1838-43. The ferry to Pillar Point was established in 1821. Dexter, at the head of Black River Bay, was first known as Fish Island.

The descendants of George Lee, after holding a family picnic at Catfish Point in 1907, met at Jones' Opera House in Dexter and organized the Lee Family Association. Since then they have held meetings annually, usually in the midsummer, at convenient places around Dexter or Watertown occasionally at the "old stone house" at Camps Mills; often at the Freeborn Lee camp at Guffins Bay on Pillar Point.

In 1937 the writer began assembling data for a history or genealogy of the Lee Family of Hounsfield. He labors under no illusions- as to the paucity of facts in his findings, nor as to the inaccuracies which he knows will be found here and there in the book. The historian can be no wiser or more dependable than his sources. And the "sources" in this case have necessarily included data that has been furnished to him voluntarily by members of the family. Their omissions and deletions be on their own heads! Nevertheless the research has been arduous, persistent and painstaking. Family recollections, bible records, cemetery and census records. County Clerk's and Surrogate's records, and various histories of Jefferson County (including Hough's, Haddock's and Evarts') have all contributed to the story; as has Child's Gazetteer of Jefferson County (1890)-and various other works of an historical nature. If the recital of facts herein recorded shall contribute, even in a small way, toward rescuing from oblivion the history of a deserving and talented family, and assist in reclaiming (for future use) a small segment of the local annals of Hounsfield town, then the intent and purpose of, the author will have been fully accomplished.

North Montpelier, Vermont
June 1941.

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Walter John Coates died just one month after he published his first edition of The Lee Family of Hounsfield, N.Y. He was unable to complete his Genealogy of the Whitford Family in America or his other works in progress. The first edition was distributed mostly among family members and friends, some of whom carefully noted corrections and additions for its data. Input from Coates' sister Lois W. Morgan, his nephew Carl W. Morgan, and his niece Shirley A. LaMora was incorporated into this second edition. Mrs. LaMora's son-in-law, Dorsey Drane, gathered this input and prepared the second edition.

The second edition was prepared by scanning it into a computer using an flatbed optical page scanner, converting that input into an ASCII text file, and finally converting the ASCII text into a single HTML file supporting hyper links for all persons. Implementing the hyper links uncovered quite a few typographical errors and omissions from the Index of Persons in the first edition. These corrections were mostly mechanical tasks needing no research. The few instances where research would be required to resolve discrepancies are uncorrected and marked "[sic]". The second edition also attempts to change the tense of the writing from the present, which was in 1941, to the past. This is mostly done by simple changes like rewriting "... and are now living in ..." to "... and in 1941 were living in ..." Finally, the corrections and additions were added to the text, resulting in this, the second edition.

Beaverton, Oregon
March 1998.

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The second edition was published on the Internet in about 2002. From then until now I continuously updated it with individual corrections and additions as they became known. The "Last Updated" date at the beginning of this page is changed each time I make revisions.

Some individuals provided me with large numbers of additions, and their input has been accepted and added. It seemed to me that their additions were so many that creating a new edition of the book was justified. Primary contributors have been:
When possible, I tried to expand what has been provided by searching the following sources:
Finally, I upgraded the HTML source from the pigeon HTML 1.0 that I used for the Second Edition to "Valid HTML 4.01 Transitional." The Third Edition now can display its certification:
[Valid HTML 4.01
The conversion to valid HTML necessitated that I abandon some hacks that I'd used to simulate the formatting of the original edition.  Too, as I was adding people to the text, I realized that many of the formatting conventions that Coates used were to reduce the physical size of the edition. For instance, he seldom gives the last names for lists of children. I then stopped removing them when making additions. Consequently, the appearance of this edition differs more than might have been expected.
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And His Descendants

THE PARENTAGE of GEORGE LEE, and the town that cradled his birth, are as much a mystery in 1941 as they were four years ago, when the author of this book first undertook the task of investigating his antecedents and descendants. Family legends, interesting and very plausible, have been run to earth, only to prove themselves fictitious, without basis in fact. The story of his having been an orphan boy, taken into the protective custody of one kindly Col. Westcott, and brought along to Hounsfield in pioneer days, before 1812, proves to be utterly unsupported by evidence. He was not, so far as we can discover, a "ward" of anybody; and there is no evidence of a "Col. Westcott" having been in Hounsfield town (or in Jefferson County, in fact) at that period. The true relation of George Lee to the Westcott family is much simpler than that, as will be unfolded in the pages of this narrative.

In the New York State Census, 1855 (see folio in County Clerk's Office) George Lee stated to the enumerator that he was born in Albany County, N.Y.; and we know, by family bible records, that the date of his nativity was April 2, 1791. No research (extensive and thorough as we have conducted it) has as yet developed just who were his parents. As be was born the year following the First U. S. Census (1790), it is reasonable to suppose that his father was one of those Lees listed as "Heads of Families" in Albany County at the time. The families so listed include [numerals refer to males over 16, males under 16, and females, in family]:

Ballston town: Samuel Lee (1-1-5) (family)
Ballston town: James Lee (1-3-3)
Freehold town: Joel Lee (3-0-2)
Pittstown town: John Lee (1-4-2)
Rensellaerville town: Philemon Lee (1-1-7)
Rensellaerwick town: Peter Lee (1-0-1)
Rensellaerwick town: Ephraim Lee (2-2-4)
Saratoga town: William Lee (1-3-1)
Saratoga town: Reis Lee (1-0-1)
Stephenstown town: John Lee (1-0-2)
Stephenstown town: Joseph Lee (1-3-2)
Stephenstown town: John Lee Jr. (2-0-2)
Stephenstown town: Thomas Lee (1-0-1)
Stephenstown town: Benjamin Lee (1-2-3)

It is well to remember that in 1790 neither Saratoga nor Rensellaer counties had been formed. Ballston, Saratoga and Stephenstown, therefore, were soon afterward parts of other counties. In other nearby New York towns (1790) were other Lee families:

Westfield town: Nathan Lee (1-1-1)
Westfield town: Jonathan Lee (1-5-3)
Granville town: William Lee (1-2-3)
Granville town: Zadock Lee (2-1-4)

Some future student may possibly, from among the above families, discover the real parentage of George Lee of Hounsfield, N.Y.

George Lee was in Hounsfield July 1, 1817. A letter addressed to him was advertized, as of that date, in the Sackets Harbor Gazette (issue of July 29, 1817), "to be called for". {3}

On Dec. 29, 1817 he bought of Elisha Camp of Sackets Harbor four acres of land in Hounsfield-"reserving the land whereon the pound is situated." This plot was located at Camps Mills and adjoined the land then owned by Stephen Seaman.

Settling, then at Camps Mills, George Lee made preparations for the establishment of his future. On March 11, 1821, he married Olive Baker, daughter of Nathan and Abigail (Westcott) Baker who had come to Hounsfield from Deerfield, Oneida, Co., about 1807, settling near Stowells Corners. Abigail was born probably in Deerfield, and died at Camps Mills August 15 1852, aged 53 [cem. insc.].

Soon after his marriage in 1827 George Lee bought of John Worden, for $700.00, sixty acres of land adjoining his first purchase; and in 1828 he bought of William Waring's estate. 7 1/2 acres more land adjoining his growing farm. He thus gradually built up the homestead; and on this, in 1834, he constructed the substantial 1 1/2 story stone house in which he and his family thereafter resided. This fine old house, probably one of the most pretentious of its day in Hounsfield, is still standing, on the road between Dexter and Adams Center, at Camps Mills, less than two miles from Sackets Harbor, and in 1940 was owned and occupied by David Miller. In the east gable, high up under the ridgepole, is engraved in bold letters the brief legend "G Lee." And at this old house, which has become an object of pilgrimage to the offspring of its builder, the later Lees now gather occasionally in silent tribute to their pioneer ancestor.

George Lee continued to buy land. In 1835 he bought of John Worden and wife of Pamelia (for $245.00) 25 acres-probably adjacent to his other purchases; and we find the census of 1855 crediting him with 126 acres of improved and 30 acres of unimproved land, with a valuation of $7,800.00. His personal list this year included stock, $867.00; tools, $213.00; 150 bushels of wheat; 120 bushels of oats; 187 bushels of rye; 646 bushels of barley; and he was plowing that year 64 acres.

He did some outside real estate business also, for we find him buying Sept. 1828 of Egbert Ten Eyck of Watertown, eight acres of land in Watertown "on the Rome State Road." The thrifty nature of the man, and his wife, is indicated by the early figures of the 1825 State census for Hounsfield, which list him, four years after marriage, with a small farm of 30 acres supporting four cows and five horses, thirty-five sheep, three hogs, fifteen yards of fulled cloth, and seventy-six yards of flannel. This modest beginning expanded into the prosperous estate listed above, in the 1855 census.

One important trait of George Lee's character has been passed down as an inheritance to most of his descendants, namely, his love of and talent for music. He was, like so many of his progeny, a natural and confirmed violinist, and when be came to Hounsfield in 1817, a young man of twenty-six, he brought with him the old black violin which was cherished as a family heirloom. In 1941 it was in the possession of George A. Coates, a great-grandson, and was still capable of voicing mellow memories.

Tradition says also that George was a lover of fine saddle horses, and that he raised many of them, selling them to military officers at the nearby army post in Sackets Harbor.

The Lee family were hospitable people. At frequent intervals the old stone house rang gaily to the strains of the black fiddle, while neighboring folk and officers from Madison Barracks danced and made themselves merry by the big open fireplaces or on the spacious green lawn.

Olive Baker, his first wife and mother of his children, had both Irish (from the Bakers) and English (from the Westcotts) antecedents. {4} After her death in 1852 the husband lived on the homestead with his unmarried children until June 18, 1861, when he married (2) for convenience and companionship, the widow of a late neighbor- Mary, formerly the wife of William Waring. The agreement between them at this time is interesting:

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"Agreement between George Lee of the first part and Mary Waring, widow of William Waring, deceased, of the second part, made this 7th day of June 1861: Whereas the parties intend to marry, and in consideration that they shall do so, the said George Lee agrees to cause to be paid to the said Mary Waring at and after his death, if she shall survive him, the sum of $600.00, she releasing and hereby agreeing to release all dower and right of dower in and to his real estate; such payment to be made by the personal representatives and heirs and devisees of the said George Lee at his death, and the same shall release all such right of dower, and the said George Lee agrees with the said Mary Waring, whenever she shall require it, to secure such payment on his farm in Hounsfield, now owned and occupied by him, containing one hundred and fifty-six acres, bounded north by Patrick Scanlon, Thomas Dunbar and the road, south on Van Allen, and westerly on same, and easterly on William Stevenson. And this ante-nuptial agreement is made on the consideration above mentioned and that the parties respectively shall faithfully perform and observe toward each other the duty of husband and wife. In witness whereof they have hereto set their hands and seals the day and year above written.
Recorded Sept. 4, 1861.

George Lee died April 9, 1864, leaving a will. He was buried in the small stone-walled cemetery not far from his farm, beside Olive, his first wife, and two children who died early. Mary (Waring) Lee spent her last years in Utica, N.Y.-date of death not known.

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"In the name of God, Amen. I, George Lee , of the town of Hounsfield, Jefferson County, N.Y., being of advanced age and feeble body but of sound mind, do hereby by this my last will and testament, devise and bequeath to my heirs all my real and personal estate as follows:

I do hereby devise and direct my executors hereinafter appointed to sell and dispose of my real estate, consisting of my farm in Hounsfield aforesaid of about one hundred and fifty-six acres, a lot of about eleven acres lying on Muscalonge Creek, together with all my personal property of every description, including the stock and farming tools on the farm, and the avails of the same, after paying all the expenses of my funeral, erecting a suitable stone over my grave, and enclosing the lot on which the remains of my wife and children are deposited, if practicable, and satisfying all legal claims against my estate, to be then divided into seventeen equal parts or shares, and to give to my seven oldest children, to say, Lemuel George, Washington Mercy Ann, Addison Hoyt, Harry, Helen Maria, and Freeborn each two shares of said estate, and to my youngest son Wallace, being a cripple of feeble body, three shares as his portion of my said estate.

And I do hereby constitute and appoint my two oldest sons, Lemuel George and Washington Lee, the executors of this my last will and testament Signed and sealed this 10th day of July 1858. GEORGE LEE (L.S.) Subscribed and sworn to Feb. 7, 1866 before D. M. Burnett, Surrogate of Jefferson County, N.Y.

The appraisal of this estate was $8.000.00. The distribution papers name as heirs Lemuel George Lee, Washington Lee, Freeborn Lee, Addison Hoyt Lee, Harry Lee, Helen M. Moffatt, and Wallace Lee, of Hounsfield, and Mercy Ann Hunter of Brownville, N.Y. And that Mary A. Lee residing at Utica, Oneida Co., N.Y., is the widow of George Lee, deceased.

Children of George and Olive (Baker) Lee, born at Camps Mills, Hounsfield, N.Y.:

  1. Lemuel George: Dec. 29, 1821; m. (1) Jane Sterling; (2) Ellen Carter.
  2. Washington: Dec. 11, 1823; m. (1) Hannahetta Spaulding; (2) Minnie Fitzgerald.
  3. Mercy Ann: Jan. 16, 1826; m. George Hunter,
  4. Addison Hoyt: Feb. 16, 1828; m. Olive Bull Hammond.
  5. Orrin: May 20, 1830; died Aug. 5, 1830.
  6. Harry Nathan: Sept. 12, 1832; m. Ann Wright.
  7. Freeborn: April 6, 1834; unmarried.
  8. Helen Maria: Aug. 27, 1837; m. John Moffatt.
  9. Nathan: Sept. 28, 1839; died Mar. 21, 1847.
  10. Wallace: May 22, 1841; unmarried.
  11. Walter M. Lee: 1844 (?); died young. No cemetery record for this child, but be is listed in the family bible records.
LEMUEL GEORGE LEE [George]; born at Camp's Mills, Hounsfield, Dec. 21, 1821; m. (1) Jane Sterling; she born in Hounsfield Mar. 2, 1822, and died there May 2, 1861. She was one of the children of Joseph (1792-1852) Sterling and his wife, Ann (1804-85), and, with them, she rests in Sulphur Springs Cemetery, Hounsfield.

After Jane's death Lemuel George married (2) Ellen Carter, born in Hounsfield Feb. 8, 1828, whose father, born in Ireland, 1805, emigrated to Hounsfield, 1826, married Ellen Vance and left six children. He died 1846, and Ellen (Vance) died 1882.

Lemuel George Lee was a farmer in Hounsfield, living on the farm near Muscalonge Creek later occupied by his son William. He was an Episcopalian in religion. He died Apr. 14, 1888. Ellen (Carter) Lee died Dec. 8, 1919. They, and their children, are buried in Lakeside Cemetery at Sackets Harbor.

Children of Lemuel George Lee-

(a) by Jane Sterling:

  1. Anna J.: Dec. 20, 1856; m. Morris Gould.
  2. George S.: 1858; unmarried; died Mar. 4, 1897 of consumption.
  3. Washington H.: 1860; unmarried; died Dec. 26, 1881.
(b) by Ellen Carter:
  1. Jimie A.: July 1871; died Dec. 26, 1877.
  2. William F.: Aug. 1, 1872; m. Anna Goodrich.
  3. Jessie M.: 1874; died Jan. 6, 1878, of diphtheria-the epidemic carried off three in the family.
  4. Maude E.: 1876; died Jan. 7, 1878.
  5. James Albert: Feb. 2, 1879; m. Carrie Fields.
WASHINGTON LEE [George]; born Camps Mills, Hounsfield Dec. 11, 1823; m. Hannahetta Spaulding, born 1824, died Apr. 24, 1875. She was a sister to Angeline Spaulding who married Nathan Baker 2nd; {6} both women being daughters of Evander Spaulding (1796-1884) and his wife Betsey Van Hooser (1798-1871). After the death of Hannahetta, Washington Lee married (2) Minnie Fitzgerald [No further data as to her]. He died Apr. 7, 1880, and is buried with his first wife in Lakeside Cemetery.

"Wash" Lee, as he was called, was a farmer near Muscalonge; an upright, respected, patriotic man. He was tall, spare, of unusual strength, a noted wrestler in his day. Once a bully, coming into town, bragged that he could lick any man in the County-and inquired for "Wash" Lee. He met up with "Wash" in a cornfield, inquiring: "Are you 'Wash' Lee?" "Yes," replied the object of his search. "I've come up here to lick you." "Wash" peeled off his coat and vest, and they fought. The bully received a thorough drubbing, Washington being able, with his long arms, to reach the other with both fists. Washington and Hannahetta had no issue.

MERCY ANN LEE [George]; born Camps Mills, Hounsfield, Jan. 16, 1826; m. ca. 1850, George Hunter; he born 1826; died June 25, 1886, age 60-son of William Hunter. She died at Brownville, Jefferson Co., May 27, 1874, age 47. Both buried at Sackets Harbor.

George E. Hunter removed from Saratoga County at age six, coming with his parents to Hounsfield. He is described (census 1855) as a "carpenter, voter, land owner." A brother, Seth P., is also listed, as a mariner by occupation-both residents of Brownville. George Hunter is described, by family tradition, as "a lover of fine horses." Children (Hunter):

  1. Seth P.: Oct. 27, 1852; m. Ada Smith.
  2. Frances ("Frank"); born _____; married Floyd Patrick; had one daughter; lived in Chicago [no further data].
ADDISON HOYT LEE [George]; born Camps Mills Feb. 16, 1828; m. August 24, 1845, Olive Bull Hammond, born probably in Henderson, N.Y., Sept. 1830, daughter of Edminster and Amanda (Rust) {7} Hammond. {8} She died in Hounsfield Feb. 13, 1881; and be died at Dexter (in Hounsfield) Aug. 5, 1889.

Addison Lee was by trade a carpenter and cooper, but had an inherited gift for music. He was an expert violinist and fifer, and could play on any blown instrument. In his home, among his own family, he developed an orchestra of extraordinary talent. People came from miles away to hear the Lee Family play and to dance to their music. Olive Lee was a woman of unusual character, a trait she transmitted to her large family of children. Her parents had lived neighbors to George Lee at Camps Mills. Children of Addison Hoyt and Olive Bull (Hammond) Lee, all born Hounsfield:

  1. Nathan Hoyt: Sept. 24, 1848; m. Mary Dorchester.
  2. Frances Amanda: Mar. 31, 1850; m. Albert Spicer Coats.
  3. Alice Josephine: Dec. 6, 1852; m. (1) Orville Horace Gilmore; (2) Will A. Spencer.
  4. George Edminster: May 26, 1855; m. Adelaide Patrick.
  5. Gertrude Helen: Sept. 26, 1857; m. John T. Lee.
  6. Freeborn Melberton: Mar. 6, 1860; m. Cora Frances Root.
  7. Ida Cornelia: Sept, 26, 1861; m. John Dening.
  8. Rosa Lena: May 6, 1864; m. Jesse Harris.
  9. Nannie Elizabeth: Apr. 14, 1867; m. Rev. Burte Broadbent Gibbs.
  10. Nicholas Addison: Aug. 21, 1869; m. Josephine Marks.
  11. Olive Mabel: Mar. 9, 1872; m. Charles E. Jones.
  12. Walter James: Aug. 25, 1874; died 1875.
  13. Minnie Moore: Oct. 19, 1877; m. William John Gardinier.
  14. Charles James: Feb. 13, 1881; died 1923; unm. He was a mechanic, and for several years before his death operated a store and filling station on the Lodi or Hounsfield approach to Dexter, at Gilmore's corner.
HARRY NATHAN LEE [George]; born at Camps Mills, Hounsfield, Oct. 12, 1832; m. Ann Wright who was born in Hounsfield, a daughter of Thomas and Hannah (Wood) Wright. {9} She was a sister to James Wright who married Gertrude S. Hammond.

Harry Nathan Lee died in Hounsfield (date not known). He and his wife were buried in Muscalonge Cemetery. He was a farmer, and in his later years was very deaf. Children (Lee):

  1. William: _____; m. _____ Jock.
  2. Fred: _____; m. Ida Jock.
  3. Helen: _____; m. Fred Adams.
FREEBORN LEE [George]; born at Camps Mills, Hounsfield, Apr. 6, 1834; died in Illinois, probably at Chillicothe or Peoria. He taught for many years at these two places. He was an extraordinary mathematician, a skilled gunsmith, a violinist, and made picture frames with inlaid mother of pearl and gutta percha. He had been in his younger days a sailor on the Great Lakes. He was a bachelor. Date of death unknown. The census of 1865 refers to him as having been in the army.

HELEN MARIA LEE [George]; born at Camps Mills Aug. 27, 1837; died at Sackets Harbor, Jan. 3, 1906. She married Jan. 23, 1861, John Moffatt, of Sackets Harbor, born 1835 and died 1913. Both are buried in the village cemetery at Sackets. He was a wagon-maker, or wheelwright, and carpenter-an upright, thrifty, hospitable individual. "Aunt Helen," as she was affectionately called by her younger relatives, was a woman deeply interested in her family, in the Episcopal Church and in the community. The New York State Census of 1855 lists Andrew C. Moffatt of Hounsfield, age 67, born Calcutta, India (25 yrs in town), and his wife Margaret, born Scotland, age 59-probably parents of John.

Child of John and Helen Moffatt:

  1. George T.: b. 1861; d. 1862.
WALLACE LEE [George]; born at Camps Mills, Hounsfield, May 22, 1841; died at the N.Y. State Asylum in Ogdensburg. He was feeble in body from birth, and in later years his mind become affected, and he was committed to the Asylum. Note special provision for him in his father's will. He was unmarried.

ANNA J. LEE [Lemuel G.; George]; born Dec. 20, 1856 in Hounsfield; died at Dexter Oct. 6, 1910. She married 1878 Morris Gould, born on Pillar Point (town of Brownville, N.Y.) May 20, 1852; died at Dexter Mar. 16, 1920. He a son of John and Adaline (Fredenburg) Gould. They were farmers for many years at Sherwin's Bay (Pillar Point), moving later in life to Dexter. They are both buried in Dexter Cemetery.

Note: Daniel Gould (son of John) came to Pamelia, Jeff. Co., in youth; then to Watertown. He married Fanny Dennison and had 10 children, the youngest being John (father to Morris) who married Ruth, dau. of Joshua and Ruth (Freeman) Fredenburg of LeRay, N.Y. They had 5 sons: Daniel, Morris, Charles, Orville, and Edson J. Gould. {10}

Children of Morris and Anna J. (Lee) Gould:

  1. Cora A.: Dec. 10, 1878; m. Dr. Edgar W. Lafontaine.
  2. Edith: Dec. 24, 1882; m. Ray Eveliegh.
  3. Corlin: Apr. 2, 1884; m. Will Wilder.
  4. Arthur: June 25, 1886.
  5. Elsie Marion: May 22, 1890; died Sept. 27, 1890.
  6. Walter: June 24, 1893; m. Bertha Hagadorn.
WILLIAM F. LEE [Lemuel G.; George]; born in Hounsfield Aug. 1, 1872; died at Dexter Jan. 31, 1941. He married Aug. 20, 1899, Anna Goodrich of Dexter, who died, in Hounsfield, April 1936. They were farmers on the 38-acre farm at Muscalonge Creek in Hounsfield formerly occupied by his father. In later years William F. Lee was a director in the Dexter bank. No children.

JAMES ALBERT LEE [Lemuel G.; George]; born in Hounsfield Feb. 2, 1879; d. 1957; m. Aug. 26, 1908, Carrie Fields, dau. of John W. Fields of Sackets Harbor. N.Y.; she born there Oct. 8, 1876; died Oct. 8, 1956. They were residents in 1941 of Dexter village. One son:

  1. Murray G., born Dec. 15, 1912 in Dexter; died July 3, 1965; a graduate of New York University, 1934, B. A. and L.L.B. In June 1936 he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Science in jurisprudence, and in June 1938 the degree M.A. He was in 1941 practicing law in New York City. He wrote various articles on legal subjects and was author of a book on constitutional law.
SETH P. HUNTER [Mercy Ann Lee; George]; b. in Brownville, N.Y., Oct. 27, 1852; m. November 1871 Ada Smith. She born Brownville June 29 1 1851; died in Masonic Home, Utica, 1939. They resided in Brownville where lie conducted a cabinet-ware and furniture shop in the stone building, formerly a woolen mill, on the Brownville side of Black River. He was also a millwright. He died in Watertown Sept. 8, 1935. Children (Hunter):
  1. Clinton: 1874; died 1883. Drowned in Fillmore Creek near Brownville.
  2. Stewart: May 14, 1876; m. Ida Denney.
  3. Edna: June 17, 1878; m. Scotty Mattraw.
  4. Edith: Jan. 17, 1880; m. (1) Fred White; (2) Fred Casselman.
NATHAN HOYT LEE [Addison H.; George]; b. Hounsfield, N.Y., Sept. 24, 1848; m. Mar. 24, 1870, Mary Dorchester; she born at Limerick (Brownville town) June 8, 1851, and died at Watertown May 6, 1934. He died Mar. 30, 1915. Buried in North Watertown cemetery. He was a fine carpenter, cabinet- and pattern-maker, and violinist of rare talent. Children (Lee):
  1. Jesse D.: Aug. 28, 1877; m. Emma Baker.
  2. Edwin Henry: June 18, 1888; m. Justina Leone Cleland (divorced).

FRANCES AMANDA LEE [Addison H.; George]; born Hounsfield Mar. 31, 1850; m. July 4, 1875 Albert Spicer Coats {11} of Adams Center, N.Y., son of Benjamin F. and Lois (Whitford) Coats. He born at Adams Center Apr. 4, 1845; died in Hounsfield Mar. 3, 1900. She died at Dexter Apr. 19, 1894, of pneumonia following childbirth. Both buried at Sackets Harbor. They lived at Adams Center, at Montague (Lewis Co.), in the town of Hounsfield, and finally at Dexter. He was a farmer first; then for fourteen years or more an employee in the Sulphite and Frontenac paper mills at Dexter. In youth he was a 2nd Lieutenant in the N.Y. State Militia at Adams. Children (Coats-or Coates):

  1. George Albert: July 30, 1876, Adams Center: m. Josephine (Penny) Alverson.
  2. Lois Whitford: Feb. 1, 1878, Adams Center; m. William Clarke Morgan.
  3. Walter John: Nov. 9, 1880, Montague; m. (1) Florence Webster Gray; (2) Nettie Allen Gove.
  4. Winnie Jane: Nov. 9, 1880, Montague; m. (1) Herbert Alton Gibbs; (2) Fred Buck; (3) Howard Henry Blanchard.
  5. Olive Maud: Sept. 1, 1883, Hounsfield; m. (1) Alfred Cooksley; (2) Lawrence Hartman.
  6. Benjamin Franklin: Sept. 7, 1885, Hounsfield; m. Emily Zoller.
  7. Harold Francis: Apr. 17, 1894, Dexter; died infancy.
ALICE JOSEPHINE LEE [Addison H.; George]; b. at Camps Mills, Hounsfield, Dec. 6, 1852; died at Bay Shore, L. I. Oct. 16, 1927. She married (1) Orville Horace Gilmore of Hounsfield, son of Horace O. and Lucy (Livermore) Gilmore. He born Mar. 5, 1850, and died Jan. 13, 1888. She m. (2) Will A. Spencer, of Michigan, born 1854, and died at Oswego November 1918. He worked for many years as organizer for the Knights of the Maccabees. Children (Gilmore):
  1. Orville H.: Oct. 28, 1877, Dexter; m. Minnie Louise Hills.
  2. Robert E.: Dec. 25, 1882, Dexter; m. Edith E. Bovee.
Children (Spencer):
  1. Lee: July 30, 1888, Oswego; m. (1) Elizabeth Harger; (2) Helen Harger.
GERTRUDE HELEN LEE [Addison H.; George]: born Hounsfield Sept. 26, 1857; died there July 13, 1886 (Ae 28-9-16). She married 1879, John T. Lee, not related-he being a son of Samuel and Lydia (Sargent) Lee {12} of Hounsfield. John T. Lee, born 1856, died Aug. 23, 1923, was a farmer near Carter's Corners in Hounsfield, on the place occupied in 1941 by his son Walter E. Lee. He was of Irish descent, his family having come from Ireland early in the century. It is said that he was a gifted singer. Children:
  1. Monroe Jay: June 3, 1880; m. Maude King.
  2. Sam John: Oct. 21, 1881; m. Leah Ackerman
  3. Walter Edson: May 28, 1883; married Mabel Harmer.
  4. Albert: May 15, 1886; died in military service July 25, 1920; unmarried.
GEORGE EDMINISTER LEE [Addison H.; George] born Hounsfield N.Y. May 26, 1855; died at Dexter Nov. 19, 1938. He married Dec. 23, 1884 Adelaide Patrick, dau. of Andrew and Martha Patrick, died Dec. 24, 1945, at Dexter, N.Y., and is buried there. He was a farmer for some years in Hounsfield; but about 1890 he built a house in Dexter. Later he spent about 25 years as construction engineer in the Water Department of Watertown. At age 70 he built a second house in Dexter, in which he spent the remainder of his life. All his life he was a violinist, playing by ear and memory. In earlier days his clarion voice called changes for many a dance. No children.

FREEBORN MELBERTON LEE [Addison H.; George] born in Hounsfield March 6, 1859; m. Nov. 6, 1884, Cora Frances Root, dau. of Myron Marcellus and Sarah Ann (Howk) Root of Hounsfield. Her grandfather Root's grave, marked by a field stone, is in Muscalonge burying ground. She was born in Hounsfield Jan. 22, 1866. They were living in 1941 at Dexter, on the Hounsfield side of Black River. He has been at times farmer, carpenter and builder, cabinet maker, designer and woodworker-and always a violinist. At age 80 he won First Championship Award in the New York fiddlers contest. In earlier days he led a dance orchestra made up largely of his own brothers Nathan, George and Nicholas, and his sisters Rosa, Nannie, and Olive. This was the best dance orchestra for miles around Dexter and was in brisk demand. As a trick exhibitionist on the violin, Freeborn Lee had no superiors and few equals. At his cottage on Pillar Point (at Guffins Bay) the Lee Clan regularly gathers, in summer, for its annual outing. He lived in Mount Pleasant, Michigan for a number of years (1885 to 1906), building several houses there; was in Dexter, N.Y. (1906-9); back again in Mt. Pleasant 1909-12; since then residing at Dexter. His children:

  1. Gertrude M.: b. Mt. Pleasant June 14, 1886; m. Perry Alverson.
  2. Howard Addison: b. Mt. Pleasant Jan. 3, 1889; m. Ruth Moore.
  3. Walter M.: b. Mt. Pleasant Feb. 15, 1892; m. Irena Venery.
  4. Burte G.: Dec. 7, 1899; died Jan. 19, 1919 in military service in the World War.
  5. Helen Frances: Aug. 18, 1902; died Dec. 18, 1918 at Dexter, N.Y.
IDA CORNELIA LEE [Addison H.; George]; born in Hounsfield Sept. 21, 1861; died at West Martinsburg, Lewis Co., N.Y., Feb. 20, 1928. She married March 1, 1881 John Dening, of Montague (town), Lewis Co., son of Daniel and Sarah (Lane) Dening from England-early settlers in Hounsfield and later in Montague. John Dening was born in Montague June 15, 1861, and died at West Martinsburg, on his home farm, May 5, 1939. He was all his life a farmer, first in Montague, and later in Martinsburg-a bluff, genial man, one of the stable citizens of his town. Children (Dening):
  1. Ethel Rose: June 28, 1885; m. (1) Harry Boutwell; (2) Frank Higby.
  2. Daniel John: June 17, 1888; m. Lena Mildred Murphy.
  3. Addison Lee: May 27, 1897; died of pneumonia at Camp Forest, Tenn., Oct. 21, 1917, while serving in the U.S. Engineer Corps during World War I.
ROSA LENA LEE [Addison H.; George]; born in Hounsfield May 6, 1864; died at Carter's Corners, same town, Aug. 24, 1921. She married in 1893 Jesse Harris of Dexter, son of Christopher Harris (born in England) and his wife Hannah Bass of Hounsfield. Jesse and Rosa Harris were engaged in farming near Dexter, living for some years in the village. She was an accomplished organist and played, in earlier years, at many a neighborhood dance. He was living in 1941 in Dexter. Children (Harris):
  1. Leta: born 1894 at Dexter; m. Albert Carter.
NANNIE ELIZABETH LEE [Addison H.; George] born in Hounsfield Apr. 14, 1867; died at Rumford Falls, Me., April 15, 1939. She married at Dexter July 20, 1893, Rev. Burte Broadbent Gibbs, son of Charles Gove {13} and Sarah Asenath (Broadbent) Gibbs; he born at Dexter July 20, 1868, died Nov. 16, 1944, in Portland, Cumberland County, Maine. Both are buried in the Dexter Cemetery. Their life work was absorbed, until her death, in the activities of various Universalist parishes, and in this field she was a devoted and helpful coworker. She was also a fine seamstress and dressmaker, specializing, during her later career, in beadwork and embroideries. In youthful days she played the violin, along with her sisters and brothers.

Mr. Gibbs (whose parents were among the founders of the Universalist Church in Dexter) spent his boyhood at Dexter, N.Y., attending school there and learning farm work from his uncle, Hon. Albert Foster. In 1884 Burte's father, who had been engaged in woolen manufacturing, became a ranch owner in Anoka, Minn. There the youngster worked on the home farm, wrote newspaper items and taught school on the side. Coming East in 1890, he entered Canton Divinity School (St Lawrence University) at Canton, N.Y., graduating 1893. During all these college years he did student preaching at Scipio and at Winthrop, N.Y., and in 1893 became the pastor of his home-town Universalist Church in Dexter. In June 1893 be was ordained at Herkimer, and, having just been married, he and Nannie settled down to their first pastorate, in Herkimer. Five years of strenuous constructive labor here built up a strong Universalist parish; and in 1898 he was called to the leadership of All Soul's Universalist Church in Watertown. Here again he built a weak church into a strong one-aided and encouraged by a tactful and devoted helpmate. In 1903 he went West, taking over the problems of a dormant Universalist church at Wasau, Wis. Once more his organizing ability scored a triumph. He left a church (which was still functioning after thirty-five years), to become minister to the Church of the Redeemer at Hoopeston, Ill. He remained here three years, when a call from the important Universalist Church at St Paul, Minn., came to him. Here he spent a fruitful six years.

In 1918 they returned East. After a short interim pastorate at Rochester, N.Y., be became leader, for one season, of the Universalist School of Religion at Murray Grove, N.J. The following autumn (1919) they settled in a memorable pastorate over the Universalist Church, Plymouth, Mass. Then followed another three year pastorate at Brooklyn, N.Y.-Church of Good Tidings. Then came fourteen years of happy and highly successful work as minister to All Soul's Church in Portland, Me., followed by three years more at Rumford.

Never, during fifty years of active leadership, has Mr. Gibbs sought the glamor of office or tokens of emolument as such. His ministry was a consistent story of cheerful and voluntary hard work, the building up of weak parishes, the dissemination of a spirit of goodwill, courage and brotherly service among the peoples under his charge. Parish after parish has he built up, that others might benefit from his labors. He declares he was in 1941 still fit for duty and will never quit. The Lee reunions owe much to his initiative and untiring devotion.

NICHOLAS ADDISON LEE [Addison H.; George]; born in Hounsfield Aug. 21, 1869; died Hounsfield (at Dexter) {14} Oct. 13, 1934. He married Aug. 21, 1895 Josephine Marks, born in Hounsfield Oct. 5, 1871, died Apr. 17, 1962, dau. of Joseph and Maria (Turpin) Marks. {15} They lived at Dexter, on the Hounsfield side of Black River all their lives. Nicholas Lee was one of the finest type of American citizens, industrious, kindly, quiet, deeply religious, yet jolly and sociable withal. For years he was superintendent of the Methodist Episcopal Sunday School in Dexter, and was respected and beloved by all who knew him. He was a carpenter, pulpmaker, builder of houses and boats, a fine violinist, loved fishing and all aquatic sports—was hospitable and generous to a fault. He fell dead suddenly, in his boat, while returning from a fishing trip on Black River.

Child (Lee):

  1. Fanny June: died 1897, in infancy.
OLIVE MABEL LEE [Addison H.; George]; born in Hounsfield March 9, 1872; died Mar. 14, 1956, buried in Dexter, N.Y.; m. Dec. 25, 1890 (as his second wife) Charles E. Jones, son of Matthew and Hannah (Freeman) Jones of Dexter. He was born near Dexter Oct. 31, 1859 and died there April 11, 1927. He was a mill owner and real estate dealer in Dexter for many years, a man of sound judgment and financial ability. He owned an interest in the Hunter & Jones Mill, manufacturing wood pulp, on the southern shore of Black River at Dexter; also a sawmill and gristmill nearby-also a business block and other real estate in the village, including several houses. Olive (or "Dolly", as she was called) resided, after his death, in the former Fremont Spicer house in Dexter. She was an expert pianist and in earlier years played frequently at dances. She was active in the Universalist Church. Children (Jones):
  1. Marguerite: Oct. 6, 1896; m. Dr. Earl Crysler of Dexter.
  2. Corille Emil: Oct. 6, 1900; m. Helen Edith Prosser.
MINNIE MOORE LEE [Addison H.; George]; b. Oct. 19, 1877 in Hounsfield, N.Y.; d. Feb. 7, 1952 of a heart attack; m. Oct. 19, 1896, William John Gardinier of Herkimer, N.Y., born in Danube town, Herkimer County Dec. 17, 1870, died Mar. 25, 1966, son of William H. and Ellen (Devendorf) Gardinier , both of Danube town. He was educated in the common schools and Little Falls Academy, and was a graduate of Cornell University, 1893, Phi Beta Kappa. His ancestor Jacob Janse Gardinier came from Kampen, Overyssel, Holland, on the "Herring," landing in New Amsterdam Mar. 28, 1638. His mother's ancestor, John Devendorf, was born in Switzerland, 1700, and descendants of both ancestors served in the Revolutionary War, one being Capt. Jacob Gardinier, a hero of Oriskany, grandson of the first Jacob.

William served as corporal in the Spanish American War, being at last dismissed for physical disability. He was a past-commander of Camp 51, U.S.W.V.; a past-master of Herkimer Lodge A.F.A.M.; clerk, since 1896, of the Universalist Church in Herkimer. In 1941 he conducted a 35-cow farm; kept bees as a hobby; was attorney for the Herkimer Cooperative Savings and Loan Association; and was head of a law office in Herkimer.

Mrs. Gardinier was active in social affairs; was a past deputy grand matron and past matron in the O. E. S.; has been President of the Universalist Ladies Aid Society for six terms; was trustee of the Herkimer Universalist Church; served as committeewoman and inspector of election on the Republican Board of Dist. No. 7, Herkimer, and was active in many other organizations.

Children (Gardinier):

  1. Mildred May: May 12, 1898; m. June 16, 1921 Bernard Alonzo Rasbach, son of Alonzo Rasbach, both of Herkimer. She died Sept. 16, 1925. Baby Jeanne M. died 1925.
  2. Douglas Elton: Sept. 8, 1900; d. Aug. 7, 1974; m. (1) Shirley L. Stroud; (2) Harriet Blake.
  3. Russell Martin: Feb. 9, 1905; d. May 11, 1991; m. Esther M Williamson.
  4. Eileen: June 16, 1911; m. Ervin D. Klippel.
WILLIAM H. LEE [Harry Nathan; George]; b. in Hounsfield 1857; m. _____ Jock. He separated from her not long after the birth of their child. He has worked out on farms all his life, mainly in Hounsfield and Adams, and was in 1941 at Rice's Corners working, at age eighty, and stone deaf. Child (Lee):
  1. Ida: _____
FRED LEE [Harry Nathan; George]; born Hounsfield 1866; m. Ida Jock of Dexter. He died at Evans Mills, N.Y., Apr. 27, 1931. Ida was a cripple, and died before 1941. Like his brother, he was a farm hand all his life, in Hounsfield, in Adams and at Evans Mills. Child (Lee):
  1. Fred: born at Watertown; was at last report in the County House near Watertown.
HELEN LEE [Harry Nathan; George]; born in Hounsfield; married Fred Adams. They were residing, when last reported, near Harrisville, St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. Child (Adams):
  1. child; living 1939 near Harrisville, N.Y.
CORA A. GOULD [Anna Lee; Lemuel G.; George] born Dec. 10, 1878 at Sherwins Bay, Brownville, N.Y.; m. Oct. 14, 1903, Dr. Edgar W. Lafontaine. He practiced medicine for some years at Smithville, afterward moving to Watertown where they now live. Cora graduated from Dexter High School, 1900. Children (Lafontaine):
  1. Alice: Aug. 3, 1916; m. Howard Blair, Apr. 1, 1948.
  2. Oliver E.: Aug. 3, 1923.
EDITH GOULD [Anna Lee; Lemuel G.; George]; born at Sherwin's Bay, Pillar Point, Dec. 24, 1882; d. Dec. 27, 1963; m. July 17, 1902 Ray Eveliegh of Dexter. He spent some years in Arizona, in the turquoise mines there, but returned to Dexter, engaging in farm operations on Pillar Point. They were for some years residents of Dexter. She was a graduate of Dexter High School. No issue.

CORLIN GOULD [Anna Lee; Lemuel G.; George] born at Sherwin's Bay, Pillar Point, Apr. 2, 1884; m. Dec. 31, 1906, Will Wilder of Hounsfield. She also was a graduate of Dexter High School. They reside in Watertown. Children (Wilder):

  1. Victor: Dec. 12, 1907.
  2. Doris: Mar. 29, 1909; m. Nov. 27, 1946, Bernard Constance.
  3. Leland: Mar. 23, 1911; m. Apr. 26, 1945, Alice Barnes.
WALTER GOULD [Anna Lee; Lemuel G.; George] born at Sherwin's Bay, Pillar Point, June 24, 1893; m. Mar. 5, 1914, Bertha Hagadorn. They have resided successively at Pillar Point, Dexter and Glen Park, N.Y. Children (Gould):
  1. Florence: Sept. 5, 1915.
  2. Berniece: July 6, 1917.
  3. Herbert: Jan. 6, 1920.
  4. Arlene: July 10, 1922.
  5. Edwin: Aug. 19, 1924; m. Nov., 1946, May Johnson.
  6. Raymond: Apr. 10, 1927.
  7. Cora Jean: Aug. 22, 1930.
  8. Marilyn: June 12, 1935.
STEWART HUNTER [Seth Hunter; Mercy Ann Lee; George]; born in Brownville, N.Y. May 14, 1876, m. April 1901 at Watertown Ida Denney. She born at Syracuse, N.Y. 1873. He died 1936. He was an electrical engineer. Children (Hunter):
  1. Elsie: Jan. 1904; m. Charles Brookwell.
  2. Meryl: Sept. 1906; m. Arthur Gamlin.
EDNA HUNTER [Seth Hunter; Mercy Ann Lee; George]; born in Brownville June 17, 1878; m. June 1902 at Watertown, Scotty Mattraw, born at Watertown 1879. Children (Mattraw):
  1. Ada: Feb. 28, 1905; m. George Kanbour.
  2. Rosalind: Mar. 1, 1907.
  3. Marion: May 9, 1909.
  4. Scotty: Aug. 27, 1912.
EDITH HUNTER [Seth Hunter; Mercy Ann Lee; George]; born Brownville, N.Y. Jan. 17, 1880; d. Mar. 1965; m. Sept. 1900 at Watertown, Fred White of Columbus, Ohio, born 1876, died 1918 at Watertown. She m. (2) Sept. 1927, Fred J. Casselman, born at Morrisburg, Ontario, April 1878, died March 7, 1939 at Chaumont, N.Y. In 1941 she lived at Chaumont. Children (White):
  1. Wesley: Oct. 25, 1901, Watertown; m. Bertha Goodrow.
  2. Winfield: Aug. 23, 1910, at Watertown; m. Frances Fuller.
JESSE D. LEE [Nathan Hoyt; Addison Hoyt; George]; born at Watertown, N.Y. August 28, 1877; m. (1) July 5, 1900, Emma Baker, dau. of William R. and Emeline (Case) Baker; she born at Watertown June 6, 1874, died Mar. 3, 1944, taught in the Watertown public schools for many years; m. (2) Oct. 12, 1947, Gladys Taylor. He was an accountant and cashier in a large store in Watertown. Child (Lee) by 1st wife:
  1. Mary Emeline: May 5, 1910; m. Richard Peterson Matthews.
EDWIN HENRY LEE [Nathan Hoyt; Addison H.; George]; born Watertown, N.Y. June 18, 1888; m. Oct. 24, 1918, Justina Leone Cleland, born at Heuvelton, N.Y., July 28, 1891. They were divorced, 1927. Edwin was a graduate of Northern Business College and was employed for some years in the N.Y. Central R. R. offices at Watertown. Enlisting, be served overseas for 18 months as field clerk in the 7th U.S. Army Corps during the World War, and was with the army in Germany at the signing of the Armistice. There were no children.

GEORGE ALBERT COATES [Frances Amanda Lee: Addison Hoyt; George]; born at Adams Center, N.Y., July 30, 1876; d. May 15, 1951, buried at Sackets Harbor; m. (1) Oct. 26, 1908 in Norwood, Josephine (Penny) Alverson, divorced wife of Norris Alverson, she born Sackets Harbor Oct. 25, 1875; m. (2) July 20, 1944, Gertie Baldwin, her second marriage, she died Nov. 10, 1956.

He began working out, on a farm, at age twelve, and continued that occupation most of the time through 1941, except for some years spent in cheese-making at Pillar Point and at South Amboy. He managed, meanwhile, to master the technique of the violin, and was an expert with the harmonica. In his possession was the old black walnut fiddle which George Lee, his great-grandfather, brought in 1817 from Albany County to the pioneer home in Hounsfield. He was active locally in the Masonic Order and was once considered the finest dancer in or about Dexter. In 1941 he worked on the Harry Williams farm, at Sherwin's Bay, Pillar Point, N.Y. He retired in 1944. No issue.

LOIS WHITFORD COATES [Frances Amanda Lee; Addison Hoyt; George]; born at Adams Center, N.Y., Feb. 1, 1878; died Apr. 3, 1969 at Utica, N.Y.; m. Jan. 1, 1901, at Watertown, William Clarke Morgan, son of Dr. Albert L. and Anna (Pierce) Morgan of Dexter. He born at Lisbon Sept. 17, 1877. Mrs. Morgan was for some years a teacher in district schools near Dexter. They have resided in Watertown 1901-05; in Fulton, 1905-22; and again in Watertown, 1922-58. Mr. Morgan conducted, from 1901 to 1958, a successful business as optometrist and jeweler. He graduated from Northern Business College, Watertown, and Philadelphia College of Horology and Optics. His store was located in The Arcade, Watertown. They had a summer cottage at Adams' Cove, Pillar Point. The Morgans are buried in Dexter, N.Y. Children (Morgan):

  1. Muriel Kathryn: Oct. 21, 1902; m. John Ferguson Shanklin.
  2. Hilda Leona: June 7, 1905; m. Francis A. Watts.
  3. Carl Whitford Morgan: Mar. 20, 1918; m. Millicent Gail Colegrove.
WALTER JOHN COATES [Frances Amanda Lee; Addison Hoyt; George] born Montague (town), Lewis County, N.Y., Nov. 9, 1880; to Houndsfield, Jefferson Co., in infancy; about two years (1885-87) in Adams Center with his aunt Saryntha Coats; then with his parents in Dexter, a village of paper mills ten miles below Watertown and eight above Sackets Harbor, on Black River. Went to work on a farm at age thirteen, attending school, meanwhile, at Dexter. Taught schools on Pillar Point 1898-1900, and the latter year graduated from Dexter High School. In the fall of 1900 be entered Canton Divinity School at St. Lawrence University, and his next four years he devoted to student preaching and study. In 1901-03 he served summer pastorates at East Calais and Marshfield, Vermont, and in 1904 graduated (S.T.B.) from St Lawrence University. In 1905 be became pastor of the Universalist churches at North Hatley and Huntingville, Quebec.

On Dec. 20, 1902 he had married at East Calais, Vt., Florence Webster Gray, born there May 12, 1884, dau. of Dr. George H. and Nettie (Allen) Gray. In June 1906 her critical illness of tuberculosis, recalled him from his pastorate: and her death Sept. 4, following, resulted in a long nervous breakdown which forced him out of the active ministry definitely. He took up printing and life insurance at East Calais.

He married (2) June 2, 1908, Nettie Allen Gove, dau. of Austin A. and Eugenie (Allen) Gove who was born in Calais, Vt. June 2, 1882. She was a cousin to Florence W. Gray.

They resided in East Calais for 14 years. He was postmaster there from 1910 to 1919, and joint owner (with Austin A. Gove) of a general store, under the firm name of Coates & Gove. In 1919 he became an inspector of risks for several Vermont fire insurance companies. In 1922, with his son John, he took over a store at North Montpelier. The death of John in 1926 brought this venture to completion. Since then all Mr. Coates' activities have been of a literary nature.

Mr. Coates began writing verse about 1917, and in 1921 published his first slim volume, entitled MOOD SONGS. In April 1926 he began the publication of a poetry magazine, DRIFTWIND-which was in 1941 in its 15th year, having a national circulation. He also has done book publishing, of private editions for authors. Amongst other activities he has put out a few poetry volumes of his own, including LAND OF ALLEN and Other Verse, 1928; SONNETS OF AN EDITOR, 1932; DIAPASON: NUANCES IN VERSE, 1936. His prose consists of editorials and newspaper contributions, essays on various subjects, magazine articles, and poems and addresses. Nor has he ever given up preaching entirely, but has been steadily in demand as an occasional speaker. In Sept. 1929 he helped organize the League of Vermont Writers, of which he was President for ten years. In 1941 he was a trustee (since 1934) of the Vermont & Quebec Universalist-Unitarian Convention; a member of The Vermont Historical Society; and of The Institute of American Genealogy. In 1938 the University of Vermont conferred on him, for achievements in scholarship and literature, the honorary degree of Doctor of Literature. In 1941 he had in preparation, besides this book, a Genealogy of the Whitford Family in America, and a Bibliography of Vermont Verse and Gazetteer of Vermont Poets. Mrs. Coates and Flora were partners with him in all these multifarious labors. He was also deeply interested in education, and has held responsible positions in the Vermont educational system. As a Mason, he was a past master, past District Deputy and past Grand Senior Deacon of the Grand Lodge of Vermont.

Walter John Coates died of a heart attack July 29, 1941, at his home in Montpelier, Vt., and is buried in East Calais, Vt.

Children (Coates):

  1. John Webster (by 1st wife): born at Canton, N.Y. April 20, 1902; died at Barre, Vermont, Nov. 30, 1926, of phthisis, and was buried in the family lot in E. Calais Cemetery. He attended school at E. Calais and two years at Goddard Seminary, Barre, Vt. He completed his education at Dexter High School (N.Y.), after which he engaged in the mercantile business at North Montpelier with his father. He was unmarried.
(By 2nd wife):
  1. Frances Eugenie: Oct. 4, 1909; m. Elijah Guy Norton.
  2. Flora Whitford: July 16, 1914, at East Calais; unmarried. Educated in graded schools, she studied one year at Goddard School for Girls, Barre, and since then has been associated with her father in the printing and publishing business at North Montpelier; d. Jan. 10, 2002.
WINNIE JANE COATES [Frances Amanda Lee Addison Hoyt; George]; born in Montague town Lewis County, N.Y., November 9, 1880; d. May 24, 1966; m. (1) at Minneapolis, Minn., March 29, 1899, Herbert Alton Gibbs, born at Dexter, N.Y., April 23 1871; died at Los Angeles, Calif., Jan. 28, 1938, son of Frank and Josephine (Rounds) Gibbs. Allie and Winnie Gibbs lived for several years after their marriage in Dexter, where he was in the livery business. They later went to Dickinson, North Dakota, and engaged in sheep ranching near Regent. This proving unprofitable, they returned to Dexter, then located on a farm near Fulton, N.Y. They separated while here and finally were divorced. Children (Gibbs):
  1. Frank Alton: Dec. 30, 1901; m. (1) Mary M. Hudspeth; (2) Doris E. (Higgins) Wallace; (3) Doris Maud Forbes Carn.
  2. Florence Gray: Aug. 15, 1906; m. Earl F. Rapp.
  3. Mildred: Aug. 12, 1908; m. William R. Cox.
  4. Gladys Gloria: Mar. 31, 1913. She was a typist and clerk for the Fulton (N.Y.) Light and Power Co.
  5. Natalie Jean: born Nov. 4, 1919; died Feb. 4, 1987, at Yuba City, Calif.; buried Sierra View Memorial Park, Marysville, Calif. m. (1) _____ Cox. (2) Steven J. Mullin.
Winnie married (2) Fred Buck of Carthage, N.Y. (Divorced, 1935).

She married (3) March 10, 1936, Howard Henry Blanchard of Liverpool, N.Y., son of John and Mary (Phelps) Blanchard. He was born August 30, 1887, at Clay, N.Y; died Apr. 10, 1975. They were living in 1941 at Phoenix, near Fulton, where they operated a small tourist store and filling station. Howard Blanchard was an independent, salt of the earth gentleman, The Blanchards are buried in Pine Plains Cemetery, Town of Clay, Onondaga Co., N.Y.

OLIVE MAUD COATES [Frances Amanda Lee; Addison H., George]; born Sept. 1, 1883 in Hounsfield, N.Y.; m. Sept. 28, 1908, in Seattle, Wash., Alfred Cooksley (divorced, 1916). They had one child (Cooksley):

  1. Edith May: born Seattle, Apr. 15, 1909; m. Donald Henderson.
She married (2), Dec. 27, 1916, Lawrence A. Hartman, born Lafargeville, N.Y., June 7, 1880, son of George and Elizabeth (Schnauber) Hartman. His first wife was Elizabeth Lewis, and by her he has two sons, Emerald and Albert (the latter having been adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Philip Quencer of Perch River, N.Y.) Lawrence and Olive Hartman were living in 1941 in Watertown, N.Y., having a comfortable home at 129 Central St. He was employed by the School Department of Watertown, since 1923, as superintendent of construction and maintenance, having served three years previously as carpenter in the same department. Lawrence A. Hartman died April 11, 1944. Olive Maud Coates died March 2, 1953. The Hartmans are buried in the North Watertown Cemetery, Watertown, N.Y.

Children (Hartman):

  1. Laverna: Oct. 24, 1918; d. Nov. 1, 1918.
  2. Lorma: Feb. 11, 1920; d. Feb. 12, 1920.
  3. Shirley Arlene: May 30, 1922; d. Mar. 1, 2010; m. Royal LaMora.
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN COATES-WRIGHT [Frances Amanda Lee; Addison H.; George]; born Sept. 7, 1885 in Hounsfield, and was adopted in infancy by his great uncle and aunt, James and Gertrude (Hammond) Wright of Dexter. He married 1912 Emily Zoller of Redwood, N.Y. They resided for some years at Dexter, where he was employed in the St Lawrence Paper Mill; later removing to Black River. She died there March 9, 1932, and is buried at Redwood. He died in Watertown Dec. 14, 1938, and is buried at Sackets Harbor. He was a talented man, loving to fish and hunt, but loving also to read and play on his many musical instruments-piano, cornet, accordion, clarinet, etc. The loss of a thumb by accident, in a paper mill, precluded a career as clarinetist-a career which held promise of considerable distinction. Children (Wright):
  1. Donald Charles: Feb. 27, 1914; m. July 21, 1941, Gwendolyn Stevens
  2. Richard H.: Dec. 2, 1915; m. (1) Alice L. Turner; (2) Adyne Mary Pridham
ORVILLE H. GILMORE [Alice Josephine Lee; Addison H., George]; born in Dexter, N.Y. Oct. 28, 1877; married June 26, 1901, Minnie Louise Hills of Potsdam, N.Y. She born at West Potsdam May 28, 1881. Mr. Gilmore was for many years a travelling salesman, and resided in 1941 in Watertown. N.Y. Children (Gilmore):
  1. Horace H.: April 26, 1903; m. Helen O. Blaisdell.
ROBERT E. GILMORE [Alice Josephine Lee; Addison H., George]; born Dec. 25, 1882 in Dexter, N.Y.; died Feb. 21, 1953; married March 27, 1907, Edith E. Bovee of Chaumont, N.Y., born at Chaumont July 24, 1882. They resided in 1941 in Watertown. Children (Gilmore):
  1. Ormell: Oct. 29, 1907; m. Evelyn Hawes.
LEE SPENCER [Alice Josephine Lee; Addison H.; George]; born in Oswego, N.Y. July 30, 1888; m. (1) Elizabeth Harger of Oswego who died in 1926; (2) Helen Harger, sister to Elizabeth. They were living in 1940 in Crafton, Pa., he being a teacher in manual training at Pittsburgh. Child (Spencer) by 1st wife:
  1. Betty Lee: m. Satu Yago.

MONROE JAY LEE [Gertrude Helen Lee; Addison H.; George]; born in Hounsfield, near Carter's Corners, June 3, 1880; d. Nov. 1, 1966; m. Jan. 15, 1906, Maude King, born at Watson, Lewis Co., July 30, 1886, died Mar. 9, 1963, dau. of Salone and Catherine (Tabalt) King. They owned and operated a small farm near Sackets Harbor, on the Dexter road. No issue.

SAM JOHN LEE [Gertrude Helen Lee; Addison H.; George]; born in Hounsfield Oct. 21, 1881; d, Oct. 19, 1963; m. 1908 Leah Ackerman. She born Nov. 1886. In 1941 they were farmers in Hounsfield, on the Watertown-Henderson highway. No issue.

WALTER EDSON LEE [Gertrude Helen Lee; Addison H.; George]: born in Hounsfield May 28, 1883; m. in Sackets Harbor Sept. 14, 1915 Mabel Harmer, dau. of George and Anna (Richards) Harmer. She born at Wanamie, Pa., Sept. 14, 1897, and died in Hounsfield Aug. 28, 1926. In 1941 he was a farmer, and was still residing on the homestead where be was born, near Carter's Corners. Children (Lee):

  1. Walter John: Apr. 17, 1916; m. Pearl Amelia Hall.
  2. Gertrude Ann: Feb. 10, 1918 at Hounsfield. She was active in athletics and singing until while a sophomore at Sackets Harbor High school, she was stricken badly with arthritis. She remained an invalid until her death at home in Hounsfield, 1941. Unmarried.
  3. Evelyn H.: Aug. 2, 1919.
GERTRUDE M. LEE [Freeborn M. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born at Mount Pleasant, Mich., June 14, 1886; m. July 3, 1907, Perry Alverson, son of William and Annaliza (Washburn) Alverson of Hounsfield, born Aug. 30, 1886, died 1948. He was a teacher, auctioneer and farmer, and resided in 1941 at Antwerp, N.Y. Children (Alverson):
  1. Barbara Eileen: Oct. 1, 1910 at Dexter.
  2. Jean: Feb. 20, 1921 at Watertown.
HOWARD ADDISON LEE [Freeborn M. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born at Mount Pleasant, Mich., Jan. 3, 1889; died at Dexter, N.Y. June 13, 1926; m. 1917 Ruth Moore of Brooklyn, N.Y., dau. of Ray Moore. She born Brooklyn March 5, 1892. Howard Lee was an accomplished musician-a composer, artist, orchestra leader, violinist and cornetist. Children (Lee):
  1. Cora: July 18, 1920.
  2. Howard Blair: Dec. 29, 1922; died in San Bernardino Co., Calif., March 2, 1991; three children.
WALTER M. LEE [Freeborn M. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born at Mount Pleasant, Mich., Feb. 15, 1892; died of monoxide poisoning at Adams Cove, Pillar Point, N.Y. Oct. 7, 1940. He married Sept. 13, 1927, Irena Venery of Watertown, dau. of Peter D. and Alice A. (Lyon) Venery. She born at Watertown Apr. 5, 1906. Walter M. Lee was an idealist; a fine musician, specializing as pianist and a leader in band and orchestra groups. His reputation in this field was high. He was a World War veteran, and since 1919 had been engaged in fox farming at Dexter. His wife, Irena, was engaged in secretarial work in Watertown. Child (Lee):
  1. Robert: b. Hounsfield June 18, 1928.
ETHEL ROSE DENING [Ida Cornelia Lee; Addison H.; George]; born in Montague, Lewis Co., N.Y., June 28, 1885; died May 15, 1977; mar. (1) Dec. 12, 1906, Harry Garfield Boutwell of Copenhagen, N.Y., son of Lyman O. and Nancy (Bowman) Boutwell.{34} He b. in Copenhagen May 9, 1881, and died in Montague Aug. 16, 1922. She was born about 1846 in N.Y. He was farmer and cheese maker combined, living successively at Montague, Barnes Corners and Carthage. Children (Boutwell):
  1. Gordon Dening: Sept. 21, 1911; m. July 11, 1934 Erma Meiss; d. Nov. 2, 1986.
  2. Neva Rose: July 25, 1920; m. May 27, 1943 Richard E. Jones.
Ethel Dening married (2) April 11, 1939 at Rumford, Me., Edward. Frank Higby, born May 30, 1873 in Lee, Oneida Co., N.Y., died Aug. 19, 1948, son of Albert A. and Marietta (Damuth) Higby. He was a successful farmer (retired), in Turin, Lewis County, and was previously married. he s buried with his first wife n the Turin cemetery. Ethel Higby was, formerly, a teacher in the public schools.

DANIEL JOHN DENING [Ida Cornelia Lee; Addison H.; George]; born in Montague, Lewis Co., N.Y. June 17, 1888; died July, 1958; m. June 30, 1919, Lena Mildred Murphy, dau. of Martin and Mary (McHale) Murphy of Montague, born there Nov. 20, 1892. Daniel was a miller by trade, working in Lowville; but be was also a farmer, in 1941 owning and operating the home farm in West Martinsburg, which was formerly operated by his father. Children (Dening):

  1. Donald Francis Dening: Aug. 1, 1920; d. Jan. 22, 1996; m. Feb. 1945 Kathleen A. Mahoney, she b. Dec. 12, 1923; Child: Laurence Donald Dening, b. Mar. 4, 1946.
  2. Robert Edwin Dening: Dec. 1, 1921, qv.
  3. Muriel Lena Dening: Jan. 26, 1925.
  4. Richard Louis Dening: Oct. 20, 1927. He was killed when struck by a barn door during a windstorm, Jan. 14, 1950, on the Martinsburg road, about a mile from Lowville.
  5. Maurice Dening: Dec. 16, 1932 (adopted).
ROBERT EDWIN DENING [Daniel John Dening; Ida Cornelia Lee; Addison H.; George]; b. Dec. 1, 1921; d. Oct. 28 1987; m. Shirley E. Boshart, b. Oct. 19, 1925, she a daughter of Henry S.and Edith Hanno Boshart of Lowville, N.Y. Three children:
  1. Robert Edwin. Dening Jr, b. Oct. 24, 1946; m. Karen Hirschy.
  2. Dennnis Dening, b. Feb. 14, 1946; m. Denyse Voyer, b. Feb. 10, 1951. Twin boys: Darryl Dennis and Dale Joseph Dening, b. June 26, 1974.
  3. Coleen M. Dening, b. Sept. 11, 1952, Lowville, N.Y.; m. John Edward Rzepka, b. Aug. 22, 1951. Children: Gregory John Rzepka, b. July 12, 1974, and Nichole Lyn Rzepka, b. Apr. 6, 1978.
LETA HARRIS [Rosa L. Lee; Addison H.; George] born Sept. 4, 1894, in Dexter, N.Y.; m. Mar. 21, 1918 at Adams, Albert Carter of Hounsfield, son of Francis A. and Isadora (Parsons) Carter. They have lived as farmers on the old Carter homestead in Hounsfield, and she died there in October 1937. Children (Carter):
  1. Wilma: Aug. 23, 1920; m. August L. Reinhardt.
  2. Weldon: Nov. 9, 1922.
  3. son (twin to Weldon); died infancy.
MARGUERITE JONES [Olive Mabel Lee; Addison H.; George]; born at Dexter, N.Y., Oct. 6, 1896; m. Nov. 11, 1925, Dr. Earl Crysler, son of Ellington E. and Gertrude (Wenear) Crysler, of Dexter. She died at Dexter Apr. 9, 1926. No issue.

CORILLE EMIL JONES [Olive Mabel Lee; Addison H.; George]; born at Dexter, N.Y. Oct. 6, 1900; m. Sept. 27, 1924, Helen Edith Prosser of Brownville, dau. of Elmer and Charlotte (Kule) Prosser; she born Jan. 25, 1901. Corille died at Dexter Mar. 6, 1932. He was an electrical engineer and built radio sets. His wife continues to reside in Dexter, an employee in one of the paper mills there. Child (Jones):

  1. Marguerite: Apr. 9, 1926.
DOUGLAS ELTON GARDINIER [Minnie Moore Lee: Addison H.; George]; born at Herkimer, N.Y., Sept. 8, 1900; d. Hampton, Va., Aug. 7, 1974; m. (1) Shirley Luella Stroud; (2) Oct. 19, 1928, Harriet Blake of Portland, Me. She born Portland, dau. of Charles W. and Helen O. (Weeks) Blake. The father, Charles W. Blake, born Westbrook, Me., Nov. 14, 1860, was a printer in 1941; the mother, Helen Osgood Weeks, b. May 30, 1869 at Chatham, N.H., died Oct. 29, 1913. Douglas Gardinier was a 1923 graduate of Cornell University; a practicing attorney in Herkimer in 1941 Children:
  1. Blake Lee: Aug. 11, 1929; d. Mar. 22, 2002, a resident of College Park, Maryland.
  2. Douglas I.
  3. Robert E.

RUSSELL MARTIN GARDINIER [Minnie Moore Lee; Addison H.; George]; b, at Herkimer, N.Y., Feb. 9, 1905; d. May 11, 1991; m. Esther M Williamson, she b. Mar. 27, 1916, d. Jan., 1996, Ilion, N.Y. He had two years at Cornell University, graduate (1940) of Lincoln Chiropractic College; and was practicing in 1941 at New Hartford, a suburb of Utica, N.Y. 

EILEEN GARDINIER [Minnie Moore Lee; Addison H.; George]; born at Herkimer, N.Y., June 16, 1911; m. June 30, 1934, Ervin D. Klippel. He born at Ilion, N.Y., June 27, 1908, son of Irving and Katherine (Wagner) Klippel. In 1941 they were farmers in Ilion, N.Y. He died July 5, 1985. Children (Klippel):

  1. Kenneth Ervin: Aug. 2, 1936.
  2. Ardis Eileen: Aug. 14, 1939.
  3. Carol Jean: Dec. 9., 1946.
ELSIE HUNTER [Stewart Hunter; Seth Hunter; Mercy Ann Lee; George]; born at Gouverneur, N.Y., Jan. 1904; m. Jan. 1921, Charles Brookwell, of New Jersey, a travelling salesman. Children (Brookwell):
  1. Charles Jr.: Mar. 1922 at Syracuse, N.Y.
  2. Peggy: Feb. 1924 at Syracuse.
  3. Stewart: Feb. 1931, in Mass.
  4. Jack: Feb. 1932 at Roselle Park, N.Y.
  5. Elsie: March 1935 at Roselle Park.
MERYL HUNTER [Seth Hunter; Mercy Ann Lee; George]; born at Gouverneur, N.Y. Sept. 1906; m. 1928 at Syracuse, Arthur Gamlin, a native of Vermont, a travelling salesman. They have children (Gamlin):
  1. Constance: 1930 at Union, N.Y.
  2. Richard: 1932 at Union, N.Y.
ADA MATTRAW [Edna Hunter; Seth Hunter; Mercy Ann Lee; George]; born at Watertown, N.Y. Feb. 1905; m. at Rockland, Mass., Sept. 1927, George Kanbour; he born 1903. Children (Kanbour):
  1. Roger: Apr. 1, 1932 at Wilmington, Mass.
  2. Constance: July 9, 1934 at Wilmington.
  3. Edward: Dec. 19, 1935 at Wilmington.
WESLEY WHITE [Edith Hunter; Seth Hunter; Mercy Ann Lee; George]; born in Watertown, Oct. 25, 1901; died there Dec. 19, 1931; m. in Pennsylvania, 1928, Bertha Goodrow, who was born in Watertown 1900. Child (White):
  1. Shirley Edith: Feb. 29, 1929.
WINFIELD WHITE [Edith Hunter; Seth Hunter; Mercy Ann Lee; George]; born in Watertown, Aug. 23, 1910; m. 1933, Frances Fuller; she born in Watertown Jan. 9, 1914. They reside in Watertown. Children (White):
  1. Susan Ann: Apr. 29, 1934.
  2. Lyndia Frances: Mar. 21, 1940.
MARY EMELINE LEE [Jesse D; Nathan H.; Addison H., George]; born in Watertown May 5, 1910; d. Oct. 28, 1956; m. July 5, 1934, Richard Peterson Matthews; he born Watertown Oct. 5, 1907, son of A. Thomas and Fanny P. Matthews. He was a graduate of Cornell University and of the Travelers School of Insurance at Hartford, Conn., and was associated in 1941 with his father in the insurance business in Watertown. His wife was a graduate of National Park Seminary, Washington, D.C., and of the Wheelock School, Boston. She taught in Watertown in 1941. Died of cancer. Children (Matthews):
  1. Emeline Anne: Apr. 15, 1939.
  2. Thomas Lee: May 14, 1942.
MURIEL KATHRYN MORGAN [Lois W. Coates; Frances A. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born in Watertown Oct. 21, 1902; d. Aug. 5, 1993; m. June 30, 1926 John Ferguson Shanklin, born Feb. 9, 1903 at Fishers Island (off the Conn. coast near New London); died Feb. 4, 1990 at his son's home in Memphis, Tenn. He had Parkinson's disease.

Mr. Shanklin's parents were of Virginia and Ohio stock. He received a bachelor's degree in forestry at Syracuse University, then went to Washington, D.C., in 1933, worked in the Civilian Conservation Corps and for the Agriculture Department before transferring to the Interior department. He spent 35 years with Interior's outdoor recreation bureau before retiring in 1968. During his years there, he worked for the National Park Service and the office of the secretary of the interior. A forestry official, he also had supervised forest fire control and had represented the department at two World Forestry Congresses. He was the recipient Interior's highest award, its Distinguished Service Gold Medal, and the National Civil Service League's merit citation. He was the author of numerous technical works and was a fellow of the Society of American Foresters. He also was a director emeritus of the Forest History Society and a governor emeritus of the Nature Conservancy, a private, nonprofit group that promotes forest conservation. He was active in the Boy Scouts for more than 40 years and was a recipient of its Silver Beaver Award. He served on the House committee of the Cosmos Club and was a vestryman and junior warden at St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Washington.

Mrs. Shanklin was a graduate of the Crouse College of Fine Arts (Syracuse University) and studied at Corcoran Art School, Washington, D.C. Children (Shanklin):

  1. Carol Whitford: b. Sept. 11, 1927 at Syracuse, m. June 7, 1952 in the Washington National Cathederal, James Baird of Petersham, Mass.
  2. Douglas Radford: Nov. 25, 1930 at Camden, New Jersey.
HILDA LEONA MORGAN [Lois W. Coates; Frances A. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born Watertown, N.Y., June 7, 1905; m. Aug. 31, 1929, Francis A. Watts, Be was born Dec. 23, 1903, and was a life insurance executive with the Metropolitan Life and resided in Utica, N.Y. He died Nov. 3, 1971, in Burlington, Vt., and is buried in Waterville Cemetery, Waterville, N.Y. Children, all b.Utica (Watts):
  1. Peter Morgan: July 8, 1931.
  2. William Thomas: Dec. 7, 1933.
  3. Michael Maxson: June 10, 1939.
CARL WHITFORD MORGAN [Lois W. Coates; Frances A. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born in Fulton, N.Y. Mar. 20, 1918; d. Jun. 2, 2004, Syracuse, N.Y.; m. July 11, 1943 in Cambridge, Mass., Millicent Gail Colegrove, b. b: 10 July 10, 1922 in Newark, Wayne Co., N.Y., a daughter of George Wilbur and Susie Mabel (Miller) Colegrove.

Carl Morgan was a graduate of Watertown High School, and worked in his father's jewlery store in Watertown for several years. He attended Rensellaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N.Y, for three years. He was employed by General Electric in Bridgeport, Conn., until he entered the army air force in 1942. In the army he received training at the Yale University Air Corps Communications Cadet School and the Army Electronics Training Program at Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He married Millicent then in the Harvard Methodist Church. After the war he returned to G.E. until his retirement in 1983. He was a partner with his father's jewlery business until it was sold in 1957. Carl was active in genealogy and collected many updates to this book.These were incorporated in its second edition. Children, all b. Watertown (Morgan):
  1. Marcia Holly: Dec. 25, 1947.
  2. Yvonne Patricia: Aug. 28, 1950.
  3. Melinda Jean: Apr. 5, 1954.

FRANCES EUGENIE COATES [Walter John Coates; Frances A. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born at East Calais, Vermont, Oct. 4, 1909; m. at North Montpelier, Vt. June 30, 1932, Elijah Guy Norton, born in Lyndonville, Vt., May 4, 1904, son of judge Nathan A. and Viola (Robinson) Norton. At this ceremony, performed by the bride's father, she was wearing a wedding dress worn as such previously by her mother and also by her maternal grandmother in 1881. Mr. Norton was a graduate of Lyndon Institute and of the Virginia Military Institute at Lexington, Va. He was for some years an inspector in the Vermont Motor Vehicle Dept., and was associated with his father in a law office in Lyndonville until about 1940. He was in 1941 conducting an office of his own in Lyndonville. He died in Florida June 27, 1979. Frances, from 1931 to at least 1941, was an employee of the Lyndon Savings Bank. They had no children in 1941. Norton died Feb. 23, 1983, in Monroe County, Fla., and Frances died in Florida too, on Dec. 17, 2006.

FRANK ALTON GIBBS [Winnie J. Coates; Frances A. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born in Dexter, N.Y. Dec. 30, 1901; d. 1991; m. (1) 1930, at Santa Ana, Calif., Mary M. Hudspeth (divorced 1931); m. (2) 1935, at Los Angeles, Doris E. (Higgins) Wallace, born Bangor, Me., Sept. 20, 1900, dau. of Oliver and Helen G. (Soney) Higgins; m. (3) in Los Angeles, Calif., Doris Maud Forbes Carn, she born in Melbourne, Australia in 1901, and has two children by a former husband. He was repairman at the Los Angeles Central Telephone Office in 1941. No children.

FLORENCE GRAY GIBBS [Winnie J. Coates; Frances A. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born Aug. 15, 1906 in Dickinson, N. Dak.; m. Aug. 7, 1926 at Los Angeles, Earl F. Rapp; he born Bellevue, Pa. July 27, 1902, son of Matthew A. and Catherine (Holderman) Rapp. He was employed in a bank in Los Angeles in 1941. She is an excellent sculptress residing (1984) with her husband in Sonoma, Calif. Children (Rapp):

  1. Claire Marilyn: July 24, 1928, at Glendale, Calif; died 1977; m. Paul Gordon Kelso.
  2. Shirley Ann: Aug. 4, 1933 at Los Angeles.
  3. David Earl: Sept. 17, 1937 at Los Angeles.
  4. John Stephen : Dec. 14, 1945 at Los Angeles.
MILDRED GIBBS [Winnie J. Coates; Frances A. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born in Dickinson, N. Dak. Aug. 12, 1908; m. July 6, 1928 at Los Angeles, William R. Cox, born Chanute, Kans., Apr. 2, 1904. They lived in Los Angeles where be was employed as an automobile machinist. She died in 1986. Children (Cox):
  1. Barbara Gale: May 24, 1929.
  2. Alta Joanna: Dec. 30, 1931.
  3. William Robert: Nov. 18, 1934.
  4. Charles Gibbs: Jan. 16, 1937.
  5. Mildred Lois: Sept. 16, 1938.
  6. Carol Jane: Dec. 20, 1939.
EDITH MAY COOKSLEY [Olive M. Coates; Frances A. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born Seattle, Wash., April 15, 1909; m. at Watertown, N.Y. Oct. 14, 1936, Donald Henderson of Watertown, son of Harry and Eva (Sanford) Henderson; he born Dec. 28, 1913 at Shehawken, Pa. In 1941, he worked for the Ontario Specialties Co., in Watertown, and she was a typist and stenographer in the same city. In 1961 they moved to Santa Monica, Califirnia. Edith Henderson died there June 30, 1980, and Donald also in 1987. Child (Henderson):
  1. Donna Marie: Feb. 2, 1938, Watertown. Child:
    1. Stacey Marie Henderson: Nov. 9, 1969, Santa Monica, Calif.; d. Mar. 2, 2006, Terre Haute, Ind.
SHIRLEY ARLENE HARTMAN: [Olive M. Coates; Frances A. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born in Watertown, N.Y. May 30, 1922; m. Mar. 31, 1940, Royal Bernard LaMora of Gouverneur, N.Y. Both are graduates of Watertown High School. He was born Sept. 19, 1919, was an artist, and painted a mural for the Remington Institute in Watertown. She was employed in Woolworth's Store there. In 1952 they moved to Los Angeles, Calif. He died in California Aug. 11, 1984. In 1990 she moved to Tigard, Ore. She died in Tigard, Mar. 1, 2010. Children (LaMora):
  1. Penelope Anne: Jan. 20, 1941, Watertown, N.Y.; m. Apr. 13, 1960 in Las Vegas, Nev., Dorsey Barnes Drane, he born July 4, 1940, Los Angeles, Calif. Dorsey worked with computers, usually as a software engineer. In 1969 they moved to the Portland, Ore. area. In 1999, work took them to Round Rock, TX. Dorsey retired there in 2004, and they settled in Silverton, Ore., in 2007. Children (Drane):
    1. Sharley Beth: Dec. 20, 1960, in Aurora, Ill.; m. June 30, 1979 in Vancouver, Wash., David Curtis LaMora, he b. June 27, 1956, Carthage, N.Y.
    2. Walter Hugh (V): Apr. 2, 1963, in Santa Monica, Calif.; m. July, 29, 1987, in Corvallis, Ore., Bettina Hönig, she b. Jan. 27, 1967, Buchloe, Germany. Children (Drane):
      1. Walter Hugh (VI): Feb. 20, 1994, Garden Grove, Calif.
      2. Dylan Baily: Mar. 29, 1995, Redwood City, Calif.
  2. Nicolette Yvonne: Nov. 16, 1942, Watertown, N.Y.; m. Dec. 23, 1960 in Denver, Colo., Don Buster Wiles, he born Nov. 25, 1939, Los Angeles, Calif. In 1990 she moved to Tigard, Ore. Children (Wiles):
    1. Thor Nicholas: Sept. 22, 1961, George Air Force Base, San Bernardino Co., Calif.
    2. Donelle Colette: Apr. 5, 1968; m. May 29, 1994 in Tigard, Ore., Daniel Bridges Rodriguez, Jr., he b. Mar. 17, 1958 in Eagle Pass, Tex.

DONALD CHARLES WRIGHT [Benjamin (Coates) Wright; Frances A. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born at Black River, N.Y. Feb. 27, 1914. In 1940 he was employed in a general store at Black River. On July 21, 1941, he married Gwendolyn Stevens. In 1944, Don Wright was killed in an airplane crash in Burma, while serving in the army in WW-II.

RICHARD H. WRIGHT [Benjamin (Coates) Wright; Frances A. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born at Black River, N.Y. Dec. 2, 1915; m. (1) Nov. 11, 1937, Alice L. Turner of Schenectady, N.Y. She born Schenectady, and died there Feb. 10, 1939 of pneumonia. One child (unborn) died with the mother. Richard was employed in 1940 as a ticket agent of the Delaware & Hudson R. R. in New York City. On Oct. 7, 1941, in Richmond Hill, N.Y., he m. (2) Adyne Mary Pridham, she b. Nov. 9, 1917, in Brooklyn. Richard served as an army Captain in World War II. Adyne died July 17, 1970, and Richard died Nov. 3, 1979. They are buried together in Section 2P, Site 4990, in the Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, Suffolk County, N.Y. They had three children:

  1. Adyne Mary: Sept. 17, 1943, Jamica, Queens County, New York; d. June 26, 2008, Philadelphia.
  2. Richard Donald: 21 Mar. 21, 1949, Queens, Queens County, New York.
  3. Gary Alan: July 18, 1952, Mineola, Nassau County, New York.

HORACE H. GILMORE [Orville H. Gilmore; Alice J. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born at Dexter, N.Y. Apr. 26, 1903; m. July 30, 1932, Helen O. Barsden of Leonia, N.J., born there May 10, 1904.

ORMEL GILMORE [Robert Gilmore, Alice J. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born at Chaumont, N.Y. Oct. 29, 1907; m. Evelyn Hawes of Rochester, N.Y.

WALTER JOHN LEE [Walter E.; Gertrude H.: Addison H.: George]: born in Hounsfield, N.Y. April 17, 1916; m. Pearl Amelia Hall, of Geneva, N.Y., born there Sept. 28, 1917. In World War II, on Aug. 31, 1943, he was a Flight Engineer and one of nine crew members killed when U.S. Army Air Corps B-17F Flying Fortress #42-5451 caught fire and crashed two miles northeast of the Kearny airbase, in Nebraska. Children (Lee):

  1. Robert Edwin: May 29, 1937, Hounsfield.
  2. Janet Ruth: Feb. 27, 1940, Watertown.
  3. Joan Marie: July 25, 1942, Watertown.
WILMA CARTER [Leta Harris; Rosa L. Lee; Addison H.; George]; born at Carter's Corners in Hounsfield, N.Y., Aug. 23, 1920; m. August L. Reinhardt, born 1911 in Herkimer Co. N.Y. Child (Reinhardt):
  1. Sharry Ann: Dec. 3, 1940.
GORDON DENING BOUTWELL [Ethel R. Dening; Ida Cornelia Lee; Addison H.; George]; born at Barnes Corners, Lewis Co., N.Y., Sept. 21, 1911; m. July 11, 1934, Erma Geraldine Meiss, dau. of M. Ray and Jessie (Adams) Meiss of Turin, N.Y. She born Glenfield, N.Y. Sept. 16, 1913. In 1941 they were owners of a farm near Lowville, N.Y., on the road leading to Denmark. Mr. Boutwell was also a machinist by trade. He died Nov. 2, 1986. Children (Boutwell):
  1. Harry Ray: Mar. 4, 1935, Lowville; m. Nancy Powers, she b. Feb. 11, 1938; He d. Feb. 15, 1996. Children (Boutwell):
    1. Colleen: Oct. 23, 1957; m. Mark Braxton (Divorced). Children (Braxton):
      1. Nicholas: Dec. 8, 1979.
      2. Jennifer: May 7, 1984.
    2. Karen: July 3, 1961; m. (1) Mark Moffett (Divorced). Children (Moffett):
      1. Stephanie: Nov. 6, 1984.
      2. Zachary: Mar. 30, 1987.
      Karen Boutwell m. (2) Clint Goodwin, b. Dec. 20, 1960.
    3. Robin: Nov. 5, 1962; m. Steve Davidson, he b. Sept. 15, 1964. Children (Davidson):
      1. Taylor: June 23, 1993.
      2. Jacob: Oct. 2, 1996.
  2. Virginia Ann: Aug. 13, 1936, Lowville; m. Frederick M. Hoage, he b. Mar. 20, 1935, d. Dec. 9, 2006. Children (Hoage):
    1. Michael: July 1965, d. July 1965.
    2. Lori: Dec. 3, 1957; m. 1979 Tim Lyon, he b. Nov. 27, 1959. Child (Lyon):
      1. Elizabeth: Dec. 10, 1981.
    3. Christine: Nov. 11, 1959.
    4. Tracy: June 19, 1962. Child (Hoage):
      1. Lindsay: Dec. 30, 1984.
    5. John: June 25, 1963; m. (1) Tracy VanLeuven (Divorced). Child (Hoage):
      1. Brittany: Sept. 20, 1986.
      John Hoage m. (2) Theresa Canaan, she b. Mar. 24, 1965. Child (Hoage):
      1. Jonathan: June 26, 1999.
  3. David Gordon: Nov. 7, 1940, Lowville. He m. (1) Susan Peebles (Divorced). Child (Boutwell):
    1. Tammy Sue: Nov. 30, 1962; m. April 4, 1992, Tommy Rogers, he b. Wilmington, N.C. Children (Rogers):
      1. Edward Turner: Dec. 23, 1995.
      2. Noah: Jan. 27, 2000.
    David m. (2) Linda Murray (Divorced). Children (Boutwell):
    1. Everett Cleveland: June 22, 1961; m. Lori Simone Bunting, she b. June 29, 1962. Children (Boutwell):
      1. Tessa Jules: Mar. 18, 1995.
      2. Griffin Pierce: Mar. 23, 1998.
    2. David Ryan: April 16, 1979; m. Hillary Dyson Smith, she b. Sept. 28, 1983.
    David m. (3) Susan Bryson Mann (née Bryson) on July 17, 1993, she b. July 23, 1959.
  4. Lansing Wayne Boutwell: May 29, 1942, Lowville; m. Judith Ann Benedict, she b. Dec. 1, 1944. Children (Boutwell):
    1. Jeffrey: Dec. 25, 1965; m. Kathleen Ann Schulz, she b. June 19, 1959. Children (Boutwell):
      1. Ashley: June 27, 1988.
      2. Meghan Anne: June 12, 1990.
      3. Stormy Elizabeth: Jan. 12, 1994.
    2. Sherry Lynn: Jan. 26, 1968; m. Rodney Alan Garrett, he b. Nov. 13, 1966. Children (Garrett):
      1. Miles Anthony: July 25, 1997.
      2. Morgan Lynn: June 2, 2000.
NEVA ROSE BOUTWELL [Ethel R. Dening; Ida Cornelia Lee; Addison H.; George]; born July 25, 1920, at Carthage, N.Y., She graduated from Lowville Academy (1936) and did secretarial work in a law office there. On May 27, 1943, she married Richard E. Jones, he b. Mar. 5, 1920; d. Dec. 30, 2009. Children (Jones):
  1. Linda Mary: Aug. 19, 1944; m. Mar. 25, 1967, Duwayne Wilber, he b. Mar. 29, 1944, Chittenango, N.Y., d. July 1, 2002. Children (Wilber):
    1. Bradley Edward.
    2. Matthew James: Sept. 4, 1974; m. Sept. 27, 1997, Heather Schumacher, she b. Clarence, N.Y. Children (Wilber):
      1. Lucas Matthew: Apr. 24, 2002.
      2. Connor DuWayne: Feb. 24, 2004.
      3. Aidan Alexander: Dec. 9, 2005.
      4. Declan Eire: July 11, 2008.
  2. Marjorie Lee: July 18, 1947, d. Dec. 31, 2005; m. Richard C. Mills, he b. Oct. 7, 1967, Penn Yan, N.Y. Children (Mills):
    1. Jason Charles: Mar. 26, 1975; m. June 14, 2003, Ida Hunn, she b. Rochester, N.Y.
    2. Scott Andrew: May 20, 1978; m. Aug. 23, 2008, Caitlyn Pryde.
  3. Deborah Marie: Sept. 27, 1955; m. Oct. 5, 1974, Stephen Burrows, he b. Ogdensburg, N.Y. Child (Burrows):
    1. Timothy Rees: Nov. 12, 1981.

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The Baker Family

GEORGE BAKER, an immigrant from Ireland, emigrated to America and settled first at Killingly, Conn., moving thence possibly to Pownal, Vermont, and about 1798 to Deerfield, Oneida Co., (now North Utica) N.Y. He was born 1731; died ca. 1811, probably at Deerfield. His wife's name is not known. Among his children were:

  1. Nathan: ca. 1758; m. Abigail Westcott.
  2. Hannah: (1771-1860); m. Gardner Westcott Jr. (1770-1853) and had 8 children: Elisha; Johnson m. Arah Nevins; Gardner 3d m. Mary Ann _____; Laura m. Daniel Spencer; Sophia m. Hiram Burton; Hannah, unmarried; Sally m. Joel Knight; Axey.
  3. Susannah: (1781-after 1860); m. Palmer Westcott (1775-after 1850). Had 5 children; Aruna m. Polly Carley; Palmer m. Mary _____; Shubal m. Clarissa Fields; Huldah m. Garrett B. Read; Hannah m. T. Jackson. Palmer Westcott served in the War of 1812; was Captain 1815 of the 108th N.Y. Infantry. He lived in Field's Settlement, Hounsfield.
NATHAN BAKER [George]; born probably near Killingly, Conn., ca. 1758; m. Abigail Westcott, dau. of Gardner and Mary (Knight) Westcott of Cranston, R.I. who settled near Camps Mills (Hounsfield), Jefferson County, N.Y. in 1805, coming from Deerfield, Oneida County. Abigail was born at Cranston June 1764, and died in Hounsfield later than 1825. Nathan died May 4, 1819 in Hounsfield. Haddock's History of Jefferson County (1895) p. 586, says: "Nathan Baker was among the early comers (in Hounsfield) locating some time previous to 1807 near the South line of the town." His widow was listed (census of 1825) as head of a family (2 males, 1 female) and with 20 acres of land. Nathan Baker was a private in the Connecticut Continental Line, in the Revolutionary War, being pensioned, Act of 1819, as a resident of Jefferson County, N.Y. {16} Nathan Baker of Cheshire, Mass. (he lived there briefly before he came to Deerfield) was on the muster roll June 23, 1778 of "nine months men" mustered for the State of Massachusetts, town of Marlborough in Cheshire County. {17} Children, order uncertain:
  1. Mahala: m. (1) Nicholas Douglas; (2) _____ Parmenter.
  2. Lucy: July 17, 1793; m. Samuel Holloway. He born Plattsburg, N.Y. 1786, and settled in Hounsfield. Served in War of 1812. Had children: Marinda, William, Chloe, Nathan, Fanny, Phoebe, Samuel, Lucy, Caroline, Lydia, Martha, Mary, Daniel, Stephen.
  3. daughter; m. _____ Owens.
  4. George: head of family in Hounsfield 1825.
  5. Olive: Sept. 24, 1799; m. George Lee.
  6. John: (1803-80); m. Rocksena Weed (1803-1891)-see below.
  7. Freeborn: 1805; m. Julia Ann _____
  8. Vincent:
  9. Nathan Jr.: (1816-67); m. Angeline Spaulding-see below.
JOHN BAKER {18} [Nathan; George]; born 1803 in Deerfield, N.Y; died at Stowells Corners, Hounsfield, Dec. 3, 1880; m. Rocksena Weed (Roccena on tombstone); she born at Sodus, Wayne Co., N.Y., Jan. 22, 1803 and died Nov. 1, 1891. Both buried in Sulphur Springs cemetery, Hounsfield. In 1827 John Baker bought of Elisha Camp 55 acres of land in Hounsfield. {19} His children (order of birth uncertain):
  1. Jefferson: (1830-1899).
  2. Orville W.: 1827; died Hounsfield 1880; m. Olive Read of Sackets Harbor who died in 1891. He was a teacher, farmer, justice of the peace 14 years, railroad commissioner of Hounsfield.
  3. Edwin R.: 1829; died Nov. 2, 1854.
  4. Chloe A.: 1832; m. Alfred T. Dorchester, as a second wife (his first was Susan Grow, b. 1821, d. 1852). He was a son of Alex. and Anna Dorchester-- being listed June 1, 1840 as a widow, pensioner for her husband's service in the Revolutionary War. Alfred T. and Susan had: Clarissa, Hooker and perhaps others. Alfred T. and Chloe had: Edwin; Delia (unmarried); and Sarah who m. Erskine J. Gilmore of Hounsfield, and had one child, Edna Marjorie.
  5. Zilpha A.: 1835.
  6. Sarah D.: 1837; m. _____ Maxson.
  7. Lucy F.: 1839; m. _____ Reed.
  8. Maria: 1841; probably unmarried.
NATHAN BAKER Jr. [Nathan; George]; born ca. 1816; died Hounsfield 1867; m. 1841 Angeline Spaulding; she born at Burrville, town of Rutland, Jefferson County, March 19, 1822; died at Watertown, N.Y. Oct. 19, 1907; daughter of Evander and Betsey (Van Hooser) Spaulding. Evander was son of Uriah and Eliza (Adams) Spaulding who came to Rutland in 1801 from Oneida Co. Evander settled in Hounsfield 1826; was a veteran of 1812. After Nathan's death, Evangeline [sic] moved from Hounsfield to Pillar Point and seven years later (1878) to Watertown. She was buried at Dexter. Her sister, Hannahetta, married Washington Lee. Children (order uncertain), all born in Hounsfield:
  1. George F.
  2. Herbert R.; m. Ida Baker.
  3. Henry E.: 1863; died at Huling, China, Aug. 1940. He lived in Watertown with his mother until her death; then to China as construction engineer. He built paper-mills, hospitals, schools, churches, spending 31 years in the Orient. Unmarried.
  4. William T.: died 1877; veteran of Civil War.
  5. Nathan E.: m. Hattie Williams. He was a farmer on Pillar Point, veteran of the Civil War; died 1867 in Hounsfield.
  6. Adelbert: died 1863.

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The Westcott Family {20}

All descendants of George and Olive (Baker) Lee of Hounsfield, N.Y. are also descendants of STUKELEY WESTCOTT, one of the associates of Roger Williams, founder of Providence Plantations (Rhode Island Colony), father of religious freedom and toleration in America, and pioneer organizer of the American Baptist Church.

STUKELEY WESTCOTT, born in Somersetshire, England in 1592, and his wife Rosanna (Hill), arrived at Salem, Mass., June 24, 1635, with their six children, all of whom grew to maturity, and left issue. He was recorded as a freeman in Salem the following year, but in 1638 was exiled from the Colony (along with others) {21} because of his nonconforming faith. That same year he appears as "one of the original proprietors" of the Colony of Providence Plantations. His name was first on the list of twelve who received deeds of Roger Williams to wild lands granted by Miantonomah, the Indian Sachem. He thus became one of the founders of Rhode Island. In 1643 he located permanently at Warwick, R.I. He figured large in the subsequent history of the Colony-was Commissioner of R.I., 1651; surveyor of highways, 1652 onward; Deputy to the General Court, 1651, 2, 6, 60 and 71; General Assistant in the Governor's Council, 1653, and held many other important offices. In 1648 he and a few others founded the Six Principle Baptist Church in Warwick. He died at the home of his grandson in Portsmouth Jan. 12, 1677. Children:

  1. Damaris: died 1678; m. 1640 Benedict Arnold of Providence. Had nine children. The family was prominent in R.I. politics.
  2. Robert: died 1676; m. Catherine _____ and had Catherine, Zerobabel, Robert, Dinah, Mary, and Samuel.
  3. Amos, 1631-85; m. (1) Sarah Stafford and had one child; (2) Deborah Stafford and had Solomon. Sarah, Penelope, Mercy, Luranah.
  4. Stukeley:
  5. Mercy: m. Samuel Stafford. She died 1700.
  6. Samuel:
  7. Josiah:
  8. William:
  9. Benjamin:
  10. Jeremiah (Jeremy): about 1633; m. July 27, 1665, Eleanor (or Ellen) England. {22}
JEREMIAH WESTCOTT [Stukeley]; born 1633 at Yeovel, Somersetshire, England; died at Warwick R.I. 1686. He married July 27, 1665, Eleanor England, dau. of William and Elizabeth of Portsmouth, who was born 1644 and died later than Feb. 2, 1691 at Warwick. Jeremy was a town officer in Warwick, 1664; freeman, 1672; lived on a farm there; died without making a will. The town fathers made one for him (as was a custom in those days). He left children:
  1. Jeremiah: Oct. 7, 1666; m. Mary Warner.
  2. Eleanor: Oct. 20, 1659.
  3. Paris: died 1673, age 3.
  4. Stukeley: Oct. 15, 1672; died 1736.
  5. Josiah: m. 1701, Hannah Gardiner.
  6. Samuel: ca. 1678; m. Freelove Fenner.
  7. William:
  8. Benjamin: died Providence, 1738.
JOSIAH WESTCOTT [Jeremiah; Stukeley]; born Dec. 2, 1675 in Old Warwick, R.I.; died Nov. 11, 1721 in Cranston, R.I. He married Jan. 1, 1701, Hannah Gardiner, dau. of George and Tabitha (Tefft) Gardiner of Kingstown, R.I. After Josiah's death she mar. Thomas Burlingame. Josiah (a religious person) was a surveyor, and owned and operated a sawmill in Warwick. He was styled 'Captain'-probably because of service in the early Indian wars. Children:
  1. Nicholas:
  2. Tabitha:
  3. Josiah: m. (1) Frances Clark; (2) Mary Collins, both of Providence.
  4. Nathan:
  5. Damaris:
  6. Caleb: Dec. 6, 1716; m. Hannah Gardiner.
  7. Hannah:
  8. Oliver:
  9. Hannah:
CALEB WESTCOTT [Josiah; Jeremiah; Stukeley]; born in Old Warwick, R.I. Dec. 6, 1716; date of death unknown; m. May 27, 1739 Hannah Gardiner, dau. of John and Mary Gardiner of South Kingstown, she born there Apr. 22, 1723. Caleb was a carpenter by trade, living in Kingstown, R.I. Child (one only):
  1. Gardner: Sept. 1, 1744; m. Mary Knight.
GARDNER WESTCOTT [Caleb; Josiah; Jeremiah; Stukeley]; born Sept. 1, 1744 (perhaps in Kingstown; possibly in Johnston) R.I; m. Mar. 25, 1764, at Johnstown, Mary Knight, dau. of John and Mary (or Freelove) Knight of Cranston. He was a farmer in Cranston, but about 1791 emigrated northwestward to Cheshire, Berkshire Co., Mass. He soon removed westward again, and located for several years at Deerfield, Oneida Co., N.Y. Some of his children were born here, and some in Cheshire. In January 1805 be moved to the unsettled lands near Black River Bay and, with his sons Caleb, Palmer, John, Shubal and Gardner Jr.- and his son-in-law Nathan Baker-settled in Hounsfield town, Jefferson County. He died in Hounsfield Mar. 23, 1808. Mary his wife probably died in Deerfield. Children:
  1. Abigail: June 1764; m. Nathan Baker.
  2. Sarah: 1766; m. Elisha Eaton.
  3. Caleb: 1768; m. Eunice Nelson.
  4. Gardner Jr.: Sept. 1770; m. Hannah Baker.
  5. Mary: May 29, 1773; m. Ozni Stoell.
  6. Palmer: June 16, 1775; m. Susannah Baker.
  7. John: Oct. 8, 1776; m. Hannah Tibbetts.
  8. Hannah: m. William Galloway.
  9. Shubal: 1783; m. Nancy Rice.
  10. Daniel: listed in Brownville in census 1825, family 3 males, 4 females.
  11. Henry: nothing known of him.
CALEB WESTCOTT (of Gardner and Mary): born 1768, probably at Cranston, R.I.; died Sackets Harbor; m; Eunice Nelson of Deerfield, N.Y. Settled in Deerfield about 1793. To Hounsfield about 1805. He assisted Gen. Jacob Brown to rally about 100 militia men to reinforce those at Sackets Harbor, May 1813. He was Lieut. in Capt. Jabez Foster's company, Lt. Col. Abijah Putnam's Jefferson County regt., 1807. In 1811 be was commissioned Lieut. in Capt. John Adams' company, Lieut.-Col. Gershom Tuttle's regiment, and served through the war. His children were: Nathan, Mercy, Charlotte, James, Gardner, Giles, Lovina, Nelson, Mary, Caleb Jr.

GARDNER WESTCOTT Jr. (of Gardner and Mary) born in Cranston, R.I. Sept. 18, 1770; died in Hounsfield N.Y. Aug. 26, 1853; m. Hannah Baker (of George). She was born 1771, and died in Hounsfield Apr. 15, 1860. They had children: Elisha; Johnson m. Adah Nevins; Gardner 3d m. Mary Ann _____; Laura m. Daniel Spencer; Sophia m. Hiram Burton; Hannah, umn.; Sally m. Joel Knight (son of Joel and Hannah Ayres Knight); Axey, lived in Oneida Co.

MARY WESTCOTT (of Gardner and Mary); born May 29, 1773; died at Stowells Corners, Hounsfield, June 21, 1815; m. Ozni Stoell (Stowell); he born at Willington, Conn. Feb, 29, 1772, son of Samuel [David, Samuel] Stoell. He died at Cape Vincent, N.Y. May 12, 1845. Ozni went, in early childhood, to Vermont; removed to the Mohawk Valley (Deerfield); and came to Jefferson County (Hounsfield) in 1805. At Stowells Corners (named after him) he settled, living in Hounsfield until Mary's death, an innkeeper and farmer. He was in the Battle of Sackets Harbor. About 1816 he removed to Cape Vincent. Mary was buried at Stowells Corners. They had children: Freelove, Feb. 7, 1794; Sabra, May 6, 1795; William and Polly, twins, Feb. 1, 1797 (Polly m. Baker Massey); John, Nov. 14, 1798; Hannah, Oct. 9, 1800; Abigail, July 14, 1802, m. Merrick Bates; Roxanna, Mar. 26, 1804, m. Caleb Blodgett; Ozni Jr., Mar. 22, 1806; Shubal Westcott, Aug. 4, 1809; Sally M., Nov. 27, 1811; and Rebecca, Dec. 25, 1813, m. Joseph M. Simmons.

PALMER WESTCOTT (of Gardner and Mary) was born June 16, 1775 probably at Cranston R.I. He married Susannah Baker (of George), born in Cheshire, Mass. 1781; died in Hounsfield later than 1860. He died a few years previous to that date. In 1815 he bought land in Hounsfield of Elisha Camp-54 acres on Great Lot No. 13. He was a farmer and manufacturer of potash; served in the War of 1812; was commissioned Captain 1815 of the 108th infantry, a Jefferson County regiment; resigned 1818. His children:

  1. Huldah: 1802; m. Garrett B. Read, born in Mass. June 29, 1798, died Hounsfield May 13, 1867. She died Dec. 9, 1867; buried at Sulphur Springs. They had children: Willard; William; Stephen; Olive (m. Orville W. Baker); Marcellus; Eunice; Sarah (m. William Graham); Samuel; Whitley; George.
  2. Aruna: 1809; m. Polly Carley, born Lewis County 1804, died after 1865. Had 4 children. She m. (2) Anson Beardsley.
  3. Palmer Jr.: 1811; a sailor; twice married. He lived for some years in Michigan. Returned to Hounsfield 1843.
  4. Shubal: 1816; m. Clarissa Fields, born 1814. She died Mar. 25, 1896. In 1850 he was a constable in Hounsfield. Children: Huron; Althena.
[There may have been other children]

JOHN WESTCOTT (of Gardner and Mary); born Oct. 8, 1776; died at Rome, N.Y. Oct. 12, 1847. He married Hannah Tibbetts, dau. of Jonathan and Ase (Tiffany) Tibbetts; she born Sept. 27, 1774; died Apr. 5, 1847. Children: Horace, Feb. 5, 1801; Sally, Apr. 27, 1803; Hannah, Nov. 25, 1805; John Gardner, Mar. 3, 1807; Mary Ann, Nov. 3, 1811; and Julia Ann (twin to Mary).

HANNAH WESTCOTT (of Gardner and Mary), b. Cheshire, Mass.; m. William Galloway who died in Hounsfield at age 68. He was a real estate dealer, coming to town about 1800 from Massachusetts. They had ten children.

SHUBAL WESTCOTT (of Gardner and Mary) was born 1783, and died in Hounsfield, N.Y. May 12, 1836. He married Nancy Rice, born 1794, died Aug. 6, 1881, and buried at Sulphur Springs' cemetery in Hounsfield. He was 1st Lieut. in the N.Y. State Artillery, Capt. Elisha Camp's Co., Lieut.-Col. Bellinger's regt. He began service at Sackets Harbor June 28, and ended it July 28, 1812. He was also in service Sept. 9 to 27, 1812 in the same Company. His widow, Nancy, married July 4, 1841, Dyer Read. Children: Alfred, Orvis, Jane, Betsey, Wealthy.

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The Knight Family

All descendants of George and Olive (Baker) Lee are also descendants, through Mary (Knight) Westcott, of the Richard Knight Family.

RICHARD KNIGHT (immigrant ancestor) was of Romsey, England, and came to America April 1635 on the ship JAMES, of Hampton, from London. He was a tailor by trade, and took the freeman's oath at Boston May 25, 1636. Four years later he was at Hampton (N.H.), being an original grantee of that town. In 1648 we find him in Newport, R.I., buying 42 acres of land of James Rogers at Newport. That same year he married Sarah Rogers (dau. of the aforesaid James and his wife Mary). He apparently was a man of prominence, for in 1649 he was appointed General Sergeant to the General Assembly of the Colony, a position to which he was reappointed continuously till 1661. In 1653 he was one of the two men sent by the General Court to Governor Coddington, to demand of him "ye statute book and book of records." In 1656 he was appointed on a special committee of appraisers by the R.I. Court. On Jan. 19th, 1664 he and Henry Hall bought of Cogamaqueant, prince of the Narragansetts, a piece of land two miles square in Narragansett County (East Greenwich). His will, dated Feb. 8, 1648 entails his lands to his wife Sarah and to "my eldest Son, and in case we have no son, to my eldest daughter. . . to avoid strife, because my Sonne in Old England shall have nothing to doe herein, nor have any Right to any land of Mine in New England." {23} He died 1680. She died later than 1685. Richard Knight was a soldier in King Philip's War under Capt. Wm Turner, Apr. 24, 1676. {24} Children:

  1. John (referred to as Capt.); m. Anne _____.
  2. Capt. Jonathan; died June 25, 1717; of Warwick; m. Hannah _____.
  3. David: m. 1692 Sarah Backus. He died 1744 at Norwich, Conn.
JOHN KNIGHT [Richard]; birth date unknown; died at Norwich, Conn. previous to 1711. He m. Anne _____ who died Jan. 11, 1701/2 at Providence, R.I. This John was of East Greenwich, R.I. On Oct. 22, 1680 John's mother Sarah obtained a settlement of her husband's estate and in 1683 she deeded her eldest son John Knight certain property at East Greenwich. This same property, a "house and 100 acres," he sold 1688-and in 1693 we find him in Canterbury, Conn. He had previously been for a time in Norwich. In 1711 he appealed to the R.I. General Assembly (and thru them to the Court of Great Britain) for certain land grants made previously to his father. In the records he is described as "late of Norwich, now deceased." Children:
  1. John: m. Eleanor Stafford who died in 1771. He died 1775 at Providence, R.I.
  2. Capt. Richard: 1680; m. Deliverance Ralph.
  3. Anne: died 1684, East Greenwich, R.I.
  4. Abigail: bapt. Preston, Conn., 1702.
  5. Samuel: m. Mary Ransom; lived at Colchester, Conn.
  6. Sarah: m. Enos Randall; lived Colchester.
CAPT. RICHARD KNIGHT [John; Richard]; born ca. 1680; died at Providence, R.I. May 15, 1754. He married ca. 1715 Deliverance Ralph [youngest of 8 children of Samuel and Mary (Stone) Ralph] who died in Cranston, R.I. May 8, 1758. Capt. Richard was a carpenter by trade; bought land in Cranston 1717; a freeman there 1720; and he and Deliverance sold land there Mar. 11, 1724. He was a Captain in the Colonial Militia. Deliverance Knight left a will Oct. 3, 1756 which names John Knight, David, Thomas and Capt. Richard Knight, sons, and Anne Edwards, Deliverance Mason, _____ Taylor, daughters; also a granddaughter Elizabeth Dyer. Children:
  1. John: 1718; m. Freelove (or Mary) _____.
  2. (daughter): 1720; m. _____ Dyer.
  3. Richard: 1725; m. Mary Waterman.
  4. David: 1727; m. Polly _____.
  5. Thomas: 1730; m. Oct. 22, 1757, at Rehoboth, Mass., Lydia Baker.
  6. Deliverance: 1731; m. Isaac Mason.
  7. Keziah: 1732; m. Benjamin Taylor.
  8. Anne: 1733; m. prev. to 1758 _____ Edwards.
JOHN KNIGHT [Capt. Richard; John; Richard] born 1718 probably at Cranston, R.I.; died in Herkimer County, N.Y. between 1790 and 1800. He m. Freelove (or Mary). {25} There is little of record concerning this family except the will of a son, John Knight of Cranston probated July 14, 1772 which names his father, mother, brothers and a wife Freelove (Tefft). Mrs. Burton Ashley Crane an authority on the Knight genealogy (who died 1933) says that this family apparently went to Herkimer Co., N.Y. In the 1790 census a John Knight was head of a family (1-0-1) and lived near Gardner Westcott in that county. He had apparently come there from Killingly, Conn., and was probably the same John Knight, of Killingly who in 1781 petitioned the Vermont General Assembly for a township in Vermont "where it shall be most convenient." {26} Children (possibly others):
  1. John: m. Scituate, R.I., Apr. 16, 1767 Freelove Tefft. He died July 14, 1772. She survived him. No issue.
  2. William: died probably ca. 1776. Letters of administration to Phoebe, widow of William Knight, late of Cranston, R.I.
  3. Joseph: living 1772. He might be the Joseph Knight who died Herkimer Co., N.Y. 1815.
  4. Jesse: living 1772; had wife Rhoda. Bought land in Killingly, Conn 1777, of John Knight his father.
  5. Mary: born in Cranston, R.I.; m. Mar. 25, 1764, at Johnston, R.I., Gardner Westcott

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The Amanda Rust Line {27}

HENRY RUST of Norfolk County, England, settled in America, at Hingham, Mass., between 1633 and 1635. He probably married after his arrival in New England, but the name of his wife is unknown. His will was probated 1684/5 at Boston. In June 1635 he was allotted 2 acres of land "on Weary-All-Hill, on the north side, coming to the sea." {28} March 5, 1637 he received 1 acre of meadow and 5 acres of upland from the Hingham town fathers, and was appointed land agent for the town. That same year he received from the town 14 acres additional land. In 1645 he was appointed "for ye recording of births and buruals in Hingham." March 31, 1651 he was admitted a "freeman" (voter) in Boston. And in March 1652 he purchased property in Boston.

Henry Rust was a glover by trade, but became proprietor of the "Seven Star Inn" in Boston.

Children, born Hingham:

  1. Samuel: bap. Aug. 5, 1638; m. Elizabeth Rogers.
  2. Nathaniel: bap. Feb. 2, 1639; m. Mary Wardell.
  3. Hannah: bap. Nov. 7, 1641; m. Robert Earle.
  4. Israel: bap. Nov. 12, 1642; m. Rebecca Clark.
  5. Benjamin: bap. Apr. 5, 1656.
  6. Benoni: died Oct. 16, 1649.
ISRAEL RUST [Henry]; bap. in Hingham Nov. 12, 1643; died at Northampton, Mass., Nov. 11, 1712. He married at Northampton Dec. 9, 1669, Rebecca Clark, dau. of William. She died Feb. 8, 1733 at Northampton. On Dec. 8, 1678 be took the oath of allegiance at Northampton, and Mar. 30, 1690 he took the freeman's oath there. At the settlement of his estate Dec. 6, 1712, his widow received her one-third of the real estate, which she administered. Value of his estate was 280 pounds, 9s, 6d. He had 8 acres of meadow, a wood-lot and a share in the outland common; also a homestead. Children, born Northampton:
  1. (son) b. & d. 1670.
  2. Nathaniel: Nov. 17, 1671; m. Mercy Atchinson.
  3. Samuel: Aug. 6, 1673; died 1701, unm.
  4. Sarah: May 29, 1675; m. Samuel Allen, deacon in Jonathan Edward's church.
  5. Israel: July 15, 1679; m. Sarah North.
  6. JONATHAN: June 11, 1691; m. (1) Elizabeth Allen; (2) Anna Lyman.
  7. Rebecca: ca. 1683; m. Robert Danks, Jr.
  8. John: ca. 1685; to Westfield, Mass.; then to Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
JONATHAN RUST [Israel; Henry]; born Northampton, Mass., June 11, 1681; died there Jan. 10, 1774; m. (1) Nov. 3, 1704, Elizabeth Allen, the widow of Joseph of Northampton. She died Dec. 4, 1706, and he m. (2) Anna Lyman, widow of Moses Lyman. She died Aug. 15, 1759. Children (1st by Elizabeth; others by Anna):
  1. Jonathan: Sept. 11, 1705; died ca. 1755.
  2. Hannah: ca. 1709; m. 1726 John Bill.
  3. DANIEL: ca. 1711; m. Elizabeth Williams.
DANIEL RUST [Jonathan; Israel; Henry]; born about 1711 at Northampton, Mass.; m. Dec. 9, 1736 at Stonington, Conn., Elizabeth Williams. He served as Ensign in the 1st Co., 4th Regt. Connecticut Colonial Troops, Capt. Eleazer Fitch, in response to the call for 5000 men for service in Canada, 1760-French and Indian War. He had children, born Stonington:
  1. Daniel: Oct. 7, 1737.
  2. Elizabeth: Oct. 9, 1738.
  3. ELISHA: June 1740; m. Hannah Parsons.
  4. John: Oct. 2, 1741; died infancy.
  5. Anne: Aug. 3, 1744.
  6. Stephen: ca. 1747; m. Prudence Bill.
ELISHA RUST [Daniel; Jonathan; Israel; Henry] born in Stonington, Conn., June 1740 (bap. at Southington Apr. 18, 1743); m. Jan. 5, 1758, at Stonington, Hannah Parsons. She died 1776. No further record of Elisha. Children:
  1. Rosanna: ca. 1760; m. Jan. 15, 1812, Moses Bacon of Burlington, Conn.
  2. Amos: ca. 1762; m. (1) _____ Spencer; (2) Sophia Bailey.
  3. Aloney: Feb. 19, 1766; m. Esther Doud.
  4. John: bap. Oct. 25, 1767; died young.
  5. Abigail: bap. May 22, 1768; m. (1) _____ Main; (2) _____ Hinman; (3) _____ Wate (Waite?) Munson at Barkhamsted, Conn.
  6. STEPHEN: ca. 1770; m. Elizabeth McNeil.
  7. Elisha: ca. 1772; m. Densie Elwell.
  8. Obed: 1775, Bristol, Conn.; m. Susannah Doud.
STEPHEN RUST [Elisha; Daniel; Jonathan; Israel; Henry]; born ca. 1770 Stonington, Conn.; died ca. 1845 in Chemung, N.Y.; m. Elizabeth McNeil, a dau. of James McNeil from Scotland. He was a shipbuilder by trade, and may possibly have lived at Taburg, Oneida County, near the Hammond family, and later at Sackets Harbor where considerable shipbuilding was going on at the time. He is listed as a pensioner, age 67 (1840), living in Union, Broome Co., N.Y.


  1. James: May 26, 1790; m. Hannah Hammond.
  2. Day: ca. 1792; died young.
  3. Dency: 1794; m. James Harmer. She died in Ill. 1857. Formerly of Syracuse, N.Y.
  4. Dicey: 1796; m. William Molthrop, She died 1870 in Ohio.
  5. Stephen: b. Litchfield, Conn. June 14, 1797; m. Hannah Wiard.
  6. AMANDA: Aug. 1798; prob. Litchfield, Conn.; m. Edminster Hammond.
  7. Elizabeth: died young.

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The Hammond Family

EDMINSTER HAMMOND [of Elnathan and Hannah Hammond-they of Otsego Co., N.Y., and possibly from Middlebury Vermont]; born Otsego County ca. 1796; m. ca. 1811 at Sackets Harbor, N.Y., Amanda Rust. She born August 1798 in Litchfield, Conn (probably), a dau. of Stephen and Elizabeth (McNeil) Rust. The Hammonds {29} first appear of record in Hounsfield, N.Y. in the State Census of 1835, with a family of 7 males and 5 females. The 1850 census lists Edminster as age 53, farmer, with real estate valued at $1100.00. The 1855 shows him as a. widower, 23 years in town. He came into Hounsfield, therefore, in 1832, and lived there, a farmer and furnace man, until after Amanda's death. The 1860 census shows him living with son John in town. He died in Clayton, N.Y. Mar. 23, 1880, aged 84 years. Amanda died in Hounsfield May 28, 1854. They had 13 children, the last eight being born in Hounsfield. The first five were probably born in Taburg, Oneida County.
  1. John Zephaniah: 1819; m. Harriett Stoddard, who died Apr. 17, 1880 at age 58. He died Hounsfield May 1, 1876. Children: Minnie, George H., Herbert D.
  2. Edward Sanders: 1821; m. (1) Adeliza Allen; (2) Louisa Barnes. Adeliza died July 20, 1851, age 28; and Edward S. died Apr. 18, 1883. Children: Emma A. and Edward O. both died young; Charles, d. 1886; Eddie, of Lansing, Mich.; Myra, also of Lansing.
  3. Everett Cleveland: Sept. 7, 1822; died Mar. 1, 1887 at Pullman, Ill.; m. Sarah Lockwood and had: Emma, Dora, Ella.
  4. James: 1829; m. (1) Mary J. Carr; (2) Sarah Day; (3) Cornelia Fuller. Mary died 1857 in Hounsfield, after which he removed to Fort Collins, Colo. Children: Barney E. and probably others.
  5. Jerome Bonaparte: Feb. 14, 1830; died June 10, 1853.
  6. Barnabus: Nov. 23, 1834; died Dec. 24, 1853.
  7. Samuel Houston: 1837; died Aug. 1879; m. Cornelia Honk. Had six children, of whom three were alive in 1891.
  8. Hannah Elizabeth: born Taburg, N.Y.; m. at Sackets Harbor Nov. 23, 1845, James P. Winnie. He was born at Johnstown, N.Y. Oct. 12, 1814; died Newark, N.J. 1863. He was in the Creek Indian War as sergeant of the 4th N.Y. regt. His widow was living, 1891, in Grand Ledge, Mich. Children:
    1. James Winnie, Dec. 25, 1846; in 64th N.Y. Vols. in Civil War; m. June 12, 1870 Emma L. Doane. Lived Grand Ledge, Mich.
    2. Walter Winnie: Jan. 9, 1847; served in 20th N.Y. Cavalry. He m. Arvilla Cline of Burlington, Vt., and they were living, 1891, in Chicago. Children: Walter C., Bessie and Ralph.
    3. Emma Winnie: Oct. 12, 1850; m. 1870 Mortimer Lasher, and resided in Watertown, N.Y. Five children.
  9. Louise: died young.
  10. Francis: died age three.
  11. Olive Bull: Sept. 1830; m. Addison Hoyt Lee. {30}
  12. Amanda Maria: m. Robert Herbeson. They had a son Lewis, and two daughters.
  13. Gertrude Sophia: born 1844; died Dexter, N.Y. Dec. 10, 1915. She married July 8, 1867, James Wright, born Hounsfield Mar. 4, 1842; died at Dexter, 1906. She was confirmed in the Episcopal Church at Sackets Harbor, 1857. They adopted Benjamin, son of Albert and Frances (Lee) Coats.

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The Wright Family

THOMAS WRIGHT, born 1800 in Seven Towns, Ireland, emigrated in 1812, with his widowed mother, Nancy, to Hounsfield Jeff. Co., N.Y. He married Hannah Wood, also of Ireland, born 1799 [Child: Jefferson County Gazetteer, 1890, p. 507]. How correct this statement may be is uncertain. We find the N.Y. State Census for 1825, town of Hounsfield, listing in town two Wright families, viz: Ephraim Right (1 male and 2 females) and Matthew Right (2 males and 1 female). The 1855 census lists Thomas Wright, age 54, born Ireland, farmer, in town 22 years. Wife, Hannah, born Ireland, age 50. And Nancy Wright, mother, born Ireland, age 80. Children of Thomas and Hannah, as listed 1855: Joseph, age 22; Eliza, age 20; John, age 14; James, age 12; also Sarah Baker, grandchild, age 9. Thomas Wright died in Hounsfield Apr. 27, 1874, aged 84 (cem. ins.); and Hannah died Dec. 6, 1875, aged 76 (cem. ins.). Both are buried in Muscalonge cemetery. Of the children of Thomas and Hannah, John (1832-1897) married Ella J. _____ (1833-1932) and is buried in Muscalonge cemetery; Anna married, 1855, Harry Nathan Lee; James Wright born 1844, married 1867 Gertrude Sophia Hammond.

In 1899 James and Gertrude Wright removed to Dexter and, having no issue of their own, adopted their grand-nephew Benjamin F. Coats [son of Albert S. and Frances (Lee) Coats of Hounsfield]. James Wright served in Co. H, 1st Battalion, 10th N.Y. Heavy Artillery in the Civil War, for three years; was taken prisoner at Petersburg and confined for a time in Libby Prison. He reenlisted, July 7, 1863, in the 20th N.Y. Cavalry under Capt. Carpenter. By trade he was a carpenter and builder. He died 1906. His wife died 1915. Both are buried in Muscalonge Cemetery, Hounsfield.

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The Gilmore Family {31}

ROBERT GILMORE, of New Hampshire, removed to Vermont, and died in Vermont. He married a Miss Houston (related to Samuel Houston of Texas fame) and had seven children. One of these was Horace Gilmore who came to Watertown in 1826; was a grocer there; died at age 42. He married Pamelia Cook (of Ebenezer) and had children: George, James E., Robert A., William W., Harris O., Martha, Sara, and Horace O., who married (1) Jane E. Livermore, (2) Lucy Livermore (sisters). By Lucy he had: Orville H. (m. Alice J. Lee), Lucy Ann, Erskine J. and Bert Q. Gilmore, all of Hounsfield, N.Y. Erskine J. Gilmore married Sarah A. Dorchester (dau. of Alfred T.), and had one child, Edna M.

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The Coats (Coates) Family

EDMUND COATS, of Wellsville, Alleghany County, N.Y., born Oct. 10, 1771, place unknown, was perhaps a son of Joseph Coats, pioneer settler in the town of Richfield, Otsego Co., 1783, who was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. There is as yet no data to confirm this supposition, but certain clues point in that direction.

Edmund Coats married Sept. 17, 1791, (as per bible record) Margaret Fraiser. She born August 20, 1769; died Mar. 16, 1844. He died August 4, 1830 in Wellsville. Just when they settled in Wellsville is uncertain, but family records describe him as a farmer there. They had fourteen children (place of birth unknown):

  1. Roby: Jan. 31, 1793; m. June 4, 1809, Joshua Nobles. She died Aug. 11, 1835. Children: Daniel, Maria, Sarepta, William.
  2. Spencer: Aug. 2, 1794; died Jan. 6, 1795.
  3. Betsey: Oct. 4, 1795; m. May 10, 1818, Samuel Coats (a cousin). He died May 3, 1878; she died June 1, 1875. They lived in Independence, Alleghany Co. N.Y. Had children, Welcome and Syrena.
  4. Ruth: Apr. 1, 1797; died Jan. 5, 1798.
  5. Edmund Jr.: Sept. 28, 1798; m. Sept. 8, 1821, Cathrine Burns. He died Oct. 14, 1881. Had children: Charles m. Elvira Ellis; Henry m. Lucetta Rogers; Mary; Lester, umn.; Jane; George m. Nancy Richmond; Harmon, unm.
  6. Huldah: Aug. 6, 1800; m. Samuel Story. She died June 5, 1871. Two children.
  7. Abigail: Feb. 11, 1802; m. Mar. 2, 1826, Job Briggs. She died Apr. 21, 1871. Children: John, Phoebe.
  8. Joseph: Sept. 4, 1804; mar. Feb. 26, 1826, Elizabeth Rawson. He died Aug. 6, 1864; she died June 28, 1877. Two children: Benjamin and Nelson.
  9. Benjamin Franklin: Sept. 4, 1804; m. April 8, 1841, Lois Whitford, dau. of Lieut.-Col. Edward and Polly (Maxson) Whitford of Rodman, N.Y. {32} Benjamin Coats died Aug. 29, 1881; Lois died July 5, 1873. Children: Unnamed infant (died Jun. 6, 1842), David C. W. (1843-1905) a veteran of the Civil War, unmarried; Albert S. m. Frances Amanda Lee; Saryntha M. (1848-1920), a spinster who livied in Adams Center, N.Y.
  10. Hiram: May 26, 1806; died Oct. 24, 1806.
  11. Stephen F.: Oct. 23, 1807; m. Dec. 22, 1833 Catherine Thomas. Lived Alleghany, N.Y. He died Sept. 18, 1864. Children: Ralph; Stephen m. Kate Leater; Permelia; Mary m. William Lewis; Jackson; Samuel; Maria; Alzada; Emma.
  12. Seth: Aug. 16, 1809; died infancy.
  13. Nelson P.: Dec. 22, 1812; m. Apr. 14, 1839, Almyra Babcock. They lived in Independence, Alleghany Co., N.Y. He a native of Plainfield, Otsego Co., says Beers' His. of Alleghany County, 1879 (p 319). Children: Heber D.; died 1862 in Civil War; Chandler D. married Sept. 6, 1866, Villie Wilson, and had Castello Clyde; (2) Belle O'Connell, and had Francis D. and Homer.
  14. Hannah: Mar. 8, 1814; m. Oct. 2, 1835 Minor Wilson who died at Portage, Wis., Dec. 11, 1881. She died Dec. 29, 1881. They had two sons, Minor and Dell.

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The Marks Family

JAMES MARKS, a Revolutionary soldier, born in Connecticut, and died there. He had sons: Robert, Lathrop, Joseph.

Joseph Marks, a sailor, came to Hounsfield, N.Y. about 1843 and died there in 1849, aged 39. He married Hannah Fall of Lyme, Jefferson County, N.Y., and had children: Huldah, Reuben, Mary J., James, Cordelia, Frank, Aruna and Joseph Jr.

Joseph Marks Jr. married Maria Turpin, a daughter of Henry and Jane Turpin, and had: Josephine (who m. Nicholas A. Lee); Irene H.; Fanny B.; and Frank M. Joseph Marks Jr. enlisted Sept. 16, 1861 in Co. K, 10th Artillery, 7th Battalion, Capt. Samuel Middleton, and reenlisted July 29, 1862 in the same battalion, in the 35th N.Y. Artillery. He served four years in the Civil War. {33}

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The Meiss Family

JOHN MEISS was born in Württemberg – then a state in southwestern Germany – in January, 1854. He immigrated to New York in about 1872, possibly alone, but that is not known. He became a naturalized United States citizen in 1894. In about 1883, he married (1) Carrie A. _____, a New Yorker as were her parents. She was born there in May, 1864. John Meiss lived in Lewis Co., first alone in Turin. When married, they settled in Martinsburg. After Carrie died in 1914, he lived with his son Sherman in Turin. John was a dairy farmer mosrt of his life, as were many of his Lewis County descendants. John and Carrie had three children:
  1. Sherman Jay Meiss: 1884 – 1924.
  2. M. Ray Meiss: 1888 – 1953; m. Jessie M. Adams.
  3. Mabel A. Meiss: 1895 – ; m. Roland F. Reed.
Sometime in the 1920s, John Meiss married (2) Emma _____, an immigrant from Holland. He died in 1930, after that year's census was recorded in April.

SHERMAN JAY MEISS [John]; born Oct. 6, 1884, in New York State; died in 1924; unmarried. He was probably born in Turin as he lived there all his life. He worked as a laborer on farms and at a sawmill.

MARSHALL RAY MEISS [John]; born March 15, 1888, in Turin; died in 1953. In about 1912, in Martinsburg, he married Jessie M. Adams, she b. Oct., 1891, and d. 1956. Ray and Jessie had six children:
  1. Melvin Meiss: Aug. 1912 – Sept. 1912; had congenital brain problems.
  2. Erma Geraldine Meiss: 1913 – ; m. Gordon Dening Boutwell, q.v.
  3. Alice Meiss: 1917 – 1946; m. Leon Duncan.
  4. Spencer E. Meiss: 1919 – 2008; m. Eleanor Jackson.
  5. Harold B. Meiss: 1921 – 1995; m. Muriel Denning.
  6. Mildred Louise Meiss: 1928 – 2007; m. (1) Walter Krokowski, Jr., (2) John Fejko, Sr.
ALICE MEISS [M. Ray; John]; b. 1917, d. 1946; m. Leon Duncan. Five children:
  1. Mary Duncan: b. April 27, 1938, m. Bernard Mount, he b. Oct. 17, 1948. Child:
    1. Renee Mount: b. Nov. 22, 1959, James A. Palmer, he b. Oct. 24, 1948. Two children:
      1. James A. Palmer, Jr.: b. May 3, 1991.
      2. Jenna A. Palmer: b. Dec. 15, 1993.
  2. Carol Duncan: b. July 17, 1939; m. Irving Kellogg (Divorced). Two children:
    1. Donna Kellogg: b. June 18, 1960; m. Chick Longs, he b. May 14, 1956. Three children:
      1. Karie Fitzgerald Longs: b. May 1, 1980; m. Cohl Fitzgerald, he b. Sept. 2, 2000.
      2. Ashley Longs: b. May 7, 1982.
      3. Alya Longs: b. Aug. 11, 1989.
    2. Irving Kellogg, Jr.: b. July 11, 1961.
    3. Daniel Kellogg: b. May 8, 1984.
    4. Lacey Kellogg: b. Feb. 28, 1983.
    5. Jessie Kellogg: b. Sept. 15, 1989; m. Ray Martin.
  3. John Duncan: b. Sept. 18, 1940; m. Annette M. Birmingham, she b. Nov. 11, 1944, d. Aug. 5, 1998. Three children:
    1. Kim Duncan: b. July 17, 1964; m. John Fiegel, he b. April 30, 1961. Two children:
      1. Christopher Fiegel: b. April 13, 1992.
      2. Michael Fiegel: b. Feb. 3, 1995.
    2. Roy Duncan: b. July 3, 1967.
    3. Alice Duncan: b. Feb. 3, 1970; m. Eric Gokey, he b. April 7, 1970. Four children:
      1. Miranda Gokey: b. June 9, 1992.
      2. Miriah Gokey: b. Sept. 18, 1995.
      3. Annette Gokey: b. Feb. 10, 1999.
      4. Laci Gokey: b. Jan. 27, 2004.
  4. Judy Duncan: b. Oct. 29, 1942; m. Nov. 3, 1962, Duane York. Three children:
    1. Michael York: b. Aug. 5, 1963; m. Dynall Woodhull. Child:
      1. Dyana York: b. April 13, 1987.
    2. Scott York: b. May 16, 1966; m. Bonita Aubel. Four children:
      1. Wyatt York: b. Aug. 21, 1992.
      2. Lee York: b. June 16, 1994.
      3. Ashley York: b. Jan. 11, 1998.
      4. Caroline York: b. Sept. 3, 1999.
    3. Lisa York: b. Oct. 26, 1968; m. Julian Muha.
  5. Linda Duncan: b. April 28, 1944; m. Philip Miller (Divorced). Three children:
    1. Cindy Miller: b. July 14, 1964; m. Sept. 24, 1994, Philip Ward (Divorced). Two children:
      1. Emily Ward: b. June 13, 1999.
      2. Erin Ward: b. Jan. 17, 2001.
    2. Jeff Miller: b. Jan. 25, 1966; m. Tracy _____, she b. May 12, 1968. Child:
      1. Kadyn Miller: b. Sept. 27, 2003.
    3. Jodi Miller: b. May 4, 1974; m. Mike Dolan, he b. March 25, 1974. Two children:
      1. Zachary Dolan: b. Sept. 29, 2004.
      2. Rachel Dolan.
SPENCER E. MEISS [M. Ray; John];. b. Jan. 9, 1919, d. Sept. 24, 2008; m. June 12, 1944, Eleanor Jackson, she b. May 27, 1926; d. Dec. 7, 1977. Four children:
  1. Sharon Meiss: b. Jan. 7, 1945; m. Tom Ortlieb, he b. April 9, 1960.
  2. John Meiss: b. Dec. 20, 1948; m. Diane Lane, she b. Feb. 18, 1949. Child:
    1. Mackenzie Meiss: b. Jan. 18, 1988; m. June 21, 2008, Joel Pasqualino in the Covenant Presbyterian Church, Amsterdam, N.Y.
  3. Michael E. Meiss: b. Jan. 2, 1952, d. Aug. 20, 1992; m. Ellen Zarnoch, she b. May 1, 1960. Three children:
    1. John Meiss: b. Feb. 28, 1985.
    2. David Meiss: b. Jan. 12, 1988.
    3. Therese Meiss: b. Feb. 7, 1991.
    4. Jeff Meiss: b. July 8, 1955.
HAROLD B. MEISS [M. Ray; John]; b. June 16, 1921, d. Sept. 22, 1995; m. Sept. 12, 1953, Muriel Denning, she b. Jan. 26, 1925. Three children:
  1. Thomas Meiss: b. March 18, 1956; m. July 17, 1982, Mary Lou Moselle, she b. Nov. 15, 1959. Two children:
    1. Kyle Meiss: b. May 5, 1985.
    2. Danyelle Meiss: b. Oct. 7, 1988.
  2. Mary Lou Meiss: b. July 22, 1959; m. Aug. 20, 1983, Michael VanBrocklin, he b. Feb. 20, 1960. Three children:
    1. Corey VanBrocklin: b. Jan. 17, 1990; m. Lucas Morrow. One child:
      1. Julia Lou Morrow: b. May 31, 2007.
    2. Daniel VanBrocklin: b. Sept. 1, 1984.
    3. Adam VanBrocklin: b. Feb. 3, 1988.
  3. Bethany Meiss: b. May 21, 1963; m. Oct. 16, 1982, Jon Kiernan, he b. Feb. 13, 1960. Four children:
    1. Kathryn Kiernan: b. March 1, 1983.
    2. Megan Kiernan: b. Aug. 8, 1984.
    3. Andrew Kiernan: b. Aug. 3, 1986.
    4. Christopher Kiernan: b. Dec. 6, 1989.
MILDRED LOUISE MEISS [M. Ray; John];. b. May 14, 1928, d. Jan. 1, 2007; m. May 11, 1950 (1) Walter Krokowski, Jr., he b. Jan. 31, 1924, N.Y., d. July 20, 1961. Five children:
  1. Sandra Jean Krokowski: b. May 29, 1950. One child:
    1. Amy Lynn Krokowski: m. Frederick Anderson. Two children:
      1. Alyssa Ann Anderson: b. Feb. 1, 1991.
      2. Ian Wade Anderson: b. Oct. 1, 2003.
    2. Marcia Lynn Krokowski: b. Sept. 18, 1953; m. Michael Colombo (Divorced). Three children:
      1. Carrie Ann Colombo: b. Aug. 7, 1974; m. Ryan Nelson. Child:
        1. Avory Charlotte Nelson: b. March 7, 2008.
      2. Chad Michael Colombo: b. May 7, 1977; m. Nadia Iessi, she b. July 27, 1977.
      3. Tory Joseph Colombo: b. Feb. 20, 1980; m. Carey Koster.
    3. Patricia Ann Krokowski: b. April 30, 1955; m. Charles Wiedrick. Two children:
      1. Justin Walter Wiedrick: b. May 24, 1977.
      2. Mallory Lynn Wiedrick: b. Jan. 9, 1984; m. May 31, 2008, Eric Planck. Child:
        1. _____ Planck: b. Sept. 10, 2009, in the Rome Memorial Hospital, Rome, N.Y.
    4. Sue Ellen Krokowski: b. Aug. 13, 1956; m. Oct. 20, 1973, David Millard. Four children:
      1. David Walter Millard: b. Dec. 2, 1973; m. Kari Trudeau.
      2. Adam Ray Millard: b. Sept. 10, 1980.
      3. Michael Christopher Millard: b. May 29, 1982; m. June 5, 2004, Angela K. Nortz, she b. Dec. 4, 1973.
      4. Michelle Christine Millard: b. May 29, 1982; m. Greg Roes (Divorced).
    5. Mark Ray Krokowski: b. Oct. 24, 1958, Constableville, d. March 8, 2010, Lowville; m. April 15, 1978, Margaret Sullivan in St. Martin's Catholic Church, Port Leyden, Lewis Co. Two children:
      1. Tina Mary Krokowski: b. July 13, 1978, m. Sept. 5, 1998, Thomas Gigliotto. Child:
        1. Katelyn Mariee Gigliotto: b. Sept. 8, 2007.
      2. Jason Ray Krokowski: b. Feb. 22, 1983.
Widowed, Mildred Louise Meiss then m. (2) John Fejko, Sr. One child:
  1. John Fejko,Jr.: b. Dec. 7, 1965; m. June 13, 1987, Michelle Pelo. Two children:
    1. Keisha Ann Fejko: b. Dec. 25, 1992.
    2. Kyle Ray Fejko: b. Oct. 12, 1996.
MABEL A. MEISS [John]; born January, 1895; m. ca. 1915, Roland F. Reed, he b. July 28, 1892, N,Y., d. Aug., 1977. They had three children:
  1. Muriel Louise Reed: b. Aug. 13, 1916, N.Y.; d. Dec. 25, 1993, Zephyrhills, Pasco Co., Fla. She m. (1) Raymond Henry Boshart, a son of Henry S. and Edith Hanno Boshart of Lowville, N.Y. Raymond Henry was b. Aug. 13, 1916, in Lowville or Harrisburg, N,Y., and d. Sept. 1984. Four Children:
    1. Philip Gerald Boshart, b. Feb. 27, 1936, m. (1) Nellie Chacon. Child:
      1. Carrick Reed Boshart, b. Feb. 24, 1963 Los Angeles County, Calif.
      Philip m. (2) Apr. 2, 1966, Riverside County, Calif., Dorothy Marilyn Rhodes, b. Feb. 25, 1935, Riverside County, Calif. Child:
      1. Philip D. Boshart, b. Oct. 26, 1970, Orange County, Calif.
      Philip m. (3) Oct. 7, 1972, Riverside County, Calif., Joan Elaine Rempel, b. Feb. 9, 1944, Canada, d. Aug. 27, 1985, Riverside County, Calif. Two children:
      1. Jennifer A. Boshart, b. May 30, 1975, Riverside County, Calif.
      2. Michael R. Boshartt, b. Oct. 11, 1976, Riverside County, Calif..
    2. Norma Jean Boshart, b. Jul. 26, 1938, m. Robert Western b. Dec. 13, 1937. Four children:
      1. Robert Clayton Western, b. Aug.14, 1959.
      2. Valerie Ann Western, b. July 7, 1961.
      3. Lisa Ann Western, b. Mar. 4, 1965; m. Jeffrey D. Cuda, b. Oct. 8, 1962; d. Sept 23, 1995.
      4. Michelle L. Western, b. Nov 4, 1969.
    3. Henry Boshart, b. Feb. 24, 1940, m. Sandra Ingersoll, b. May 27, 1942. Two children:
      1. Gregory Philip Boshart, b. Sept. 9, 1965, Riverside County, Calif.
      2. Catherine Elizabeth Boshart, b. Mar 21, 1967, Riverside County, Calif.
    4. Douglas Boshart, b. Oct. 12, 1945, m. Cynthia Gardiner. Child:
      1. Kimberly Sue Boshart, b. July 21, 1968.
    Muriel then m. (2) Glen Traxel on Feb. 18, 1961, in the First Methodist Church, Wellsboro, Penn. She d. Dec. 25, 1993, in Zephyrhills, Florida.
  2. Leon Leroy Reed: b. March 27, 1918, in Glenfield, Lewis Co., d. June 3, 2010, in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. He m. Sandra _____, and had two children:
    1. June Elizabeth Reed: m. (1) _____ Cooper, then (2) Jerry Richard Hallock, on Jan. 30, 1971, in the United Methodist Church, Wellsboro, Penn.
    2. Sandra Kay Reed: b. May 2, 1943, N.Y.; d. Dec. 27, 1973, at home in Costa Mesa, Calif. In 1962 she married Warren C. Schnibbe, he b. June 15, 1937. (Divorced, Aug., 1973) They had three children:
      1. Warren Grady Schnibbe: m. Tina Marie deMello, she b. Dec. 30, 1962, in Los Angeles Co., Calif.
      2. Rhonda Ann Schnibbe: b. March 17, 1964; m. Michael G. Martino. They had three children:
        1. Michael G. Martino, Jr.: b. March 7, 1977; d. May 24, 2004, Gulfport, Mississippi.
        2. Jessica Martino.
        3. Steve Martino.
      3. Kathy Elizabeth Schnibbe: b.Sept. 6, 1968, Orange Co., Calif.; m. Mar. 18, 1989, David Jay Nyhuis in Clark Co., Nev. (Divorced, March 27, 1997) One child:
        1. Casandra Caroline Nyhuis: b. Jan. 9, 1990, Orange Co., Calif.; m. Mar. 22, 1981, Richard Lewis Pinkerton in Portland, Ore., he b. Nov. 29, 1955, Gothenburg, Nebraska, d. Mar. 3, 2005, Gresham, Ore.
  3. Gerald R. Reed: b. ca. 1922, N.Y.

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Baker, Henry E. (1)
Baker, Herbert R. (1)
Baker, Ida (1)
Baker, Jefferson (1)
Baker, John (2)
Baker, Lucy (1)
Baker, Lucy F. (1)
Baker, Lydia (1)
Baker, Mahala (1)
Baker, Maria (1)
Baker, Nathan (5)
Baker, Nathan E. (1)
Baker, Nathan Jr. (3)
Baker, Olive (7)
Baker, Orville W. (2)
Baker, Sarah (1)
Baker, Sarah D. (1)
Baker, Susannah (3)
Baker, Vincent (1)
Baker, Dr. William (1)
Baker, William R. (1)
Baker, William T. (1)
Baker, Zilpha A. (1)
Baldwin, Gertie (1)
Barnes, Alice (1)
Barnes, Louisa (1)
Barsden, Helen O. (1)
Bass, Hannah (1)
Bates, Merrick (1)
Beardsley, Anson (1)
Bellinger, Lt-Col. (1)
Benedict, Judith Ann (1)
Bill, John (1)
Bill, Prudence (1)
Birmingham, Annette M. (1)
Blair, Howard (1)
Blaisdell, Helen O. (1)
Blake, Charles W. (1)
Blake, Harriet (2)
Blanchard, Howard Henry (2)
Blanchard, John (1)
Blodgett, Caleb (1)
Boshart, Carrick Reed (1)
Boshart, Catherine Elizabeth (1)
Boshart, Douglas (1)
Boshart, Gregory Philip (1)
Boshart, Henry (1)
Boshart, Henry S. (3)
Boshart, Jennifer A. (1)
Boshart, Kimberly Sue (1)
Boshart, Michael R. (1)
Boshart, Norma Jean (1)
Boshart, Philip D. (1)
Boshart, Philip Gerald (1)
Boshart, Raymond Henry (1)
Boshart, Shirley E. (1)
Boutwell, Ashley (1)
Boutwell, Colleen (1)
Boutwell, David Gordon (1)
Boutwell, David Ryan (1)
Boutwell, Everett Cleveland (1)
Boutwell, Gordon Dening (3)
Boutwell, Griffin Pierce (1)
Boutwell, Harry Garfield (3)
Boutwell, Harry Ray (1)
Boutwell, Jeffrey (1)
Boutwell, Karen (1)
Boutwell, Lansing Wayne (3)
Boutwell, Lyman O. (1)
Boutwell, Meghan Anne (1)
Boutwell, Neva Rose (2)
Boutwell, Robin (1)
Boutwell, Sherry Lynn (1)
Boutwell, Stormy Elizabeth (1)
Boutwell, Tammy Sue (1)
Boutwell, Tessa Jules (1)
Boutwell, Virginia Ann (1)
Bovee, Edith E. (2)
Bowman, Nancy (1)
Braxton, Jennifer (1)
Braxton, Mark (1)
Braxton, Nicholas (1)
Briggs, Job (1)
Briggs, John (1)
Briggs, Phoebe (1)
Broadbent, Sarah Asenath (2)
Brookwell, Charles (2)
Brookwell, Charles Jr. (1)
Brookwell, Elsie (1)
Brookwell, Jack (1)
Brookwell, Peggy (1)
Brookwell, Stewart (1)
Brown, Gen. Jacob (1)
Bryson, Susan (1)
Buck, Fred (2)
Bunting, Lori Simone (1)
Burlingame, Thomas (1)
Burns, Cathrine (1)
Burrows, Stephen (1)
Burrows, Timothy Rees (1)
Burton, Hiram (2)
Camp, Elisha (5)
Camp, George (1)
Canaan, Theresa (1)
Carley, Polly (2)
Carn, Doris Maud Forbes (2)
Carr, Mary J. (1)
Carter, Albert (2)
Carter, Ellen (4)
Carter, Francis A. (1)
Carter, Weldon (1)
Carter, Wilma (2)
Case, Emeline (1)
Casselman, Fred J. (2)
Chacon, Nellie (1)
Charles II (King) (1)
Clark, Frances (1)
Clark, Rebecca (2)
Clark, William (1)
Cleland, Justina Leone (2)
Cline, Arvilla (1)
Coats, Abigail (1)
Coats, Albert Spicer (5)
Coats, Alzada (1)
Coats, Benjamin (1)
Coats, Benjamin Franklin (2)
Coats, Benjamin Franklin (Wright) (4)
Coats, Betsey (1)
Coats, Chandler D. (1)
Coats, Charles (1)
Coats, Castello Clyde (1)
Coats, David C. W. (1)
Coats, Edmund (1)
Coats, Edmund Jr. (1)
Coats, Emma (1)
Coates, Flora Whitford (1)
Coates, Frances Eugenie (2)
Coats, Francis D. (1)
Coats, George (1)
Coates, George Albert (3)
Coats, Hannah (1)
Coats, Harmon (1)
Coats, Harold Francis (1)
Coats, Heber D. (1)
Coats, Henry (1)
Coats, Hiram (1)
Coats, Homer (1)
Coats, Huldah (1)
Coats, Jackson (1)
Coats, Jane (1)
Coates, John Webster (1)
Coats, Joseph (1)
Coats, Joseph (b. 1804) (1)
Coats, Lester (1)
Coates, Lois Whitford (3)
Coats, Maria (1)
Coats, Mary (1)
Coats, Mary (1)
Coats, Nelson (1)
Coats, Nelson P. (1)
Coates, Olive Maud (3)
Coats, Permelia (1)
Coats, Ralph (1)
Coats, Roby (1)
Coats, Ruth (1)
Coats, Samuel (1)
Coats, Samuel (1)
Coats, Saryntha M. (2)
Coats, Seth (1)
Coats, Spencer (1)
Coats, Stephen (1)
Coats, Stephen F. (1)
Coats, Syrena (1)
Coates, Walter John (7)
Coats, Welcome (1)
Coates, Winnie Jane (2)
Coddington (Governor) (1)
Cogamaqueant (Sachem) (1)
Colegrove, Millicent Gail (3)
Collins, Mary (1)
Colombo, Carrie Ann (1)
Colombo, Chad Michael (1)
Colombo, Michael (1)
Colombo, Tory Joseph (1)
Constable, William (2)
Constance, Bernard (1)
Cook, Ebenezer (1)
Cook, Pamelia (1)
Cooksley, Alfred (2)
Cooksley, Edith May (3)
Cooper, _____ (m. June Reed) (1)
Cox, _____ (m. Natalie Jean Gibbs) (1)
Cox, Alta Joanna (1)
Cox, Barbara Gale (1)
Cox, Carol Jane (1)
Cox, Charles Gibbs (1)
Cox, Mildred Lois (1)
Cox, William R. (2)
Cox, William Robert (1)
Crane, Mrs. Burton Ashley (1)
Crysler, Dr. Earl (2)
Crysler, Ellington E. (1)
Cuda, Jeffrey D. (1)
Damuth, Marietta (1)
Danks, Robert (1)
Davidson, Jacob (1)
Davidson, Steve (1)
Davidson, Taylor (1)
Day, Sarah (1)
deMello, Tina Marie (1)
Dening, Addison Lee (1)
Dening, Coleen M. (1)
Dening, Dale Joseph (1)
Dening, Daniel (1)
Dening, Daniel John (2)
Dening, Darryl Dennis (1)
Dening, Dennnis (1)
Dening, Donald Francis (1)
Dening, Ethel Rose (3)
Dening, John (3)
Dening, Laurence Donald (1)
Dening, Maurice (1)
Dening, Muriel Lena (1)
Dening, Richard Louis (1)
Dening, Robert Edwin (2)
Dening, Robert Edwin Jr. (1)
Denney, Ida (2)
Denning, Muriel (2)
Dennison, Fanny (1)
Devendorf, Ellen (1)
Devendorf, John (1)
Doane, Emma L. (1)
Dolan, Mike (1)
Dolan, Rachel (1)
Dolan, Zachary (1)
Dorchester, Alex (1)
Dorchester, Alfred T. (2)
Dorchester, Anna (1)
Dorchester, Clarissa (1)
Dorchester, Delia (1)
Dorchester, Edwin (1)
Dorchester, Hooker (1)
Dorchester, Mary (2)
Dorchester, Sarah A. (2)
Doud, Esther (1)
Doud, Susannah (1)
Douglas, Nicholas (1)
Drane, Dylan Baily (1)
Drane, Dorsey Barnes (2)
Drane, Sharley Beth (1)
Drane, Walter Hugh (V) (1)
Drane, Walter Hugh (VI) (1)
Dunbar, Thomas (1)
Duncan, Alice (1)
Duncan, Carol (1)
Duncan, John (1)
Duncan, Judy (1)
Duncan, Kim (1)
Duncan, Leon (2)
Duncan, Linda (1)
Duncan, Mary (1)
Duncan, Roy (1)
Dyer, _____ (m. dau. of Capt. Richard Knight) (1)
Earle, Robert (1)
Eaton, Elisha (1)
Edwards, _____ (m. Anne Knight) (1)
Eggerling, Ian (1)
Eggerling, Nathan John (1)
Eggerling, Robert (1)
Ellis, Elvira (1)
Elwell, Densie (1)
England, Eleanor (2)
England, Elizabeth (1)
England, William (1)
Eveliegh, Ray (2)
Fall, Hannah (1)
Fejko, John Jr. (1)
Fejko, John Sr. (2)
Fejko, Keisha Ann (1)
Fejko, Kyle Ray (1)
Fenner, Freelove (1)
Fiegel, Christopher (1)
Fiegel, John (1)
Fiegel, Michael (1)
Fields, Carrie (2)
Fields, Clarissa (2)
Fields, John W. (1)
Fitch, Capt. Eleazer (1)
Fitzgerald, Cohl (1)
Fitzgerald, Minnie (2)
Foster, Hon. Albert (1)
Foster, Capt. Jabez (1)
Fox, Amasa (1)
Fraiser, Margaret (1)
Fredenburg, Adaline (1)
Fredenburg, Joshua (1)
Fredenburg, Ruth (1)
Freeman, Hannah (1)
Freeman, Ruth (1)
Fuller, Cornelia (1)
Fuller, Frances (2)
Galloway, William (2)
Gamlin, Arthur (2)
Gamlin, Constance (1)
Gardiner, Cynthia (1)
Gamlin, Richard (1)
Gardiner, George (1)
Gardiner, Hannah (2)
Gardiner, Hannah (b. 1723) (2)
Gardiner, Hannah (1)
Gardiner, Hannah (1)
Gardiner, John (1)
Gardiner, Mary (1)
Gardinier, Blake Lee (1)
Gardinier, Douglas Elton (3)
Gardinier, Douglas I. (1)
Gardinier, Eileen (2)
Gardinier, Capt. Jacob (1)
Gardinier, Jacob Janse (1)
Gardinier, Mildred May (1)
Gardinier, Robert E. (1)
Gardinier, Russell Martin (2)
Gardinier, William H. (1)
Gardinier, William John (2)
Garrett, Miles Anthony (1)
Garrett, Morgan Lynn (1)
Garrett, Rodney Alan (1)
Gibbs, Rev. Burte Broadbent (3)
Gibbs, Charles Gove (3)
Gibbs, Florence Gray (2)
Gibbs, Frank (2)
Gibbs, Frank Alton (2)
Gibbs, Gladys Gloria (1)
Gibbs, Herbert Alton (3)
Gibbs, Mildred (2)
Gibbs, Natalie Jean (1)
Gibbs, William (1)
Gilmore, Bert Q. (1)
Gilmore, Edna Marjorie (2)
Gilmore, Erskine J. (3)
Gilmore, George (1)
Gilmore, Harris O. (1)
Gilmore, Horace H. (2)
Gilmore, Horace O. (2)
Gilmore, James E. (1)
Gilmore, Lucy Ann (1)
Gilmore, Martha (1)
Gilmore, Ormell (2)
Gilmore, Orville H. (3)
Gilmore, Orville Horace (2)
Gilmore, Robert A. (1)
Gilmore, Robert E. (2)
Gilmore, Sara (1)
Gilmore, William W. (1)
Gigliotto, Katelyn Mariee (1)
Gigliotto, Thomas (1)
Gokey, Annette (1)
Gokey, Eric (1)
Gokey, Laci (1)
Gokey, Miranda (1)
Gokey, Miriah (1)
Goodrich, Anna (2)
Goodrow, Bertha (2)
Goodwin, Clint (1)
Gould, Arlene (1)
Gould, Arthur (1)
Gould, Berniece (1)
Gould, Charles (1)
Gould, Cora A. (2)
Gould, Cora Jean (1)
Gould, Corlin (2)
Gould, Daniel (1)
Gould, Daniel (1)
Gould, Edith (2)
Gould, Edson J. (1)
Gould, Edwin (1)
Gould, Elsie M. (1)
Gould, Florence (1)
Gould, Herbert (1)
Gould, John (1)
Gould, John (2)
Gould, Marilyn (1)
Gould, Morris (b. 1852) (4)
Gould, Morris (1)
Gould, Orville (1)
Gould, Raymond (1)
Gould, Walter (2)
Gove, Austin A. (2)
Gove, Nancy (1)
Gove, Nettie Allen (3)
Graham, William (1)
Gray, Florence Webster (3)
Gray, Dr. George H. (1)
Hagadorn, Bertha (2)
Hall, Henry (1)
Hall, Pearl Amelia (2)
Hallock, Jerry Richard (1)
Hammond, Amanda M. (1)
Hammond, Barnabus (1)
Hammond, Barney (1)
Hammond, Charles (1)
Hammond, Dora (1)
Hammond, E. Jr. (1)
Hammond, Eddie (1)
Hammond, Edminster (3)
Hammond, Edward O. (1)
Hammond, Edward Sanders (1)
Hammond, Ella (1)
Hammond, Emma (1)
Hammond, Emma A. (1)
Hammond, Everett Cleveland (1)
Hammond, Francis (1)
Hammond, George H. (1)
Hammond, Gertrude Sophia (6)
Hammond, Hannah (1)
Hammond, Hannah (1)
Hammond, Hannah Elizabeth (1)
Hammond, Herbert D. (1)
Hammond, James (1)
Hammond, Jerome Bonaparte (1)
Hammond, John Zephaniah (1)
Hammond, Louise (1)
Hammond, Minnie (1)
Hammond, Myra (1)
Hammond, Olive Bull (4)
Hammond, Samuel Houston (1)
Hanno, Edith (3)
Harger, Elizabeth (2)
Harger, Helen (2)
Harmer, George (1)
Harmer, James (1)
Harmer, Mabel (2)
Harris, Christopher (1)
Harris, Jesse (2)
Harris, Leta (2)
Harrison, Richard (1)
Hartman, Albert (1)
Hartman, Emerald (1)
Hartman, George (1)
Hartman, Lawrence A. (4)
Hartman, Laverna (1)
Hartman, Lorma (1)
Hartman, Shirley Arlene (4)
Hawes, Evelyn (2)
Henderson, Donald (3)
Henderson, Donna Marie (1)
Henderson, Harry (1)
Henderson, William (1)
Henderson, Stacey Marie (1)
Herbeson, Lewis (1)
Herbeson, Robert (1)
Higby, Albert A. (1)
Higby, Edward Frank (grave) (2)
Higgins, Doris E. (2)
Higgins, Oliver (1)
Hill, Rosanna (1)
Hills, Minnie Louise (2)
Hinman, _____ (m. Abigail Rust) (1)
Hirschy, Karen (1)
Hoffman, Josiah (1)
Hoage, Brittany (1)
Hoage, Christine (1)
Hoage, Frederick M. (1)
Hoage, John (1)
Hoage, Jonathan (1)
Hoage, Lindsay (1)
Hoage, Lori (1)
Hoage, Michael (1)
Hoage, Tracy (1)
Holderman, Catherine (1)
Hollinan, Mary (1)
Holloway, Caroline (1)
Holloway, Chloe (1)
Holloway, Daniel (1)
Holloway, Fanny (1)
Holloway, Lucy (1)
Holloway, Lydia (1)
Holloway, Marinda (1)
Holloway, Martha (1)
Holloway, Mary (1)
Holloway, Nathan (1)
Holloway, Phoebe (1)
Holloway, Samuel (1)
Holloway, Samuel (1)
Holloway, Stephen (1)
Holloway, William (1)
Hönig, Bettina (1)
Honk, Cornelia (1)
Hounsfield, Ezra (2)
Houston, Miss (1)
Houston, Samuel (1)
Howk, Sarah Ann (1)
Hudspeth, Mary M. (2)
Hunn, Ida (1)
Hunter, Clinton (1)
Hunter, Edith (2)
Hunter, Edna (2)
Hunter, Elsie (2)
Hunter, Mercy Ann, See Lee, Mercy Ann
Hunter, Frances (1)
Hunter, George E. (3)
Hunter, Meryl (2)
Hunter, Seth P. (3)
Hunter, Stewart (2)
Hunter, William (1)
Iessi, Nadia (1)
Ingersoll, Sandra (1)
Irving, George (1)
Jackson, Eleanor (2)
Jackson, T. (1)
Jock, _____ (m. William H. Lee) (2)
Jock, Ida (2)
Johnson, May (1)
Jones, Charles E. (2)
Jones, Corille Emil (2)
Jones, Deborah Marie (1)
Jones, Linda Mary (1)
Jones, Marguerite (b. 1926) (1)
Jones, Marguerite (b. 1896) (2)
Jones, Marjorie Lee (1)
Jones, Matthew (1)
Jones, Richard E. (2)
Kanbour, Constance (1)
Kanbour, Edward (1)
Kanbour, George (2)
Kanbour, Roger (1)
Kellogg, Daniel (1)
Kellogg, Donna (1)
Kellogg, Irving (1)
Kellogg, Irving Jr. (1)
Kellogg, Jessie (1)
Kellogg, Lacey (1)
Kelso, Paul Gordon (1)
Kemble, Peter (1)
Kiernan, Andrew (1)
Kiernan, Christopher (1)
Kiernan, Jon (1)
Kiernan, Kathryn (1)
Kiernan, Megan (1)
King, Maude (2)
King, Salone (1)
Klippel, Ardis Eileen (1)
Klippel, Carol Jean (1)
Klippel, Ervin D. (2)
Klippel, Kenneth Ervin (1)
Knight, Abigail (1)
Knight, Anne (1)
Knight, Anne (b. 1733) (2)
Knight, David (1)
Knight, David (b. 1727) (2)
Knight, Deliverance (2)
Knight, Jesse (1)
Knight, Joel (2)
Knight, Joel (1)
Knight, Capt. Jonathan (1)
Knight, John (2)
Knight, John (b. 1718) (5)
Knight, John (2)
Knight, John (3)
Knight, Joseph (1)
Knight, Keziah (2)
Knight, Mary (5)
Knight, Richard (2)
Knight, Richard (b. 1725) (1)
Knight, Capt. Richard (2)
Knight, Samuel (1)
Knight, Sarah (1)
Knight, Thomas (2)
Knight, William (1)
Koster, Carey (1)
Krokowski, Amy Lynn (1)
Krokowski, Jason Ray (1)
Krokowski, Marcia Lynn (1)
Krokowski, Mark Ray (1)
Krokowski, Patricia Ann (1)
Krokowski, Sandra Jean (1)
Krokowski, Sue Ellen (1)
Krokowski, Tina Mary (1)
Krokowski, Walter Jr. (2)
Kule, Charlotte (1)
Lafontaine, Alice (1)
Lafontaine, Dr. Edgar W. (2)
Lafontaine, Oliver E. (1)
LaMora, David Curtis (1)
LaMora, Nicolette Yvonne (1)
LaMora, Penelope Anne (1)
LaMora, Royal (2)
Lane, Diane (1)
Lane, Sarah (1)
Lasher, Mortimer (1)
Latham, Thomas (1)
Leater, Kate (1)
Lee, Addison Hoyt (6)
Lee, Albert (1)
Lee, Alice Josephine (3)
Lee, Anna J. (3)
Lee, Benjamin (1)
Lee, Burte G. (1)
Lee, Charles James (1)
Lee, Cora (1)
Lee, Edwin Henry (2)
Lee, Ephraim (1)
Lee, Evelyn H. (1)
Lee, Fanny June (1)
Lee, Frances Amanda (5)
Lee, Fred (b. 1866) (2)
Lee, Fred (1)
Lee, Freeborn (5)
Lee, Freeborn Melberton (3)
Lee, George (17)
Lee, George (London) (1)
Lee, George Edminster (3)
Lee, George S. (1)
Lee, Gertrude Ann (1)
Lee, Gertrude Helen (2)
Lee, Gertrude M. (2)
Lee, Harry Nathan (6)
Lee, Helen (2)
Lee, Helen Frances (1)
Lee, Helen Maria (3)
Lee, Howard Blair (1)
Lee, Howard Addison (2)
Lee, Ida (1)
Lee, Ida Cornelia (2)
Lee, James (1)
Lee, James Albert (2)
Lee, Janet Ruth (1)
Lee, Jessie M. (1)
Lee, Jesse D. (2)
Lee, Jimie A. (1)
Lee, Joan Marie (1)
Lee, Joel (1)
Lee, John (1)
Lee, John (1)
Lee, John Jr. (1)
Lee, John T. (3)
Lee, Jonathan (1)
Lee, Joseph (1)
Lee, Lemuel George (8)
Lee, Mary A. (1)
Lee, Mary Emeline (2)
Lee, Maude E. (1)
Lee, Mercy Ann (4)
Lee, Minnie Moore (2)
Lee, Monroe Jay (2)
Lee, Murray G. (1)
Lee, Nannie Elizabeth (4)
Lee, Nathan (2)
Lee, Nathan Hoyt (3)
Lee, Nicholas Addison (4)
Lee, Olive (Hammond) (1)
Lee, Olive Mabel (3)
Lee, Orrin (1)
Lee, Peter (1)
Lee, Philemon (1)
Lee, Reis (1)
Lee, Robert (1)
Lee, Robert Edwin (1)
Lee, Rosa Lena (3)
Lee, Sam John (2)
Lee, Samuel (3)
Lee, Thomas (1)
Lee, Wallace (4)
Lee, Walter Edson (2)
Lee, Walter James (1)
Lee, Walter John (2)
Lee, Walter M. (b. 1844?) (1)
Lee, Walter M. (b. 1892) (2)
Lee, Washington (6)
Lee, Washington H. (1)
Lee, William (1)
Lee, William (1)
Lee, William F. (2)
Lee, William H. (2)
Lee, Zadock (1)
Lewis, Elizabeth (1)
Lewis, William (1)
Livermore, Jane E. (1)
Livermore, Lucy (2)
Lockwood, Sarah (1)
Longs, Alya (1)
Longs, Ashley (1)
Longs, Chick (1)
Longs, Karie Fitzgerald (1)
Low, William (1)
Luff, Samuel (1)
Lull, Moses (1)
Lull, Nancy Gove (1)
Lyman, Anna (2)
Lyman, Moses (1)
Lyon, Alice A. (1)
Lyon, Elizabeth (1)
Lyon, Tim (1)
Main, _____ (m. Abigail Rust) (1)
Mahoney, Kathleen A. (1)
Mann, Susan Bryson (1)
Marks, Aruna (1)
Marks, Cordelia (1)
Marks, Fanny B. (1)
Marks, Frank M. (2)
Marks, Huldah (1)
Marks, Irene H. (1)
Marks, James (1)
Marks, James (1)
Marks, Joseph (2)
Marks, Joseph Jr. (4)
Marks, Josephine (3)
Marks, Lathrop (1)
Marks, Mary J. (1)
Marks, Reuben (1)
Marks, Robert (1)
Martin, Ray (1)
Martino, Jessica (1)
Martino, Michael G. (1)
Martino, Michael G. Jr. (1)
Martino, Steve (1)
Mattraw, Ada (2)
Mattraw, Marion (1)
Mattraw, Rosalind (1)
Mattraw, Scotty (2)
Mattraw, Scotty Jr. (1)
Matthews, A. Thomas (1)
Matthews, Emeline Anne (1)
Matthews, Fanny P. (1)
Matthews, Richard Peterson (2)
Matthews, Thomas Lee (1)
Mason, Isaac (1)
Massey, Baker (1)
Maxson, _____ (m. Sarah D. Baker) (1)
Maxson, Polly (1)
McHale, Mary (1)
McNeil, Elizabeth (2)
McNeil, James (1)
Meiss, Alice (2)
Meiss, Bethany (1)
Meiss, Danyelle (1)
Meiss, David (1)
Meiss, Erma Geraldine (3)
Meiss, Harold B. (2)
Meiss, Jeff (1)
Meiss, John (b. 1854) (2)
Meiss, John (b. 1948) (2)
Meiss, John (b. 1985) (2)
Meiss, Kyle (1)
Meiss, Mabel A. (2)
Meiss, Mackenzie (1)
Meiss, Marshall Ray (3)
Meiss, Mary Lou (1)
Meiss, Melvin (1)
Meiss, Michael E. (1)
Meiss, Mildred Louise (3)
Meiss, Sharon (1)
Meiss, Sherman Jay (3)
Meiss, Spencer E. (2)
Meiss, Therese (1)
Meiss, Thomas (1)
Miantonomah (Sachem) (1)
Middleton, Capt. Samuel (1)
Millard, Adam Ray (1)
Millard, David (1)
Millard, David Walter (1)
Millard, Michael Christopher (1)
Millard, Michelle Christine (1)
Miller, Cindy (1)
Miller, David (1)
Miller, Jeff (1)
Miller, Jodi (1)
Miller, Kadyn (1)
Miller, Philip (1)
Mills, Jason Charles (1)
Mills, Richard C. (1)
Mills, Scott Andrew (1)
Moffatt, Andrew C. (1)
Moffatt, George T. (1)
Moffatt, Helen Maria (Lee) (2)
Moffatt, John (2)
Moffatt, Margaret (1)
Moffett, Mark (1)
Moffett, Stephanie (1)
Moffett, Zachary (1)
Molthrop, William (1)
Moore, Ray (1)
Moore, Ruth (2)
Morgan, Dr. Albert L. (1)
Morgan, Carl Whitford (5)
Morgan, Hilda Leona (2)
Morgan, Marcia Holly (1)
Morgan, Melinda Jean (1)
Morgan, Muriel Kathryn (2)
Morgan, Yvonne Patricia (1)
Morgan, William Clarke (2)
Morrow, Julia Lou (1)
Morrow, Lucas (1)
Moselle, Mary Lou (1)
Mount, Bernard (1)
Mount, Renee (1)
Muha, Julian (1)
Mullin, Steven J. (1)
Munson, _____ Waite (m. Abigail Rust) (1)
Murphy, Lena Mildred (2)
Murphy, Martin (1)
Murray, Linda (1)
Nelson, Avory Charlotte (1)
Nelson, Eunice (2)
Nelson, Ryan (1)
Nevins, Adah (1)
Nevins, Arah (1)
Nobles, Daniel (1)
Nobles, Joshua (1)
Nobles, Maria (1)
Nobles, Sarepta (1)
Nobles, William (1)
North, Sarah (1)
Norton, Elijah Guy (2)
Norton, Nathan A. (1)
Nortz, Angela K. (1)
Nyhuis, Casandra Caroline (1)
Nyhuis, David Jay (1)
O'Connell, Belle (1)
Olney, Thomas (1)
Owens, _____ (m. dau. of Nathan Baker) (1)
Ortlieb, Tom (1)
Palmer, James A. (1)
Palmer, James A. Jr. (1)
Palmer, Jenna A. (1)
Parmenter, _____ (m. Mahala Baker) (1)
Parsons, Hannah (2)
Parsons, Isadora (1)
Pasqualino, Joel (1)
Patrick, Adelaide (2)
Patrick, Andrew (1)
Patrick, Floyd (1)
Patrick, Martha (1)
Peebles, Susan (1)
Pelo, Michelle (1)
Peters, Rev. Hugh (1)
Phelps, Mary (1)
Pierce, Anna (1)
Pinkerton, Richard Lewis (1)
Planck, Eric (1)
Planck, _____ (dau. of Eric Planck) (1)
Powers, Nancy (1)
Pridham, Adyne Mary (2)
Prosser, Elmer (1)
Prosser, Helen Edith (2)
Pryde, Caitlyn (1)
Putnam, Lt-Col. Abijah (1)
Quencer, Mr. & Mrs. Philip (1)
Ralph, Deliverance (2)
Ralph, Samuel (1)
Randall, Enos (1)
Ransom, Mary (1)
Rapp, Claire Marilyn (1)
Rapp, Earl F. (2)
Rapp, David Earl (1)
Rapp, John Stephen (1)
Rapp, Matthew A. (1)
Rapp, Shirley Ann (1)
Rasbach, Alonzo (1)
Rasbach, Bernard Alonzo (1)
Rasbach, Jeanne M. (1)
Rawson, Elizabeth (1)
Read, Dyer (1)
Read, Eunice (1)
Read, Garrett B. (2)
Read, George (1)
Read, Marcellus (1)
Reed, Muriel Louise (1)
Read, Olive (2)
Read, Samuel (1)
Read, Sarah (1)
Read, Stephen (1)
Read, Whitley (1)
Read, Willard (1)
Read, William (1)
Reed, _____ (m. Lucy F. Baker) (1)
Reed, Gerald R. (1)
Reed, June Elizabeth (1)
Reed, Leon Leroy (1)
Reed, Muriel Louise (2)
Reed, Roland_F. (2)
Reed, Sandra Kay (1)
Reeves (Widow) (1)
Reinhardt, August L. (2)
Reinhardt, Sharry Ann (1)
Rempel, Joan Elaine (1)
Rhodes, Dorothy Marilyn (1)
Rhyn, John (1)
Rice, Nancy (3)
Richards, Anna (1)
Richmond, Nancy (1)
Right, Ephraim, See Wright, Ephraim
Right, Matthew, See Wright, Matthew
Robinson, Viola (1)
Rodriguez, Daniel Bridges Jr. (1)
Roes, Greg (1)
Rogers, Edward Turner (1)
Rogers, Elizabeth (1)
Rogers, James (1)
Rogers, Lucetta (1)
Rogers, Mary (1)
Rogers, Noah (1)
Rogers, Sarah (3)
Rogers, Tommy (1)
Root, Cora Frances (2)
Root, John (1)
Root, Myron Marcellus (1)
Rounds, Josephine (2)
Rust, Abigail (1)
Rust, Aloney (1)
Rust, Amanda (4)
Rust, Amos (1)
Rust, Anne (1)
Rust, Benjamin (1)
Rust, Benoni (1)
Rust, Daniel (b. ca. 1711) (2)
Rust, Daniel (b. 1737) (1)
Rust, Day (1)
Rust, Dency (1)
Rust, Dicey (1)
Rust, Elisha (b. 1740) (2)
Rust, Elisha (b. ca. 1772) (1)
Rust, Elizabeth (b. 1738) (1)
Rust, Elizabeth (1)
Rust, Hannah (b. ca. 1641) (1)
Rust, Hannah (b. ca. 1709) (1)
Rust, Henry (2)
Rust, Israel (b. ca. 1643) (2)
Rust, Israel (b. 1679) (1)
Rust, James (1)
Rust, Jonathan (b. 1681) (2)
Rust, Jonathan (b. 1705) (1)
Rust, John (b. ca. 1685) (1)
Rust, John (b. 1741) (1)
Rust, John (b. ca. 1767) (1)
Rust, Nathaniel (b. ca. 1639) (1)
Rust, Nathaniel (b. 1671) (1)
Rust, Obed (1)
Rust, Rebecca (1)
Rust, Rosanna (1)
Rust, Samuel (b. ca. 1638) (1)
Rust, Samuel (b. 1673) (1)
Rust, Sarah (1)
Rust, Stephen (b. ca. 1747) (1)
Rust, Stephen (b. ca. 1770) (2)
Rust, Stephen (b. 1797) (1)
Rzepka, Gregory John (1)
Rzepka, John Edward (1)
Rzepka, Nichole Lyn (1)
Sacket, Augustus (1)
Sanford, Eva (1)
Sargent, Lydia A. (2)
Scanlon, Patrick (1)
Schnauber, Elizabeth (1)
Schnibbe, Kathy Elizabeth (1)
Schnibbe, Rhonda Ann (1)
Schnibbe, Warren C. (1)
Schnibbe, Warren Grady (1)
Schulz, Kathleen Ann (1)
Schumacher, Heather (1)
Seaman, Stephen (1)
Shanklin, Carol Whitford (1)
Shanklin, Douglas Radford (1)
Shanklin, John Ferguson (2)
Simmons, Joseph M. (1)
Smith, Ada (2)
Smith, Hillary Dyson (1)
Soney, Helen G. (1)
Spaulding, Angeline (4)
Spaulding, Evander (2)
Spaulding, Hannahetta (4)
Spaulding, Uriah (1)
Spencer, _____ (m. Amos Rust) (1)
Spencer, Betty Lee (1)
Spencer, Daniel (2)
Spencer, Lee (2)
Spencer, Will Anson (2)
Stafford, Deborah (1)
Stafford, Eleanor (1)
Stafford, Luranah (1)
Stafford, Mercy (1)
Stafford, Penelope (1)
Stafford, Samuel (1)
Stafford, Sarah (1)
Stafford, Sarah (1)
Stafford, Solomon (1)
Sterling, Ann (1)
Sterling, Jane (3)
Sterling, Joseph (1)
Stevens, Gwendolyn (2)
Stevenson, William (1)
Stoddard, Harriett (1)
Stoell, Abigail (1)
Stoell, Freelove (1)
Stoell, Hannah (1)
Stoell, John (1)
Stoell, Ozni (2)
Stoell, Ozni Jr. (1)
Stoell, Polly (1)
Stoell, Rebecca (1)
Stoell, Roxanna (1)
Stoell, Sabra (1)
Stoell, Sally M. (1)
Stoell, Samuel (1)
Stoell, Shubal Westcott (1)
Stoell, William (1)
Stone, Mary (1)
Story, Samuel (1)
Stroud, Shirley Luella (2)
Sullivan, Margaret (1)
Tabalt, Catherine (1)
Taylor, Benjamin (1)
Taylor, Gladys (1)
Tefft, Freelove (2)
Tefft, Tabitha (1)
Ten Eyck, Egbert (1)
Thomas, Catherine (1)
Throckmorton, John (1)
Tibbetts, Hannah (2)
Tibbetts, Jonathan (1)
Tiffany, Ase (1)
Traxel, Glen (1)
Trudeau, Kari (1)
Turner, Alice L. (2)
Turner, Capt. William (1)
Turpin, Jane (1)
Turpin, Maria (2)
Tuttle, Lt-Col. Gershom (1)
VanBrocklin, Adam (1)
VanBrocklin, Corey (1)
VanBrocklin, Daniel (1)
VanBrocklin, Michael (1)
Vance, Ellen (1)
Van Hooser, Betsey (2)
VanLeuven, Tracy (1)
Venery, Irena (2)
Venery, Peter D. (1)
Voyer, Denyse (1)
Wagner, Katherine (1)
Wallace, Doris E. (Higgins) (2)
Ward, Emily (1)
Ward, Erin (1)
Ward, Philip (1)
Wardell, Mary (1)
Waring, Mary A. (3)
Waring, William (3)
Warner, Mary (1)
Washburn, Annaliza (1)
Waterman, Mary (1)
Watts, Francis A. (2)
Watts, Michael Maxson (2)
Watts, Peter Morgan (1)
Watts, William Thomas (1)
Weed, Rocksena (Roccena) (2)
Weeks, Helen Osgood (2)
Wenear, Gertrude (1)
Westcott, Abigail (4)
Westcott, Alfred (1)
Westcott, Althena (1)
Westcott, Amos (and ch.) (1)
Westcott, Aruna (2)
Westcott, Axey (2)
Westcott, Benjamin (1)
Westcott, Benjamin (1)
Westcott, Betsey (1)
Westcott, Caleb (b. 1716) (2)
Westcott, Caleb (b. 1768) (3)
Westcott, Caleb Jr. (1)
Westcott, Catherine (1)
Westcott, Charlotte (1)
Westcott, Damaris (1)
Westcott, Damaris (1)
Westcott, Daniel (1)
Westcott, Dinah (1)
Westcott, Eleanor (1)
Westcott, Elisha (2)
Westcott, Gardner (b. 1744) (7)
Westcott, Gardner (1)
Westcott, Gardner Jr. (b. 1770) (4)
Westcott, Gardner 3d (2)
Westcott, Giles (1)
Westcott, Hannah (2)
Westcott, Hannah (2)
Westcott, Hannah (1)
Westcott, Hannah (1)
Westcott, Henry (1)
Westcott, Horace (1)
Westcott, Huldah (2)
Westcott, Huron (1)
Westcott, James (1)
Westcott, Jane (1)
Westcott, Jeremiah (b. 1666) (1)
Westcott, Jeremiah (Jeremy) (b.1633) (2)
Westcott, John Gardner (1)
Westcott, John (3)
Westcott, Johnson (2)
Westcott, Josiah (1)
Westcott, Josiah (b. 1675) (2)
Westcott, Josiah (1)
Westcott, Julia Ann (1)
Westcott, Laura (2)
Westcott, Lovina (1)
Westcott, Mary (1)
Westcott, Mary (b. 1773) (2)
Westcott, Mary (1)
Westcott, Mary Ann (1)
Westcott, Mercy (1)
Westcott, Mercy (1)
Westcott, Nathan (1)
Westcott, Nathan (1)
Westcott, Nelson (1)
Westcott, Nicholas (1)
Westcott, Oliver (1)
Westcott, Orvis (1)
Westcott, Palmer (6)
Westcott, Palmer Jr. (2)
Westcott, Paris (1)
Westcott, Robert (1)
Westcott, Robert (and ch.) (1)
Westcott, Sally (2)
Westcott, Sally (b. 1803) (1)
Westcott, Samuel (1)
Westcott, Samuel (b. ca. 1678) (1)
Westcott, Samuel (1)
Westcott, Sarah (1)
Westcott, Shubal (b. 1816) (2)
Westcott, Shubal (b. 1783) (3)
Westcott, Sophia (2)
Westcott, Stukeley (b. 1592) (5)
Westcott, Stukeley (1)
Westcott, Stukeley (b. 1672) (1)
Westcott, Tabitha (1)
Westcott, Wealthy (1)
Westcott, William (1)
Westcott, William (1)
Westcott, Zerobabel (1)
Western, Lisa Ann (1)
Western, Michelle L. (1)
Western, Robert (1)
Western, Robert Clayton (1)
Western, Valerie Ann (1)
White, Fred (2)
White, Lyndia Frances (1)
White, Shirley Edith (1)
White, Susan Ann (1)
White, Wesley (2)
White, Winfield (2)
Whitford (Family) (3)
Whitford, David (1)
Whitford, Edward (2)
Whitford, Joshua (1)
Whitford, Lois (3)
Whitford, Nicholas (1)
Whitford, Pasco (1)
Wiard, Hannah (1)
Wiedrick, Charles (1)
Wiedrick, Justin Walter (1)
Wiedrick, Mallory Lynn (1)
Wilber, Aidan Alexander (1)
Wilber, Bradley Edward (1)
Wilber, Connor DuWayne (1)
Wilber, Declan Eire (1)
Wilber, Duwayne (1)
Wilber, Lucas Matthew (1)
Wilber, Matthew James (1)
Wilder, Doris (1)
Wilder, Leland (1)
Wilder, Victor (1)
Wilder, Will (2)
Wiles, Don Buster (1)
Wiles, Donelle Colette (1)
Wiles, Thor Nicholas (1)
Williams, Elizabeth (2)
Williams, Hattie (1)
Williams, Harry (1)
Williams, Roger (3)
Wilson, Dell (1)
Wilson, Minor (1)
Wilson, Minor (1)
Wilson, Villie (1)
Winnie, Bessie (1)
Winnie, Emma (1)
Winnie, James (1)
Winnie, James P. (1)
Winnie, Ralph (1)
Winnie, Walter (1)
Winnie, Walter C. (1)
Wood, Hannah (2)
Woodhull, Dynall (1)
Worden, John (2)
Wright, Adyne Mary (1)
Wright, Ann (3)
Wright, Benjamin F., See Coats, Benjamin Franklin (Wright)
Wright, Donald Charles (2)
Wright, Eliza (1)
Wright, Ephraim (1)
Wright, Gary Alan (1)
Wright, James (7)
Wright, John (2)
Wright, Joseph (1)
Wright, Matthew (1)
Wright, Nancy (2)
Wright, Richard Donald (1)
Wright, Richard H. (2)
Wright, Thomas (5)
Yago, Satu (1)
York, Ashley (1)
York, Caroline (1)
York, Duane (1)
York, Dyana (1)
York, Lee (1)
York, Lisa (1)
York, Michael (1)
York, Scott (1)
York, Wyatt (1)
Zarnoch, Ellen (1)
Zoller, Emily (2)

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14@ Dexter village sprawls across Fish Islands in Black River, just above the estuary, and occupies some space in Hounsfield, though the bulk of the village is in Brownville town.
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(Note 34 begins notes for the third edition.)
34@ The source for most infomation about the descendants of Harry Boutwell is the personal records of his grandson, Lansing ("Lance") Boutwell.
35@ The source for much infomation about the descendants of Henry S. and Edith Hanno Boshart is the manuscript The Boshart Family Copy No. 2, by Ernest Nohle, 8/4/1974, pp. 23, 27, 29, 32, copy provided by Mr. Aaron DiLapi. Henry S. Boshart, b. June 5, 1876; N.Y., d. May 7, 1937. Edith Hanno, b. Nov. 5, 1886, N.Y.

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