SCUBA Crunch's Diving Lights

Primary Light

Alternate Primary Light

Back-up Light

Night Beacon

Other Dive Light

Primary Dive Light

This is DiveRite's 10 watt full spectrum MR11 Standard HID (High Intensity Discharge) with a 13 degree beam and a 12V Nickel Metal Hydride rechagrible canister battery pack. The reflector is adjustable to focus the beam. This light rocks!!!!



It came with this fully padded Storm Case!



Alternate Primary Dive Light


This is Underwater Kinetics UK1200 dive light. It uses 8 'D' cells @ 14 watts.

The beam of this light has absolutely no reflection rings, just a nice solid glow with a smooth concentrated centre beam. It works excellent as a strobe for SC's U/W camera.


He fastens this primary dive light to the right chest 'D' ring of his harness with a coiled lanyard.


Back-up Dive Light



Rated to 2000fsw, this is Princeton Tec's Tec40 and it hangs from a right shoulder 'D' ring.

Night Dive Marker Light



This is the UK Dive Beacon.

With the introduction of SCUBA Crunch's Buddy Badges, this light rarely gets used anymore. When it is, it gets tied to his tank during night dives to assist his buddy in locating him easier. SCUBA Crunch much prefers an un-intrusive red glow to those tank lights with white, yellow or flashing beacons.


Other Dive Light


This is Underwater Kinetics UK C-4 dive light. It uses 4 'C' size batteries and has two bulbs ready to go.