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Voters, Cootehill Division, 1847

Anglo-Celt, 17 Dec 1847, Cavan
AN ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF APPLICATIONS for the REGISTRY OF VOTERS Lodged with the Clerk of the Peace, pursuant to 3 & 4 William IV., Chap. 88, for the Division of COOTEHILL, to be heard and enquired at BAILIEBOROUGH, on TUESDAY the 28th day of DECEMBER, instant, at 9 o'clock. A.M. before P.M. Murhpy, Esq., Q.C., Assistant Barrister for said County:_
No., Name, Description and Residence of
Description of Property, with name of
Townland and barony
Right in which
Registry is
1. Armstrong, John, Farmer, Rakeevan House and Lands, Rakeevan, Clonkee Freeholder, 10
2. Armstrong, James, do. Billywood, co. Meath Lands, do., do. do. 10
3. Armstrong, Jas., do., Kells, co. Meath Do, do. do. do. 10
4. Bell, James, do. Curkish House and Lands, Curkish, do. do. 10
5. Chambers, Wm., do. Bailieborough Lands, Rakeevan, do. do. 10
6. Chambers, Thos., do., do. Houses and Tenements, Bailieborough, do. do. 10
7. Cranston, Thomas, do., Rakeevan Lands, Rakeevan, do. do. 10
8. Donnelly, William, Esq., Barister, Auburn, co. Dublin Do., do., do. do. 20
9. Dyas, John, Gent, Kingscourt Do., Clonturkan, do. do. 50
10. Davidson, Isaac, farmer, Lisball House and Lands, Lisball, do. do. 10
11. Fordsman, John, do., Tonyfole Do., Tonyfole, do. do. 10
12. Fordsman, Hugh, do., Dromooslin Do., Lear and Dromooslin, do. do. 10
13. Fisher, John, do. Pottle Do. Pottle, do. do. 10
14. Jones, John, do., Cavanskeldra Do., Cavanskeldra, do. do. 10
15. Jones, William, do., do. Do., do., do. do. 10
16. Mahaffy, Rev. Edward, Backscourt Lands, Parish of Mullagh and Killinkere, Barony of Castleraghan do. 50
17. M'Cullagh, Alex, Farmer, Derrydamph House & Lands, Derrydamph, Clonkee do. 10
18. Morrow, James, do., Gartnean Do., Gartnean, do. do. 10
19. Parker, John, do., Monaghamoos Do., Monaghamoos, do. do. 10
20. Ritchy, Able, do., Grahnamall Do., Lurganbawn, do. Leaseholder 10
21. Spear, William, Gent., Spearvale Lands, Farah, Castleraghan Freeholder 50
22. Stewart, Thos., Farmer, Galbolly Houses & Lands, Galbolly, Clonkee do. 10
23. Simpson, Samuel, jun., Esq., Millmount Mill & Farm, Crocknahattan & Drumkeevy, do. Leaseholder 10
24. Williamson, Robt., Publican, Baillieboro House & Tenements &c. , Baillieboro and Rakeevan, Clonkee Freeholder 10
25. Williamson, John, do., do. Do., do., do. Freeholder 20
26. Write, William, M.D., do. Do., Baillieboro, do. do. 10
27. Watson, William, Farmer, Lishall Houses & Lands, Lishall & Pottle, do. do. 10
28. Wilson, James, do., Curkish Do., Curkish, do. do. 10
29. Young, John, M.P., Baliaboro Castle, Lands, Rakeevan, do. do. 50
Cavan, 8th December 1847 COUNTY OF CAVAN
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