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Blaine and Felicia's Christmas Puzzle (©2008) "Colorful Christmas Crossword"

Fill in the crossword grid using the clues below.  Remember to look for special “theme” words throughout the puzzle.  Also, the stars will lead to a special hidden message.

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1.       Rhymes with… oh, never mind.

5.       Ornaments hung by toddlers end up on these branches.

10.   Orange and black are popular colors for this month’s “dressy” holiday.

11.   Pink ink?

12.   Complexion of a one-eyed, one-horned flying people eater?

15.   One of the rainbow seven?

16.   Commits blackmail

17.   A problem you iron out in the rain?

18.   Noble glow

19.   Water into red wine, for example

20.   Shades of color

22.   Game where the goal is green

25.   Proud plumage pigment?

27.   Scientific, Socratic or an acting technique

28.   These bells ring at Christmastime?

31.   Gray-haired person who got run over by a reindeer

32.   These are often learned the hard way

33.   A gray nimbus is a harbinger of this weather

34.   The person with the most extravagant present finds it hard to be this

Once the crossword puzzle is solved, place the starred letters in reading order (top to bottom, left to right) into the boxes below.  Type the resulting address into your browser for a special message.


2.       Goes to bed to dream of sugar plums

3.       Gentle bite of a Christmas cookie

4.       Eggnog tint?

5.       Key pie ingredient?

6.       Shiny red toys that are popular Christmas gifts

7.       Moment when color enters the sky

8.       A penny for your thoughts?

9.       Leave him on the island without his favorite crayon?

13.   Eager to open presents on Christmas morning

14.   King dressed in orange, black and white

15.   Written with a definite slant

20.   Respect shown to a king, such as the gifts given by the Magi

21.   Essence of vanilla, almond or mint

23.   It goes without saying

24.   Home for Christmas trees?

25.   A dusting of fresh, white snow

26.   Met under the mistletoe

29.   Not as bright as the Air Force?

30.   Completely crazy, as a professor, perhaps?

I think I notice a difference from last year's puzzle  >>>


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