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Trimming The Tree

In addition to the Across and Down clues, you’ll need the ornaments below to complete parts of the grid. 

Have a  time!

light, ball, cane, star, angel, horn and drum

If you get stumped, you can find the answer here.  But don't peek unless you have to!  


 2   Initial letters in the title of this puzzle.

  4   Blaine and Felicia first met while acting in “Our Town” – a play by _____ Wilder.

  5   Michael read in front of our assembled wedding guests proving he was not this.

  6   The pilots performed this type of check prior to our traveling to Seattle last year.

10  What Rosemary is doing when she gauges the distance to the croquet wicket.

11  Our new house compared to an apartment.

12  She had the featured part when our choir sang at the Advent concert.

15  Removing items from our backpacks will do this to the load.

16  Hiking down from Pinnacles after sunset, we were glad to have one of these.

17  With all our activity over the last few months, we haven’t fallen into this state of listlessness.

20  To be safe and comfy, as in a sleeping bag.

21  Useful TV button when the phone rings.

23  Helpful aid for putting on tight footwear.

25  To cancel out, as an argument.

26  We love seeing this at the bottom of each of our incoming Christmas cards.

29  In our nurturing family, we give and get lots of this. (abbr.)

30  Hula hoops, pet rocks, cabbage patch dolls, and Pokémon, perhaps.

33  Found between do and mi.

34  Cool __ a cucumber.

36  In Florida, voters supposedly had trouble filling out one of these.

37  The kids’ playroom can occasionally look like one of these has blown through.

38  Put chips into the pot, as we do when playing Tripoley.

39  An approximately correct estimate.

42  On our honeymoon, we didn’t mind when the ferry returning to Mykonos dropped this.

43  None of our four cats would ever cough up one of these.

44  He painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

47  On our next trip to Greece, we plan to visit Rhodes, which is part of this group of islands.

48  Perhaps Rudolph’s nose is filled with this gas?

49  As the true last day of the millennium, December 31st, 2000 is an excellent time to sing “Auld Lang _____”

50  Cheer!

52  What to do when given the green light.

53  What Felicia elatedly exclaimed when Blaine popped the question at the top of Yosemite Falls.


  1  To set things in motion.

  2  The beautiful roses in front of our house still come with these.

  3  Michael and Rosemary will undoubtedly unwrap this type of gift at Christmas.

  6  Traffic cone.

  7  Diamond versus cubic zirconium.

  8  Leaves worn by Adam and Eve.

   9  1988 Film:  The Unbearable ____ of Being.”

12  Our Halloween costumes (Poseidon, Athena, Hermes and Cupid) were all lovingly crafted by Felicia using needle and thread.

13  State whose capital is Des Moines (abbr.)

14  Greek letter between eta and iota.

16  On days when you can’t see Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, you will probably hear this.

17  When the twins (Sydney and Sara) grow up they can sing this together.

18  Christmas Carol: “The Little ____ Boy.”

19  Mum and Dad saw this crop in abundance on their recent trip to Hawaii.

20  Part of the Ten Commandments.

22  Grain-based automobile fuels that are an alternative to high-priced petroleum.

24  What Blaine said when the pin missed his boutonničre.

27  An essential item when canoeing on the Russian River.

28  While visiting Ardenwood Historic Farm, Rosemary spotted this bird – its male counterpart has the more impressive plumage.

29  Word found on the label of a Christmas gift.

30  Our affectionate term for fluffy, cuddly kittens.

31  Large mud puddles (by the marshes at Coyote Hills Regional Park) were signs that this was inadequate.

32  From a specified time in the past.

35  Peculiarly, like the way kids look at their parents sometimes.

39  A song especially of a romantic or sentimental nature.

40  The one Felicia baked for Thanksgiving was made with chocolate, caramel and walnuts.

41  To be obscure and old-fashioned, as in the phrase “Thereto I plight thee my troth.”

43  With 45 Down and 51 Down, three things that Santa has been heard to deliver.

44  We hope you have this type of Christmas.

45  Second part of 43 Down.

46  Turn ___, to excite.

51  Third part of 43 Down.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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