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Blaine's Christmas Stereogram Puzzle (©1997)

Are your eyes still crossed from looking at last year’s word search puzzle? Well if so, you should be all set for this year’s stereogram. For anyone that is unfamiliar with stereograms, the picture below contains a hidden three-dimensional image. The secret is to not look at it but instead to gaze through the image. If you are having trouble seeing the image, try one of the methods listed under the picture.


Method 1 - Get your face very close to the image so that your nose almost touches. Allow your vision to relax and find yourself looking through the image. Now slowly move away from the image, while continuing to look ahead. If you can keep your gaze relaxed, you should soon see the three-dimensional image pop into focus.

Method 2 - With the picture about eight inches in front of you, look at the two dots at the top of the picture. Blur your vision until you get each dot to split into two. Continue to relax your vision so that the dots move farther apart. You’ll find that the two middle ghostlike marks will eventually overlap to make a single mark. Once this happens, let your gaze move smoothly down to the three-dimensional scene that should appear.

Method 3 - Forget the whole idea, save your eyesight and instead look at the solution. I would keep this method as a last resort because the three-dimensional image is worth the effort and much more exciting than the two-dimensional picture. But if you need the answer, click here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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