Chess Pieces
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Halloween Costumes 2010


Chess Pieces

Since Michael will be going to college next year, this was our last opportunity to have a 6 person family theme.  Michael said he wanted to be a knight, so after tossing around ideas like "Royalty" and "King Arthur's Round Table," Felicia had the great idea to make us each into chess pieces.  There are exactly 6 different types of chess pieces so the theme fit perfectly.  Blaine (Dad) was the King, Felicia (Mom) was a Bishop, Michael was a Knight, Rosemary was the Queen, Jason was a Rook (castle) and Amara was a Pawn. 

We had lots of fun walking around taking steps like our pieces.  Felicia was going diagonally (like the bishop), I was taking one step at a time (the King) and Michael was taking two steps forward and one to the side.  The only disappointment was that it was pretty rainy during the two local parades we entered.  Nonetheless, in both costume contests we won first place in the families & groups categories.

As always, Felicia did all the sewing. Blaine created the castle, decorated the knight's shield and made each of the hats (bishop's mitre and the crowns for the king and queen).  The knight's helmet was the only store-bought item, but we painted it to match the rest of the black color scheme (since we are the black chess pieces).  Alas we did not come upon another family dressed as white chess pieces.


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