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Halloween Costumes 2007

Alluring Aliens Landing in UFOs
A couple of alluring aliens (Rosemary and Amara) have landed on our front doorstep. Notice Amara's UFO hovering around her waist.

Rocket and Astronaut Costumes
Rocket and Astronaut
(Felicia and Blaine) blasting off for the moon. We were a big hit in Jason's Kindergarten class.

Greetings Earthlings!

Galactic Visitors from Outer Space

Family Halloween Costumes - Outer Space Theme
Our family Halloween theme this year was "Outer Space", with Michael as the half-Vulcan/half-human Spock of Star Trek fame, Amara and Rosemary as blue-skinned aliens, Felicia as a Saturn V rocket, Blaine as an Apollo 11 astronaut and Jason as a Space Shuttle Commander.

This year's costumes are dedicated to Felicia's Dad, who passed away not long before Halloween, as Felicia was busily sewing away.  She still managed to pull everything together so that we had the costumes completed ahead of time and so the family could attend the memorial service in Tucson.

Space Shuttle Pilot and Spock
Jason as a space shuttle commander and Michael as Mr. Spock from Star Trek. Fascinating!

Felicia's Rocket Costume - Two Stages
Felicia's rocket costume required some engineering so she could easily get in and out. The top stage would slide into the bottom stage.

Saturn V Rocket Halloween Costume
The nose cone of the rocket was made of funnels while Felicia sewed her "flame" skirt.  The hardest part was maneuvering through low doorways and under branches. I guess she wasn't used to being 7 tall!

Aliens, Rocket, Astronauts and Spock
Aliens, Rocket, Astronauts and Spock
Amazing Halloween Costumes, 6 to Beam Up!
Amazing Halloween Costumes, 6 to Beam Up!

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