The Holidays
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Halloween Costumes 2006

(Easter Bunny)

(Christmas Elf)


Trophies & Ribbons
Group category (first place)
Family category (first place)
Child category (first place)
Teen category (3rd)
Adult category (3rd)

First Place!  The "Holidays"

Our family costume theme for Halloween this year was "The Holidays" with St. Patrick's Day (Michael), April Fool's Day (Blaine), Easter Sunday (Amara), Fourth of July (Jason), Thanksgiving (Felicia) and Christmas (Rosemary).

This year's costumes were especially labor intensive and Felicia spent most of October sewing everything you see here.  Blaine helped with hats, beards, props, accessories, etc. but the credit for the costumes goes to Felicia.

This year we joined the local Halloween parade where Blaine's parents live and won first place in the family/group category.  This is in addition to the individual awards that Jason, Rosemary and Felicia won in their respective age groups (child, teen, adult). The next day we entered the costume contest in our local city, and won another first prize in the group category and we made it on TV! 

(Uncle Sam)

(Pilgrim Lady)

(April Fool)

Walking in the parade.

The kids in their costumes.

Contestants in the "16 and up" category are judged.

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