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Halloween Costumes 2005

Michael as Dr. Octopus, a supervillian foe of Spiderman

Rosemary designed the layout of bones on her witch doctor headdress.

Felicia, as an optometrist, has her eye chart ready to go.

Here you can see Jason's nutrition facts and Michael's tentacles.

"Is there a Doctor in the house?"

Yes, our theme this year was "famous doctors" but we had some fun with it.  The ladies were a witch doctor (Rosemary) a medical doctor/surgeon (Amara) and an eye doctor/optometrist (Felicia).  The gentlemen were Doctor Who (Blaine), Dr. Octopus (Michael) and a can of Dr. Pepper soda (Jason). 
  All these doctors made house calls (for candy!)


Amara, as chief of pediatric surgery, in her surgical scrubs.

Jason loved being a can of Dr. Pepper soda!  Check out his nutritional information.

Blaine, as Doctor Who, the main character in a long running BBC sci-fi series, with a couple lovely ladies.

And another group photo.

Jason's bar code

Felicia's badge

Felicia's eye chart

Amara's badge

Jason's nutritional facts

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