Bill and Ted
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Halloween Costumes 2004

Napoleon (Felicia) and Lincoln (Blaine)

Joan of Arc (Rosemary) is ready to lead an army.

Socrates (Amara) strolls through ancient Greece

A couple menacing outlaws

Is that Sigmund Freud?

"Can you tell me where we might find some personages of historical significance?"
- Bill and Ted (1989) -

In her most impressive sewing to date, Felicia had us all clothed as historical figures, namely Genghis Khan, Billy the Kid, Napoleon, Socrates, Abraham Lincoln and Joan of Arc.  For any fans of a certain "most excellent" movie of 1989, you'll remember that characters Bill and Ted were in jeopardy of flunking out of history.  Through the use of a time machine masquerading as a phone booth, they gathered various historical figures for use in their "most excellent" history presentation, for which they impressed their teacher and got an A+.  I say that Felicia deserves an A+ for her sewing this year!

"Vive La France!"

Socrates and Genghis Khan (Michael)

"Yee-haw!  I'm Billy the Kid!" (Jason)

Look at all the detail in Felicia's costume.

Felicia sews a handsome duster, vest and coat

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