Alice in Wonderland
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Happy Halloween!

AliceDormouse.jpg (16832 bytes)
Alice and the Dormouse (Felicia and Jason)

HatterAliceDormouse.jpg (23584 bytes)
The Mad Hatter with Alice and the Dormouse

QueenRabbitDormouse.jpg (45311 bytes)
The Queen of Hearts, the White Rabbit and the Dormouse

"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Bat..."

For Halloween (2001) we went as characters from Alice in Wonderland.  I'd say that Felicia did a great job sewing all our costumes, wouldn't you?  Now if only Michael's ear wasn't blocking Jason...

AliceKids.jpg (27940 bytes)
"Off with your head!"

HatterKids.jpg (27443 bytes)
The Mad Hatter (Blaine) with the White Rabbit (Michael) and the Queen of Hearts (Rosemary)

I want to see you dressed as Greek gods and goddesses >>

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