Greek Gods
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Halloween 2000 - Greek Gods and Goddesses

athenaposeidon.jpg (58071 bytes)
Athena (goddess of Wisdom) and Poseidon (god of the Sea)
athenacupid.jpg (58742 bytes)
Mom and Rosemary pose with Athena's owl.

greekgods.jpg (59209 bytes)
Having recently returned from our trip to Greece, we convinced the kids to join us in dressing like Greek gods and goddesses.  Blaine was Poseidon (Neptune), Felicia was Athena (Minerva), Michael was Hermes (Mercury) and Rosemary was Eros (Cupid).

cupidhermes.jpg (56852 bytes)
Eros (romantic love) and Hermes (messenger to the gods)

hermes.jpg (70818 bytes)
Fleet-footed Michael poses in his Hermes costume.

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