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Magical Costumes and a Mystical Pumpkin - 1999

What do a wizard, a genie, a magician and a tooth fairy have in common?  Well obviously they are all magical and that was the theme for this Halloween. 

After numerous trips to the fabric store, measurements, long sewing sessions by Felicia, fittings, etc. we were all wearing "magical" costumes.

I'd say Felicia did a wonderful job sewing our costumes! 

Felicia (as a genie), Blaine (as a wizard), Rosemary (as the Tooth Fairy) and Michael (the magician).

Pumpkin carving of Felicia and Blaine.  It actually looks like us!

Mystical Pumpkin

While Felicia was busy sewing, I was carving our images into a pumpkin.  I took a photo of us, increased the contrast, turned it into a two color image and traced it onto a pumpkin.  I then cut out all the light parts of the image.

Note: you obviously can't have any dark parts of the image that are "islands".  They must all be connected to the rest of the pumpkin.

This doesn't look much like us in the light, but when illuminated from inside with a candle the result is impressive.

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